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“DHEE”: The Essence of Hinduness (Part I)

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In this age of world domination by “Go to Hell” religions based on colossal myths and gigantic superstitions, the “population targeted to go to hell” has an obligation to examine the basic premises of their own spiritual heritage. These people who are condemned to “go to hell” by the currently dominating religions of the world are the so called “pagans,” and “heathens,” believed to be and described as polytheistic, pantheistic, monotheistic or atheistic Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and others practicing Wicca, Zen Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Native Americans, Baha’i, Zoroastrians, etc., collectively named “non-believers” or “infidels” (Quafars). Many of these are "elders," like the Jewish, originating long before the beginning of this Common Era 2000 years ago. These elders, though many are religious and devout in their own frames of mind, have been bullied through inquisitions for the last two millennia by the aggressive proselytizing empire building religions that originated, developed, and were propagated only in the last two millennia. Although it may be claimed that conversions at sword point or gun point or under the threat of torture or murder or other coercions is not prevalent in the twenty first century, mass conversions under allurements, duress or deceit is an order of the day supported and heavily financed by the so called "civilized" people of the world who feel it is their duty to their religion and God to harvest more and more souls for engulfment by their churches or mosques and to send them to their respective heavens in their afterlife. Such activity and massive highly financed thrust is rationalized as the divine task of offering "freedom of religion" to populations that are following other religions focusing on the fact that there may be a few that might be discontent with the ways of their parent religion. As if these discontent cannot on their own relinquish the ways or their parent religion or societies are not capable of making any reforms internally without the self-serving assistance of the foreign religions. In addition, they consider it their singular mission to uplift and reform other cultures and their customs whom they deem primitive while they do not have time to smell the stink of their own past and presently practiced evils lingering on their shoes nor the blood stains of their past violence on their hands have been imperceptibly washed away. The supporters of such conversions do not necessarily recognize the greed or the empire building and political motives of such thrusts but feel gratified at the success of their lofty "compassionate" missionary emissaries to different parts of the world taking their God's “message” {God's (s)word}.

It is imperative that the truly peace loving and peace practicing non-proselytizing cultures of the world gain insight into how they themselves, while being condemned, have kept from condemning other members of the human race to eternal suffering. Although these truly peace loving and reconciling religions, true to their attainment of civilized mature spirituality, have demonstrated historically more tolerance and acceptance of other human beings by not “condemning them to permanent suffering in the hell” and have practiced peacefully their own religions without encroaching on followers of other faiths, they have been depicted ironically in the Western and Islamic traditions, and in the world-view dominated by these monotheistc Abrahamic cultures as morally inferior “non-believers,” “infidels” or "heathens" and sometimes as utterly primitive barbarians. (Killing millions is not a barbarian act if comitted by the devout civilized people!!).

Such widespread pejorative depiction of “non-monotheistic” non-proselytizing religions of the world through various media is even becoming the preoccupation of the "academic" departments of religious studies and cultural anthropology in the Western world, the Western (so-called) Indologists or Orientologists, Departments of Sanskrit and Indian Studies in the West, etc. , of reputable universities surreptitiously supported by the organized religions in various ways; and even by the casual Western tourists and travelers visiting the non-Christian or non-Islamic dominated countries who want to present their “wisdom” to the world as self described mature people compared to "others" feeding their own petty narcissism. This weird complex of religious superiority is predicated upon a presumptuous belief that the morality, ethics, conscience, fairness in human interaction, love and compassion, and regard for "human rights," despite their own dismal historical disregard for all of these principles through the ages and even at present,  are the monopoly of only their own respective religions and spring solely from their status as the superior religion and superior religious beliefs. They call it their "ethics" and/or "ethos."

Furthermore, there is a shared delusion that the prosperity, and scientific progress of their own culture because of their religion, or is the accomplishment of their religious beliefs and make no mistake a gift given by their respective Gods to their chosen people, and others who did not believe in their beliefs are not only doomed to hell in the after-life but also in this life to suffer poverty and inferior quality of lives because of their "moral deficits" projected upon them by these dominant groups. Little is remembered as to how their own religions actually militated against all scientific discoveries and progress historically, leading to the dark ages, sentencing the scientists to death for their discoveries that did not agree with their religious doctrines or dogma. Understandably the vested interests, namely Churches and various religious groups (e.g. Saudi Arabian fanatic financiers) in the so-called monotheistic religions finance such evangelical imperialitic proliferating efforts and directly engage in it themselves.

Intriguingly, the followers of condemning and “pagan-rescuing” "quafar-rescuing" Western and Middle Eastern religions are indoctrinated in their Churches and Mosques for centuries with their proselytizing culture and aggressive empire building, dominating drives and brainwashing modus operandi instilling a false superiority complex in their followers and taught to view the other non-monoteistic religions pejoratively and find faults in them galore in their so called comparative religion instructions. They feel sincerely dedicated honestly to their faith and truly virtuous and pious when they flaunt themselves as Monotheistic, and therefore, morally superior, devoted to “practice love of their neighbors and praying for peace on Earth,” “condoning the blatant duplicity of Islam (their Abrahamic non-heathen brothers or cousins) as peace loving religion, intepreting obviously violent jihad as pursuit of peace and internal reformation,” though the mega-actions of all of these jihadis throughout their history speak to the contrary. In actuality, however, these very so-called peace-loving religions have inflicted untold misery on the large sections of the world population with centuries of violence and terrorism including the genocides of the Jewish and Zoroastrians, (recently Bahai's), the very people from whom they inherited their so-called monotheistic religions and the concept of God and especially Devil. The Holocaust of the Hindus by politically driven Islamic and Christian proselytizers have been of historic record but is concealed from the world-view.

“I am right, you are wrong: Go to Hell” mentality springing from paranoid grandiosity of the two currently dominant proselytizing religions of the world leading to "conflict of civilizations" as well as a major confrontation even between themselves is fundamentally unethical and immoral, no matter how it is rationalized as a superior morality in any “God’s view.” Promulgated hatred and conflicts, influenced by such culturally congruent, and therefore, undetected shared delusions, lead to wars that are either instigated or supported by these organized religions, between themselves, throughout the past twelve or more centuries, and also disguised as wars for the causes other than the propagation of their religions. These violent wars have sacrificed very young adults and even children as soldiers killed in action that could be counted only in millions not even counting the mass murders and massacres of several million innocent people, women, children and elderly of those that were and are not the affiliates of their own religions.

The modern worldview is afflicted by a serious and intriguing historical blind-spot for the destructive track record of these so-called “peace loving” but in actuality violent and aggressive religions of the past two millennia in the general world-view and their own self-perception which is almost schizophrenic, clearly denying and disavowing the collective violence inflicted upon by these "civilized and kind" people who go all over the world to teach practice of love, compassion, and kindness towards their neighbors having decimated their own neighboring cultures and their past civilizations unrecognizably, with all facts buried in the unwritten history of the world. The holocaust museums of their victims, be they Native American Indians, Mayans, Mexicans, Latin Americans, African Americans, aborigines of Congo, Hindus, Kashmiri Hindu Pundis or others subjected to genocides are never to be found anywhere because the facts are heavily hidden in the distorted and twisted history more often written by their own adherents or their political sympathisers. Besides, political power and bullying to keep such monuments or museums from being built or even photographs and historical records from being exhibited publicly is a usual tactic. Their political domination and their influence on the political powers and royalties beginning with the Roman empire of Constantine and continued to this age with interference in governance by monarchies, oligarchies, autocracies, and also the democracies of the world have been the major themes of the political and cultural history of the world.

Separation of the Church and the State is only an ideal but not seen in practice when imperialism and colonialism in old and new form is practiced through the centuries. Theocracies, of course, do not separate religions from their military or political powers and they go hand in hand wherever they go; they are always together although not visible as such. Each military unit has its own chaplaincy ostensibly for spiritual comforting of the troops yet as an arm of the Church, unlike the the armies of the other pluralistic countries where the majority do not practice a political agenda of imperialistic religion.

With this historical backdrop, it is the thesis of this article that the concept of “Dhee” in the Eastern religions, in stark contrast to its absence in the Western and Middle Eastern religions, has had a profound subliminal humane influence throughout the ages in creating a lofty and noble accepting attitude towards all human beings without any strings attached or expectation that they will accept the stranger's faith or beliefs. To the extent that the only desire expressed in the “distillate” of the Vedas, the Rig-VedicGayatry Mantra”, is to protect the freedom and the autonomy of “our Dhees” (or precisely “dhiyo” meaning “dhees” as plural, and wish they, “dhiyo” - the dhees) be guided or inspired and that only such sentiment is seen worthy of large scale handing down through oral transmission for millennia, it is indeed quite surprising that the concept of Dhee has not to this date received wider attention from the adherents of the Vedic traditions.

The concept of Dhee encompasses the concept of Intellect, Collective Unconscious, intuition, social and emotional intelligence, wisdom, and many other cognitive faculties of human mind but most importantly it refers to a balance of sensibilities and above all freedom of thinking.

This will be elaborated in the following article. It is asserted that sooner or later (sooner than later) the global civilization will perforce need to take note of the concept of Dhee and the Concept of Hinduness whether named so in the widely accepted world-view or not, it will need to be reckoned with in the official international cooperation oriented bodies such as the United Nations Organization (UNO). It is high time that the Secretary General of UNO is again from one of the cultures that recognize the concept of Dhee and one that has a global perspective on the root causes of war and peace and international terrorism.

The “Hinduness Deficiency Disease” (“HDD”) in the global population, including the population of India, has become endemic. Hinduness does not refer to Hindu religion but to the essence of the Vedic thoughts and Vedic culture, variously called as Sanatana Dharma, Perennial Philosophy (a la Aldous Huxley), Vedanta Philosophy, etc. which have provided the philosophical infrastructure for the so called Hindu culture and Hindu religion, if one accepts such exist, though not definable.

“HDD” leads to legitimized and rationalized intolerance of other human beings by certain greedy and grandiose cultures expressing vicious large scale destructive violence, as well as the most dangerous tendency to engage in genocide of large sections of world populations. This global disorder will present a potential threat to world peace and harmony, nay the very survival of the human race on this earth. This global disorder is more of an imminent threat to survival of all living beings on this planet than global warming, global water shortage, and pollution with nuclear waste, population increase or high magnitude natural disasters, pestilence and epidemics (including Ebola), all put together. It is also asserted that “Hinduness” as defined here as a global mind-set, (Vishwa-Dharma), and is not a monopoly of the so-called "Hindus," but may be even more prominently found in its purity in a large number of spiritually mature non-Hindus and non-adherents of Sanatana Dharma.

Those who have matured spiritually to that level through any religion or even educational enlightenment will instantly grasp the meaning of DHEE. Dhee and Hinduness are attributes that all individuals of the civilized human race potentially or theoretically possess even though sometimes in rudimentary measures. There is no Hinduness without the recognition and acceptance of the concept of Dhee. Cultivating a keen awareness of these spiritual or mental phenomena predicated upon retention of pristine empathy emerging in early childhood in the context of maternal love transfered to family, siblings, and peers, in one’s self and one’s culture and civilization, under any generic names, will lead to a more civilized and peace loving human race.

The author envisions the possibility that these concepts may become the necessary foundations for the civilizations of the future and will be more broadly elaborated as “a philosophy of spirituality or religions,” though the word “religion” and “religions” as practiced today may become obsolete after the 21st century. The signs of an emerging scientific humanism and a global humanistic ethic are quite evident as one watches the unrest in the global younger generation that is beginning to question the age-old brain-washing and manipulation, interference with minds and lives of people, by the “organized” religions under the name of “rewards in the afterlife.” The present and future generations are becoming more spiritual and less religious.

Before the advent of the refined legislative techniques and judiciaries, and well-designed governmental systems, religions made it their self-appointed, self-serving business to write the laws to control the behaviors of their adherents and also engaged in ruling over the people. Religions though now not ruling, not by their own choice though, are providing the benign laudable social and educational infrastructure and support systems to the families, the children, the weak, sick, and the infirm today. It is not to be denied that every religion has its component of mature, kind, benign, benevolent, generous, self-sacrificing, altruistic population and social infrastructure for support of the society as well as its weak and suffering.  Even this role may be usurped by other humane non-religious benevolent and ethical social structures in the future. That will leave no specific tasks for the organized "religions" than to play on the emotions of the ignorant people who are gullible enough to buy their gigantic superstitions or “cock and bull” stories or fairy tails appealing to weak minded gullible unquestioning adults as history and/or true events. These culturally congruent delusions for example are, among many, the “presence of after life”, “justice giving Father in Heaven,” and “guaranteed entry into heaven” if such one exists. Selling such intangibles as faith and/or doctrines, truly for a hidden price, has been the "business" of religions, double dipping in modern era as tax-free organizations, getting richer day after day. There is so much good that comes usually with these as a bonus ususally only if their beneficiaries agree to adhere to their promulgated beliefs. The positive value for any society of such thrusts cannot be denied. Concrete minded helpless people lacking in support systems will need some kind of religion or faith along the line with the support systems the organized religions do provide, but the majority of educated and enlightened people in the twenty second century will see no use for any "religion" and squarely will see it as a hoax. (The reader is well advised to read previous article on on “Hinduness for World Peace and Harmony” and “Demystifying Shri Ganesha” as a prerequisite to get introduced to some of the basic concepts related to Dhee as well as Hinduness, which will not be expounded again in this article.) China and Russia have recognized the mischief these aggressive proselytizing religions can play in their countries if given a free rein under their demand for freedom of religion, actually meaning freedom to proselytize and demographically attack the host society. Their godfathers in the US monitor these deterrents for the spread of evangelical and imperialistic Abrahamic faiths in other countries motivated by old anachronistic colonial habits and profit making business, as a restriction of practice of religion rather than proactive protection of the composition and structure of their own indigenous societies that every country and culture have the right to protect. Such miscief goes unnoticed when it is sugar-coated as human rights activism, issues deluding the public which is generally sympathetic to them sometime granting these elements the "power" and inroads in the government, camouflaging their true colors, concealing their true identity as the agents of the evangelical proselytizing organized religions who set up their outreach posts in all developing countries that have a large populations that can be deceived with allurements and rewards.

The reader is encouraged to continue to read this article although disagreeing with some of the statements made so far and even if the meaning of some of the words is not clear at first glance. The author of this article is confident that every reader who completes the reading of this article and struggles through it to understand the meanings of the words can also begin to incorporate within himself/herself qualities characteristic of the generic Hinduness and fully grasp what Dhee stands for. “Dhee” is the best-kept and best-guarded (open?) secret of the Vedic culture.

The concept of “dhee” is the essence of the Eastern religions and Eastern civilizations. The word “Zen”  is a distortion of the Sanskrit word "dhyana" and the word “Buddha” is derived from the root verb “buddhee” which is “bud + dhee.” The word Dhyana was distorted as it traveled East from India and was converted to Chyana in Chinese and Zen in Japanese. The word "dhyana" is derived from the root verb "dhyii": to meditate or contemplate. In the Vedic culture there is an extraordinary emphasis on “Samadhi” which is “sam + aa + dhee” or “samaa + dhee.” The process of well thought of psychological and cultural development of an individual into a mature, civilized, educated, well informed, broad-minded, kind and compassionate person. Such process of building the character of an individual was viewed as “sankritization” brought about through a series of “sanskara” “vidhees.” The word vidhee is composed of “vi + dhi.”

 In the Sankhya darshana the sentient entity or “tatva” that emerged from the Prakriti was “Mahad” or “Mahadhee” which is “maha + dhee”. The secret “gayatry mantra” is to be orally transmitted from generation to generation for keeping the awareness of “Brahman” active in the minds of those who wish to be “Su-sanskrit” and go through the “upanayana” “vidhee” by focusing daily on “dhee” at least twice, in the morning and evening. The contemplation is curiously not designed, in contrast to many other prayers to pray for better afterlife, or a better next life, nor is it a ritual designed as a begetting machine, or a ticket to the heaven if one such entity exists. Neither does the mantra “ask for anything” for individual gain or power, but only expresses a wish and affirmation that the dhee that belongs to all of us (human race) be guided and inspired in the right direction. What was that concept of “Dhee” that the Eastern civilizations, mainly the Hindu, the Buddhist and the Jains, focused on but seem not to have discussed very much as the very essence of their civilization?

Keep tuned to for continuation of this article.

(To be continued.) (See Part II on above)
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The following may be interesting readers who want to read the Part II of above article.
The reader will recognize that the concept of Dhee and Mahad (Mahadhee) are at least
5000 year old. The following paragraphs were discovered by the author long after the
above two part articles were published. 

How the Military Accidentally Discovered the Universal Cosmic MindBy Gerald O'Donnell / Source: One Universal Mind
In July 1998 we wrote a revolutionary article explaining the location of the Mysterious Universal Mind (collective unconscious) of psychoanalysts, quantum physicists, mystics and spiritual believers.
We stated that we, as humans, can all connect to this Gigantic Mind unifying all of us across time/space and far beyond, and that we ALL do so every night as we quiet down greatly our individual linear thinking minds and enter the mind area of unconscious sleep.
We contend that all minds are connected to a Gigantic Cosmic Mind called by psychoanalysts and psychologists the collective unconscious.
Only unconscious until now, for our goal is to bring it to conscious awareness.
This Cosmic Mind goes well beyond the level of the collective unconscious of man as it operates also the natural and biological world and much more as is explained on our site.
It is Infinite Intelligence Itself. It is non-linear in nature, but allows for linear processes to operate within Its Infinite Self.
In the sleep state ALL human beings rest as their brain centered linear-thinking-mind lowers its electrical activity to below 4 cycles per second. The brain is then only vibrating at a low hum and stops filtering in awareness the Higher Mind and overlaying it with our own thoughts. At that level of quiet and barely active linear mind we are entering the Universal Mind and lose our individual consciousness (we go into unconscious sleep).
From Wartime Intelligence to Infinite Intelligence
In 1996, as the cold war died down many teams of highly specialized former psychotronic military and intelligence agents came out in the open, in the US and in both Western and Eastern Europe, and started to disclose the operation of mind-to-events and mind-to-mind covert operations in which they had been involved.
In the dark era of paranoid psy warfare between the Western and the Eastern block, very sophisticated and brilliant scientific minds had been gathered in the West in order to breach the ultimate frontier of mind/matter and affect mind-to-event viewing (Remote Viewing and Sensing which means the ability to view/sense remote events and remote locations in the screen of your own mind) and try to increase our ability to Remotely Influence present or future events (life manifestation) and people (telepathy) through mind power alone. Much technological gadgetry was tried and sometimes used.
The secret of manifestation was being applied in a twisted manner, as it happens with most of man's illusory temporal dreams for conquest and power.

Nevertheless, great strides were being achieved at the same time, and success was noted and recorded, although much of it is still classified. All Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing operatives successes were carefully monitored and recorded using highly sophisticated scientific devices.
Many different and then classified training protocols and modalities were devised in secret government labs and implemented in inducing more or less successfully these supermind states and feats.

DECLASSIFIED: CIA Secrets Leaked Out
In 1995 a small group of former viewers started to operate in the public arena as the CIA and DIA declassified most of its Remote Viewing information to the general public.
William Ross Adey, M.D. 1922-2004, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Los Angeles, wrote in the 50ís about the relationship between the deep Theta state 4.5 cps and the ability to Remote Influence others. In his pioneering work, Dr. Ross Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field.
By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects. Although he used physical protocols (microwave radiations) to induce such a state and achieved results, he never could really give an explanation as to WHY this deep meditative brain state and its associated physiological brainwave state were needed to achieve success.
Although the deep Theta phenomenon was scientifically recorded and duplicated, no one gave a logical and coherent explanation as to why this stage of mind epiphenomenally associated with 4.5 CPS brainwaves was inducing such extra-ordinary mental abilities.
For until now, few have really understood and especially integrated the fact that we are still, at a very deep level of mind, the collective unconscious which, as a subpart of the Universal One, takes care of ALL of humanity at once.
Unleash The High Mind's Power Within You: The Real Secret Behind The Mind's Frontier
In 1997 many former Western psy operatives and scientists were now sharing some insight on the recently declassified very mechanical protocols favored by the intelligence establishment. Many news organizations, radio shows, and TV documentaries extensively reported on what appeared to the general public to be a very exotic topic formerly reserved to the realm of science fiction and X-Files shows.
We then came out also in the open, and revealed in 1997 a totally different approach. We openly declared that the secret to Remote Viewing lies in the ability of successfully positioning one's mind at the border of sleep in a very deep Theta 4.5 cycle per second brain state.
At this level of reduced brainwave activity the conscious human mind can access information originating from the Cosmic Collective Unconscious Mind. Our Remote Viewing course trains anyone to do so.
We were also the first mind science institute ever to push the mind frontier further and introduce in 2002 Remote Influencing training protocols which allow any trainee to enter with FULL AWARENESS (remaining aware) the sleep state (Delta state with brainwaves below 4 Hz) for advanced Remote Viewing and powerful Remote Influencing.
At that level of mind operation, one merges the sleeping world (Universal mind) and the waking world as one stays awake and conscious while one's body rests and sleeps.
We and many very advanced mind labs have shown that the brain-manís electrical thought expression machine, operates above and superimposes over a much deeper and far more intelligent and wiser Greater Reality:
The One Universal Mind.
It is by learning to quiet down as much a possible our electrical brain electrical frequency while still remaining aware that we can connect to that interconnected reality which links all things and beings, and learn to collect information and Influence perceptually disconnected realities through Its linking processes.
More than just writing and speculating about this, we taught our students how to easily reach on command these very states of mind using very powerful and effective training protocols.
The revelation of this inner portal to Higher Mind which we all carry became our goal, and we knew that nothing we said could prove it short of directly experiencing it by our trainees.
In 1997 there were only 7 sites worldwide speaking of Remote Viewing, including ours. We were the first Remote Viewing institute to introduce the term Remote Influencing, speak about it and explain it. Today millions exist and more spring out in the open as we write.
We also wrote that the lower and very deep unconscious state of our brain was the domain of the Unifying Mind of ALL of mankind: The level of One, and that at that level we were entering the deep mysterious Spiritual level of the Universal Mind, which we all revisit every night and permanently do so when we re-enter It at perceptual death. We are all individual expressions of It.
The response from the former military and intelligence community was to first scoff at such a notion, since this notion of the Unity of all men was very difficult for them to swallow. Why provoke peace when conflict is what you are all about?
Direct Personal Experience Like No Other
Our approach has always been that no amount of learning or books will ever replace direct personal experience and this is what made our system of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses unique and very powerful.
We had written extensively about the Universal One Mind, but it was now time to allow any and every one to experience it for themselves. It was time to train many into experiencing at the very least the borderline areas of this Gigantic Infinite Mind: a level of much Higher perception and operation.
It was time for sleeping-man walking the awake state of human mind to really awaken to its sleeping dormant and glorious hidden nature.

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