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Courtesy: CSPI Center for the Study of Political Islam

What’s going on here?
• Muslim hijackers fly airplanes into the World Trade Center, killing themselves and thousands of New Yorkers

• A Danish cartoon showing the prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban sparks deadly riots throughout the world

• No daily newspaper is complete without new reports of Islamic violence or terrorist plots

• Islamic influence and recognition are quickly spreading through the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world

• Our security and way of life seem increasingly threatened

What’s going on here?
It’s the most pressing, vital question of our time. Answering it is crucial to our understanding of the world in which we live, and in defending and protecting our way of life.

Up until now, the answers have been unsatisfactory. We can’t understand Islamic doctrine without understanding its sacred foundations -- the three texts that inform and direct virtually every thought and act in the Muslim world.

Through a new, simpler and more complete system, the Center for the Study of Political Islam offers these sacred texts to the general reader. You want answers. You want understanding. Here they are.

What’s going on here? Find out

The CSPI Method:

All of Islam’s political doctrine is found in three sacred texts, the Trilogy:
• The Koran -- the words of the Islamic god Allah, as reported by Mohammed
• The Sira -- the life of Mohammed
• The Hadith -- the traditions of Mohammed, governing every aspect of daily life, great and small

By seeing through the eyes of Mohammed, your view of Islam will be transformed:

• Media accounts of Islam will be seen in a new light
• The history of Islam will make sense
• The very words you use to discuss Islam will be new and more accurate
• You will become your own expert, able to discuss political Islam with anyone

For the first time all of these books are easily understood
The reading level is that of a weekly news magazine. If there is a technical word, it is defined.

Each paragraph is referenced to the source text. You see exactly what Mohammed did and said, and if you desire corroboration or more information, you can easily look it up.

Islam can only be truly known by understanding all three texts, which for the general reader has not been previously possible.

Why these books are so unique
Up to now, the knowledge of the Trilogy has been available only to a few scholars and Islamic imams, in a form virtually impossible for the general public to access. Scholars at CSPI have made these texts understandable for the first time.

Now you can learn about political Islam from the only source that counts -- Mohammed himself.

CSPI Publications:


The Primary Doctrine Texts
Detailed and complete knowledge-the Trilogy.

Mohammed's life-the Sira
Mohammed and the Unbelievers

The Traditions of Mohammed-the Hadith
The Political Traditions of Mohammed

The Koran
A Simple Koran: Readable and Understandable

An Abridged Koran

Special Interest Books
The Submission of Women and Slaves

Six Views of Islam Books
Mohammed, Allah, and the Christians

Mohammed, Allah and the Jews

Mohammed, Allah, and Hinduism

Mohammed, Allah, and the Intellectuals

Military, law enforcement and intelligence
Mohammed, Allah, and the Mind of War

Political Islam
Mohammed, Allah, and Politics


Primary Doctrine Books

Mohammed & The Unbelievers

The Political Traditions of Mohammed

A Simple Koran

An Abridged Koran

Self-Study Course

A Self-Study Course on Political Islam

Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam

Thirteen Talks on Political Islam

Special Interest Books

The Submission of Women and Slaves

Six Views of Islam

Mohammed, Allah, and the Christians

Mohammed, Allah and the Jews

Mohammed, Allah, and Hinduism

Mohammed, Allah, and the Intellectuals

Mohammed, Allah, and the Mind of War

Mohammed, Allah and Politics

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