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Narendra Modi may well need some lessons in history, but on balance, the Prime Minister, his Cabinet colleagues and spokespersons of the Congress require history lessons on a more urgent basis
The Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, and his colleagues appear to be so overawed by Mr Narendra Modi’s campaign that they are latching on to every word the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate says, and trying desperately to fault him on something or the other on a daily basis. Their behaviour is akin to back- benchers in a class who are ever keen to find fault with the kid in the front row, who is the teacher’s favourite. For example, Mr Singh and leaders of the Congress appear to be piqued by Mr Modi’s statement that the story of India would have been different if Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had become the country’s first Prime Minister. They also accuse Mr Modi of having a poor understanding of Indian history and even advise him to pick up some history books.
Mr Modi may well need some lessons in history (who does not?), but on balance, one can say that the Prime Minister, his Cabinet colleagues and  spokespersons of the Congress are in greater need of history lessons than most others in Indian politics.
Since sycophancy is a necessary pre-condition for survival at the higher echelons of the Government and the party, in the Congress’s scheme of things, many of its leaders have been targeting Mr Modi for this remark and for other possible gaffes in his speech.
What really worries them is that the national mood is conducive for a fresh look at India’s post-independence history, and for correction of the deliberate, mischievous distortions introduced in our history books by ‘eminent historians’ patronised by the Nehru-Gandhi family.
It must be noted that ever since independence, the Nehru-Gandhi family has had a vice-like grip over academia and ensured key positions for historians and social scientists who have done its bidding by paying tributes to Motilal Nehru, Jawarharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. These historians brushed under the carpet many historical truths that show the Nehru-Gandhis in poor light and dressed up other events and situations to give them a larger-than-life image. But, they did not stop here. They also wrote spiteful and wicked things about Nehru’s contemporaries like Sardar Patel. Since the family has wielded power at the Centre for over 50 years, it has handsomely rewarded these dishonest historians with positions in academia, international fellowships and the Padma awards.
These historians got away with all of this for at least 50 years, until many of their bogus theses began to be challenged. The first formidable challenge came from Mr Arun Shourie, who focussed on the fraudulent and mischievous contributions by many ‘eminent historians’ of the Leftist variety in Eminent Historians: Their TechnologyTheir Line, Their Fraud, which was published in 1998. This was the first authoritative challenge to Marxist historiography and till date, not one of these historians, who came under Mr Shourie’s scrutiny has been able to offer a credible response.
Apart from Leftist historians, we have had many devoted followers of the Nehru-Gandhis who resorted to criminal misrepresentation of facts, in the realm of modern history, and virtually produced a mythology of this parivar and embedded it in school and college text books. This school of historians went unchallenged for nearly half-a-century because no historian wanted to antagonise The Establishment. However, some historians made bold to dig up archival material and examine afresh the contentions of the Establishment Historians. One among them was Mr Makkhan Lal whose 2008 book, Secular Political Communal Agenda: A History Of Politics In India From 1860 to 1953, reproduced correspondence between Nehru, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad and others, and turned the spotlight on hitherto unknown facts about Nehru. For example, the book established that Nehru lied to Rajendra Prasad when he claimed that he (Nehru) and Sardar Patel had decided that C Rajagopalachari should be the country’s first President. Prasad and Patel called his bluff the next morning.
This book also details conversations between Gandhi, Nehru and Patel on the election of the Congress president-cum-candidate for prime ministership in 1946. Lal shows how 12 out of 15 Pradesh Congress Committees nominated Sardar Patel. The remaining three committees did not nominate anybody. Thus, Nehru was not nominated by any Pradesh Committee. When Gandhi mentioned this to him, he remained silent, but later conveyed to the Mahatma that he would not be number two to anybody. Gandhi prevailed on Patel to withdraw his nomination. Thus, Nehru, who was not nominated by even a single pradesh committee became Congress president and, thereafter, Prime Minister.
The Indian people also do not know all the facts about Hyderabad and Kashmir. Left to Nehru, India would have lost Hyderabad and the whole of the Kashmir valley. When Sardar Patel died in Bombay on December 15, 1950, Nehru was so petty that he did not want President Rajendra Prasad to attend Patel’s cremation on the ground that Patel was just “a Union Minister”. Prasad brushed aside Nehru’s objections and attended the funeral. For Prasad and other stalwarts of the party, Patel was not just “a Union Minister", he was The Sardar who stitched 563 princely States to give us a united and strong India. He was The Sardar, who, on the Mahatma’s advice, gave up his claim to becoming the first Prime Minister of India. He was also The Sardar who brushed aside Nehru’s silly objections, sent troops to Hyderabad and ensured the ascension of this tiny State in the South to India. Finally, he was The Sardar who put his foot down at a meeting of the Union Cabinet and ordered the airlifting of troops to Kashmir, just in time to prevent Pakistan from gobbling up Srinagar and other areas of the valley.
But all this did not matter one bit to Nehru. We now have first hand accounts which say that he issued two instructions the day Patel died: No official should attend Patel’s funeral at Government expense and Patel’s Cadillac was to be returned to the Foreign Ministry immediately. 
These facts of history have been cunningly hidden from the Indian public for 60 years by apologists of the Nehru-Gandhi family, who have buried the truth and manufactured history to show this family in good light. In return, they have been allowed to hold key positions in India’s academic institutions. Leaders of the Congress are now throwing tantrums because they suddenly realise that the era of fraudulent history will soon end. Mr Singh and his colleagues are currently busy with so-called Governmental responsibilities. But, for the sake of India, we must hope that six months hence they will get the time to enroll for a crash course in real history!


Who is the real owner of Tehelka?

ASHISH MEHRISHI  | New Delhi, November 27, 2013 | 17:35
The investments in Tarun Tejpal's companies are raising suspicion. Documentary evidence in possession of Headlines Today shows that the venture Private Ltd. has Buffalo Networks Private Ltd as a  major shareholder. However, according to the records of the Registrar of Companies, the company Buffalo Networks Private Ltd. is a dormant company.

According to the RoC records, out of the 10,300 equity shares Tarun Tejpal holds only 200 shares. Whereas, K D Singh of Al Chemist holds only 100 shares. Rest of the 10,000 shares are in possession of Buffalo Networks Private Ltd, which according to government records is dormant.

The address of Buffalo Networks according to the RoC records is C-1, Soami Nagar, New Delhi - 17. Headlines Today went to this address to do a physical verification of the registered address.

According to one of the occupants, there is no company by the name Buffalo Networks Private Ltd. operating from this building. In 2007 the plot was sold to a builder who had constructed apartments.  However, the occupant confirmed that the gun license to Tarun Tejpal had been issued from this address. Around two years back, the occupant had received a letter from ACP licensing, South Delhi requesting Tarun Tejpal to renew the gun license that he was holding.

Tarun Tejpal
Tarun Tejpal

The authorized share capital of Private Ltd. is Rs. 25 lakh and the paid up share capital is Rs. 1.03 lakh. The directors on the board are Tarun Tejpal and his brother Minty Tejpal.

Experts opine that usually a dormant company is the one where there are no significant transactions during the last two years and/or statutory returns are not filed within government.

Experts also opine that it is difficult to believe that the major shareholder of such a large company is a dormant company where no one knows who the real owners are.

Experts  have also raised questions on who is attending the statutory meetings (AGM) of the board of the company when it is not clear on who are the real shareholders.

It is important to note that once the company is declared dormant, the documents of the company are no longer in public domain.

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Shoma Chaudhury: A modern Madame De Pompadour

By Jay Bhattacharjee on27 Nov 2013

Shoma Chaudhury: A modern Madame De Pompadour
Rape for your lot is never a crime
Since you are doing it all the time
(with my apologies to Ogden Nash)
Rest assured, young lady, that I write this letter with the greatest possible distaste swirling in my mind, and with the utmost reluctance. However, there are some tasks that are quite unavoidable. To let you know the feelings of the vast majority of Indian citizens is one of them. I assure you I am in the good company of millions, but most of them find it impossible to get over their disgust and pen their thoughts to you.
It is also likely that you may not read this epistle. However, people like you always have sounding boards who will do your spadework and report to you. So here it is, barbs and all.
Let us start with your entire charade of defending the shenanigans of your boss and colleague Tarun Tejpal in every-which way – an Americanism that you will relate to immediately. At this stage, we should ask you about your concept of loyalty. Anybody who has had even a rudimentary education, domestic and institutional, will tell you that there is loyalty, misplaced loyalty and then cover-up of crimes and transgressions. You, madame, have been in the third category for quite some time. And this has been amply demonstrated for the Indian public throughout this grotesque episode.
The second question relates to your moral fabric or an ethical framework, or a lack of either or both. The third query, connected to the second, concerns your disingenuousness and your infinite capacity to dole out fertiliser. The last issue is your enormous desire for grandstanding and the size of your ego. Honestly, in recent times, I have yet to come across overweening arrogance of the type that you have been displaying on the small screen (and everywhere else, I can safely assume).
Let us deal with these themes sequentially. The first is your loyalty to your boss, your chief, your CEO, whatever you prefer. Clearly, you made a seamless transition from the morally-defensible position of loyalty to “cover-up” at some stage of your career and life. Given your lamentable standards that have been on display on the idiot box during the last few days, my surmise is that this leap of faith took place quite some back. That is because you are now so proficient in your new habitat, and above all, you look so comfortable in this role.
There are, however, some occupational hazards with this chosen role of yours. Cover-up artistes face flak in real life, not just from a disgusted public, but also from the law. In fact, the Anglo-Saxon legal code that we have inherited from our erstwhile colonial masters imposes severe penalties on people like you. The folks who actually commit crimes are the primary accused, but those that conspire with them, prior to the commission or post-facto, also face the long arm of the criminal justice system. For heaven’s sake, there is an entire section in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that exactly covers the lamentable conduct of yours in this saga. Section 202 says the following : “Whoever, knowing or having reason to believe that an offence has been committed, intentionally omits to give any information respecting that offence which he is legally bound to give, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months or with fine or both”.
Now, you entered this twilight zone exactly when you deliberately did not report the complaint of the hapless young colleague of yours to the appropriate police office as soon as she E-Mailed it to you. You were under a legal obligation to do so, under the terms of a landmark judgment of the Supreme Court delivered sixteen years ago. I will deal with that a little later in this missive. Instead, you initiated your pathetic ruse of an “enquiry committee”, very conveniently headed by a friend of the Tehelka family. This is such a huge eye-wash that I am surprised you thought you could get away with it.
This brings us to the second issue, that of your moral fabric or ethical framework or, more appropriately in your case, a lack of either or both. I am sorry to say, Ms. Chaudhury, you represent the Bengali bhadralok (or Bhadramahila) culture in its terminal stage. You are a convent-educated version of Mamata di, with a more sophisticated façade but representing the same shabby ethos. There is a more apt comparison – you are a mirror image of that other abomination, Sarmila Bose, who claimed that the Pakistani Army was actually carrying out a philanthropic mission in East Pakistan during the 1971 Liberation War.
You had the unmitigated gall to term the alleged offence of your boss as a “transgression”. Did you really think you would get away with this drivel ? This is like General Dyer referring to the Jalianwalla Bagh massacre as the weekly “target practice” of his boys in the regimental shooting range. This is the archetypal behavioral pattern of an amoral person – one who has no moral compass.
The third element in your psyche is your disingenuousness and your ingrained ability to dish out fertiliser. One example will suffice, because it is so egregious that there will be no demand for any more samples. This is your claim that you thought the victim of the alleged assault was seeking “justice outside the penal system” and that she would be satisfied with a mere apology from Tejpal. This is so grotesque and bizarre that it places you in that rarest of rare category : the mistress of guile. Here, I have to quote one of my favourite writers, Lillian Hellman : “Intellectuals can tell themselves anything, sell themselves any bill of goods, which is why they are so often patsies of the ruling classes.”
Coming now to your last attribute : your grandstanding and your monumental ego. You are truly a cotemporary desi version of Madame de Pompadour, the one who grandly proclaimed : “After us, the floods”. No, I will not give you the satisfaction of writing the original French version here, because I am sure that is the sort of posturing you absolutely love. Why I equate you to the other woman is the incredible declaration of yours on the box “If the case against Tarun is proved in court, I will accept that his offence is one of rape”.
It is crunch time now. The moment when you get to know how perversely you violated the law of the land by not taking the young colleague’s complaint to the appropriate police authority and why your statement that it was not your responsibility to do so, is a direct contempt of the apex court.
Let me reproduce for you the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Vishaka case which will tell you what your duty and obligation was and is in a situation that you faced a few days ago:
(A) It shall be the duty of the employer or other responsible persons in work places or other institutions to prevent or deter the commission of acts of sexual harassment and to provide the procedures for the resolution, settlement or prosecution of acts of sexual harassment by taking all steps required.
(B) Where such conduct amounts to a specific offence under the IndianPenal Code or under any other law, the employer shall initiate appropriate action in accordance with law by making a complaint with the appropriate authority (emphasis added).
(C) Whether or not such conduct constitutions an offence under law or a breach of the service rules, an appropriate complaint mechanism should be created in the employer’s organisation for redress of the complaint made by the victim. Such a complaint mechanism should ensure time- bound treatment of complaints.
(Vishaka and others V. State of Rajasthan and others.)
This, fortunately, brings me to the end of my letter. Having commenced it with my own attempt at poetry, admittedly an amateurish version of the inimitable Ogden Nash, I must end with genuine verse, the immortal words of Walter Scott. Do try and grasp what the titanic person wrote – it might, just might, suggest some salvation for folks like you :
Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!
(Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17)


Tejpal muck on Sonia for 2004 letter

Five ministers trying to protect Tarun, says BJP


New Delhi: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday released a letter from PM Manmohan Singh to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi assuring that Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal’s representation on cases against the magazine will be examined by relevant ministries. 

    Swamy’s disclosure is bound to add fuel to a bitter war of words between BJP and Congress over “politicization” of the sexual assault charges levelled against Tejpal by a former junior colleague.
    Swamy released a 2004 letter in which the PMO has taken note of Sonia’s intercession on behalf of Tejpal, who had then claimed the cases were foisted against the magazine by the NDA regime for sting operations against then BJP chief Bangaru Laxman and defence minister George Fernandes.
    The letter, dated June 25, 
2004 and addressed to Sonia, reads: “I have received your letter of June 18, 2004 enclosing a representation from Tarun Tejpal, editor in chief of Tehelka regarding investigation pending against them. I am asking the concerned ministries to examine the cases and review their status and proposed course of action.”
    Reacting to the letter’s release, Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala said, “It is fact that Tehelka had exposed corruption of the BJP president and government and many journalists were implicated in fake cases. If someone wants to link a crime of 2013 with a corruption related case of 2003, it reflects his mindset.” 

    Swamy alleged that the letter shows the government’s soft corner towards Tejpal.
    The probe launched under the NDA took a dramatically different course after UPA-1 assumed office. After the Bangaru sting, Tehelka and its investor First Global were investigated by police and tax authorities over allegations of stock market manipulation and conspiracy.
    BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi alleged that as many as five Union ministers were trying to “protect” Tejpal. She and Swamy also attacked Tehelka managing editor Shoma Choudhury, alleging that she was in touch with UPA ministers.



Posted by Gautam Sen  /   October 14, 2013  /   Posted in Distortion WatchMediaPolitics  /   2 Comments
An oft-repeated bourgeois affectation earnestly avows that violence does not pay. This supposed truism, comforting in the ambience of drawing room chit-chat, is belied by experience. A vivid example is illustrated by the impact of Islamic terrorism on the UK. Untold sums are being spent on security, from the physical presence of personnel everywhere to myriad forms of surveillance. There is also a calculated attempt by the authorities to launch and elevate Muslims in the public arena, especially as journalists and television presenters. Numbers of imperceptibly talented individuals, proudly sporting their Muslim identity, are rapidly filling the public space. All, in the forlorn hope that it will convey a message of societal recognition and persuade angry young Muslim men to desist from planting bombs that kill the innocent and cause panic. Quite clearly, for the lucky few, terrorist bombs have become catalysts for career success. For them, violence has indeed paid.
Unbeknown to ill-educated policy makers, misinformed by ignorant journalists, their principal source of information for policy-making, this purposeful assimilative policy isn’t working at all. It is noteworthy that ideologically-driven expert policy advisers to politicians are also seized by an insane ‘kiss and make it better’ liberal impulse that has only compounded the ignorance of politicians. The ostensible aim is to divert angry, young Muslim men from the urge to plant bombs that kill and maim the innocent. Unfortunately, the bomb planter is fully aware of what they regard as the duplicity and chicanery of the political class and their underlings and rejects the feeble attempts to assuage their anger. In any case, amply remunerated, high profile jobs in the media are only available to the few and the hope that it will gratify the many, by supposedly encouraging feelings of displaced gratification, is plainly asinine.
On the contrary, the angry young men, praying five times daily and silently or not-so-silently spouting obscenities at women without appropriate head covering, are derisive at the cynicism of such policies. Uncovered delinquent Muslim media women, virtually all of them attached to white Christian partners, for whom death is prescribed by the Shariah, enrages them even further. The would-be Jihadis perceive in it a diabolical conspiracy to encourage Muslim women to abandon community and religion, by associating it with success. In fact, unknown to dim-witted politicians, a critical factor fuelling the rage of Muslim men is this very abandonment of community and religion by many British Muslim women. As a result, some Jihadis travel homeward to find an obedient spouse, British-born Pakistani men even venturing as far as remote Yemeni villages, in search of female religious fidelity they deem lacking in their own Jihadi homeland! Revealingly, Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, indicated that his simmering anger, because of Gogh’s film Submission, critical of Islam, became unbearable after his own sister chose a white, Christian Dutch partner. That is when he decided to kill the filmmaker.
In association with this lame policy, British public discourse and television broadcasts regularly feature solemn hand-wringing about the implied woes of a violent world. But they only dare a suggestive hint that Muslims should avoid participating in it! Assorted Muslim preachers, reformed Jihadis and religious leaders of Semitic persuasions, pontificate about the need for world peace, love, etc. What is studiously avoided is specific elaboration of political motives that precipitate violence by Muslims or the precise nature of their textual justification in the Koran, Hadith and Sunna. The underlying grandmotherly theme is that everybody has misunderstood everybody else and the need for the community and its sage elders to persuade youngsters with murder in the hearts, of the error of their ways. Hindus are rarely, if ever, invited to such gatherings because it would likely constitute provocation for the target Muslim audience these projects are designed to mollify. Excluded from the proceedings, Hindus, with a paucity of brain function and truncated wisdom, are sorrowful at their omission from such putative inter-faith parody, despite being the bearers of the rich tradition of Gandhian self-harm!
A trifling reflection on these proceedings makes clear that pure cynicism underlies such endeavours—from promoting cute young things, nominally of the Muslim faith, with giveaway names like Michelle in the media and inter-faith dialogue. Hindus are excluded from these discourses because these orchestrated interactions constitute a form of public negotiation, on air, of the mutual interests of Jihadis and the British establishment. The messages being pieced together are intended for audiences far beyond the studio. What is being subliminally posited to angry young Muslim men is that you go out there and kill Indians, Russians and Jews, in the order, and we will look the other way. Just stop planting bombs in our cities.
In essence, it is ruthless Machiavellian realpolitik. Hindus, Russians and the occasional Jew are fair game in this harsh world of murder and destruction, to be bartered for a bit of peace at home. Quite amazingly, mournful Hindus continue to mill around the slaughterhouse counter, inconsolable that they cannot offer succour to their would-be killers.
Dr. Gautam Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians. He taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for more than two decades.
- See more at:


No new mosques for Moscow, says mayor

November 25, 2013
Kartik Krushnapaksha 7, Kaliyug Varsha 5115
The mayor of Russia's capital city Moscow said that there would be no new mosques built to serve the increasing Muslim population of the city.
Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin has declared that no new mosques will be built in his city, despite the cities four mosques being inadequate for the huge influx of Muslim workers who have settled in the Russian capital as of late.
Two million migrant workers now live in Moscow, with most of them being Muslims from central Asia and the Caucuses. On Fridays and Islamic holidays, most of them are forced to pray outside on the streets due to insufficient space in the few mosques available.
Although admitting that Moscow could not survive without them, Sobyanin told Komsomolskaya Pravda in an interview that no new mosques would be built in the city, saying that the city had no responsibility to cater for outsiders.
Illegal immigration of outsiders to the city is stirring ethnic tension among the predominantly Slavic people of Moscow, the mayor warned.
Around 20% of Russia’s population is Muslim, and under the post-Soviet constitution drawn up in 1993, Muslim citizens are supposed to have equal rights with the other three founding religions, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. However, most Muslims are situated outside of the capital city, and the recent influx of Muslims to Moscow in order to fulfill its need for cheap, unskilled labor has left Slavic Muscovites in a dilemma.
Rushan Abbyasov, the chief of staff of Russia's Council of Muftis, complained that there are not enough mosques in the city to serve the Muslim population, adding that the current amount should at least be doubled. Sobyanin disagrees, saying that the four mosques are sufficient.


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Ashok Singal sees a Christian Conspiracy

The verdict in the Puducherry court has vindicated that a Hindu Sanyasi had been purposely framed in a false case.  Sri Ashok Singhal in a statement expressed his opinion that the arrest and belittling of Kanchi Shankaracharya is clearly a Christian conspiracy to run down Hindu holy men and Hindu society, a habit of Sonia’s regime.  Sri Singal hoped that the pseudo-secular brigade of Sonia, Mulayam Singh Yadav and others will be routed by the Hindu society in the forthcoming Parliamentary polls.  

Statement of Sri Ashok Singhal, VHP Patron

पूज्य शंकराचार्य स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती जी पर लगाया गया आरोप
एक ईसाई षड्यन्त्र था।
मा0 अशोक सिंहल
संरक्षक विश्व हिन्दू परिषद्
इलाहाबाद, 27 नवम्बर 2013
                                  पूज्य जगद्गुरु शंकराचार्य कांची स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती जी को आज हत्या के आरोप से अदालत ने बरी कर दिया। अब यह स्पष्ट हो गया है कि 2004 की दीपावली की रात्रि के अन्धेरे में हैदराबाद के ईसाई मुख्यमंत्री राजशेखर रेड्डी द्वारा उन्हें एक बड़े षड्यन्त्र के तहत गिरफ्तार किया गया। गिरफ्तारी भारत के हिन्दू समाज के सर्वश्रेष्ठ महात्मा को अपमानित करने की दृष्टि से की गई। सोनिया जी जब से भारत में आयीं हैं वह हमारी धार्मिक सांस्कृतिक आस्थाओं को कुचलने में लगी हैं। 2500 वर्ष से ख्यातिनाम भारत का सर्वश्रेष्ठ शांकर मत जिसके आचार्याें को भगवान के समान ही हमारा समाज मानता आया हैउनको केवल अपमानित ही नहीं किया गया वरन् उनके प्रति समाज की श्रद्धा व सम्मान का मीडिया के द्वारा उपहास उड़ाया गया। यह कार्य योजनाबद्ध रूप से सन्तोंआचार्याें,महन्तों और महात्माओं के प्रति श्रद्धाआंे को समाप्त करने के लिए जानबूझ कर अपनाया गया खुलेआम ईसाई षड्यन्त्र था। उन्हें पता है कि भारत पर राज करने के लिए उन्हें सन्तों और हिन्दुत्ववादी संगठनों के आस्तित्व को समाप्त करना होगा। इसलिए उन्हें अपराधी बनाने का जिससे उन्हें समाज हेय दृष्टि से देखे यह एक ईसाई षड्यन्त्र था। स्वामी जी के बेदाग छूट जाने से अब यह षड्यंत्र पूर्ण रूप से उजागर हो गया है। प्रज्ञा भारतीअसीमानन्द जी और अब तो मैं कह सकता हूं कि आसाराम बापू जिनके करोड़ों अनुयायी भारत में हैं उन्हें अपराधी घोषित करने का षड्यन्त्र किया जा रहा है। सोनिया जी के इस घृणित प्रयास को हिन्दू समाज कभी माफ नहीं कर सकेगा। उनको कभी न कभी इसका जवाब देना पड़ेगा। समय आ गया हैसमाज सेक्युलरवाद का नारा लगाने वाली सोनिया जी और ऐसे ही नास्तिक संगठन जिसमें मुलायम सिंह जैसे अनेक नेता सेक्युलरवाद के नाम पर हिन्दू संस्कृति और मान्यताओं को कुचलने में लगे हैं उनसे पूरा समाज सचेत हो जाय और आने वाले संसदीय चुनाव के महाभारत में उनका पूर्ण सफाया कर दे। तभी हिन्दू समाज और हमारे सन्त सुरक्षित रह सकते हैं।


Political conspiracy against Kanchi Sankaracharyas collapses
Sandhya Jain
27 November 2013

Nine years after a sinister political conspiracy led to the Diwali-day arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati in November 2004 (Bal Perivaar Vijayendra Saraswati was arrested on January 10, 2005), the case collapsed into nothingness this morning as Puducherry Principal District Sessions Court Judge CS Murugan acquitted both seers and 21 others in the murder of A. Sankararaman. One accused, M Kathiravan, was murdered at KK Nagar in March this year.

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Conspiracy against Kanchi Sankaracharyas collapses

Sandhya Jain27 Nov 2013

Political conspiracy against Kanchi Sankaracharyas collapses
Nine years after a sinister political conspiracy led to the Diwali-day arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati in November 2004 (Bal Perivaar Vijayendra Saraswati was arrested on January 10, 2005), the case collapsed into nothingness this morning as Puducherry Principal District Sessions Court Judge CS Murugan acquitted both seers and 21 others in the murder of A. Sankararaman. One accused, M Kathiravan, was murdered at KK Nagar in March this year.
Simply put, there was no evidence to support the prosecution case against the accused. This was mainly because the murder, believed to be related to a dispute over temple property under the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments department, was not properly investigated. Instead, on the basis of lose talk by some disgruntled elements, the Acharyas of Kanchi Matham were implicated along with several bhakts. Sankararaman, a former Matham employee and later manager of the Sri Varadarajaperumal temple in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, was brutally murdered on the temple premises on September 3, 2004; the Acharyas were later arraigned as principal accused. The co-accused included Matham manager N Sundaresan and MK Raghu, brother of the Bal Sankaracharya. The Supreme Court had transferred the case to Puducherry in 2005 following an appeal by Swami Jayendra Saraswati that the atmosphere in Tamil Nadu was not conducive for a free and fair trial. Early in the trial, it was obvious the prosecution would not be able to establish its case as 83 out of 189 witnesses turned hostile. These included approver Ravi Subramanian.
The case was riddled with holes from the start and the prosecution mainly relied upon organised media propaganda to win the battle in the public domain. Tamil Nadu public prosecutor K Doraisamy called Swami Jayendra Saraswati a ‘most undeserving criminal’, and tried to deny him bail. Accordingly, the court extended his judicial remand by a fortnight. The bank accounts of the Matham, from which the alleged killers were allegedly paid, mysteriously changed from ICICI to Indian Bank. A key accused told the court he was tortured to confess, but retracted a day later, while still in custody. At the same time, the State Government awarded of Rs five lakhs to the wife of the murdered man.
While the scandal caused many eminent devotees to melt away, loyalists noted the hand of vested interests behind the crisis. Perivaar, as the Swami is known to his devotes, was a major obstacle in the path of evangelists as he planned to build a temple in every Scheduled Caste village and to give personal darshan there. He challenged missionary monopoly over higher education via the Chandrasekharendra Maha Vishwavidyalaya, a Deemed University that controls several educational and medical institutions which serve the villages. In fact, the Scheduled Castes protested against his arrest in several places, but the news was largely suppressed in the media. The Sankaracharya had launched several development schemes at Irulneeki village, his birthplace, for the welfare of the depressed classes, and the Kattunanyakan scheduled tribe, scavengers by profession, had built an Amman temple in 1992 with his help. As village chief Natesan then said, “When many still considered us untouchables, he treated us with dignity”. In November 2002, he performed puja at the Veerakali Amman temple in Melur region, where 250 scheduled caste Hindus were converted en masse by a Canadian priest of the Seventh Day Adventists on 25 August 2002.
The Kanchi Matham took up the anti-conversion agenda with gusto; the seer was adamant that Hindu dharm does not promote or envision discrimination and regards people of all sections of society as equals. Hindu tradition, he stressed, was of living amicably as ‘family’; and while there are always differences in society, discrimination is not the hallmark of dharm. The Veerakali Amman temple attracts devotees from all castes and is locally renowned as a symbol of communal harmony as Muslims regularly join its annual festival in January.
Swami Jayendra Saraswati also travelled to Tirunelveli to insist that all that castes have an equal right to enter any temple across the State, individually, and offer prayers. He asserted that appropriate action would be taken against those trying to prevent Harijans from entering temples. The Sankaracharya maintained this momentum even after the devastating murder case was sprung upon him, and after being released on bail, met the fisher folk from Devanampatti in Cuddalore district when they sought his blessings before resuming fishing after the tsunami; he gave them a month’s food stocks as prasadam and ensured that all had a checkup at the Matham’s Free Medical Centre before returning to sea. He said, “In every family, there is a kula daivam and an ishta daivam they pray to. In the same way, by praying to whatever deity is beloved to your mind, obtain well-being – I bless you”.
Despite the criminal case taking a huge toll on his personal health, Swami Jayendra Saraswati maintained unrelenting pressure on missionaries in defence of Hindu dharm. In June 2009, he met Cardinal Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran, president of Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, in Mumbai and upstaged him with the request to give Hindus the same promise of non-conversion as was given by Pope Benedict XVI to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in Jerusalem the previous month. When the Cardinal demurred that conversions were mainly done by Protestants, he told him to return with all Christian denominations and solve the issue permanently.
Recalling Pope John Paul II’s call to plant the Cross in Asia in the third millennium to facilitate the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, he challenged the Cardinal to explain the First Coming of Jesus Christ, when there was no Christianity or Church to convert the world. Swami Jayendra Saraswati also denounced the US Commission on International Religious Freedom as an “intrusive mechanism of a foreign Government” to interfere in India’s internal affairs. On subsequent visits to this country, the Cardinal avoided him completely.
Whichever way one looks at it, the arrest of the Kanchi Acharyas was the greatest civilisational insult to the Hindu people since the assassination of Guru Tegh Bahadur by a fanatic iconoclast. Sadly, the BJP was then in the vice-like grip of a geriatric leadership that could not even fathom the extent of the danger and it was the now disgracedkathakar, Asaram Bapu, who gave vent to Hindu trauma in the crisis. Tamil bhaktsalways believed that American evangelists were behind the affair. They were upset about the anti-conversion law and delighted when the State Government scrapped it. The then President George Bush Jr was an avid advocate of evangelism and immediately after his re-election hosted Iftaar and Diwali dinners simultaneously at the White House and attended only the former.