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Church calling shots in politics

Hindus under siege and fate of the Republic


Dr Gautam Sen

Members of downtrodden and defeated communities are condemned to end up fighting with each other while the victors are occupied deciding their fate. Vanquished communities are unable to take the initiative on their own behalf, which is the dismal fate of Hindus today. In fact their in-fighting highlights attempts by individuals within the retreating Hindu community to reach accommodation with the victors. Interfaith dialogue and associated clandestine engagement with the church and its surrogates represent treasonous adaptation, intended to obscure the reality of warfare and subjugation. But this egregious conduct is completely predictable in the aftermath of defeat and evidence of such behaviour universal.

In 1816, Nepal was defeated by a British army and the Nepalese ended up as mercenaries, mainly used against fellow Hindus in India. The hapless Sikhs were also reduced to the role of British mercenaries after suffering defeat at the hands of imperial forces, having descended into utter chaos after the death of the astute Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In recent decades, both these communities were unceremoniously discarded since they had apparently outlived their usefulness to Britain. But even now these victims of exploitation as mercenaries pine for a return of the humiliation of servitude and harbour keen hatreds against the communities they were misused by imperialist Britain to discipline.

The political and economic agenda of the conquered society is dictated by victors in the aftermath of defeat. The direct and indirect dimensions of control over the vanquished include holding sway over the prevalent intellectual climate and the country’s institutions. The nature of the interaction between the defeated and the conquerors is under their careful purview as well. Focus on questions that expose the crimes of the conqueror become illegitimate and innocuous issues like the similarity of their social and religious customs dominate public discourse and curtailing reflection on hard truths. Contemporary inculturation, sponsored with supreme deviousness by church conspirators, represents precisely such a disingenuous phenomenon. Indeed this form of insidious infiltration behind enemy lines is intended to disembowel the foe while caressing its navel in bed.

Almost without exception, collaborators are identified among the defeated to help superintend their own community on behalf of the victors. In the process, a spurious impression is created that the conquered enjoy honour, even autonomy. But these illusory privileges are rationed for the select few, who serve the interests of conquerors. The distinction is between the few house niggers, the collaborators, and field niggers, who toil pitilessly. This is the origin of the house nigger syndrome of India’s Rajas, the Zamindars, tasked to collect and deliver revenues and Indian administrators who served the Raj. In contemporary Europe and the US today, one always observes Indians eager to betray their own for paltry personal gratification.

This is why the on-going advocacy of engaging with Christian churches is quite unreal. In full flight before the Christian evangelist enemy that has entered deep inside their homeland and is waging outright warfare, some Hindus are nevertheless determinedly preoccupied with lethal distractions like inter-faith dialogue. And they are apparently also exercised about how to engage in civilised debate among themselves while their proverbial grandmother is being auctioned!

Christian nations, whom their national churches serve unfailingly as instruments of conquest and subjugation, have pretty much ended Hinduism in the critical Northeast of India, expunged by force of arms. And a war has been waged without pause since Independence, with well-armed Christian terrorists now threatening to expand into adjacent regions. Hindu worship is virtually impossible in these regions, which only nominally belong to the Indian Union. Christianised communities of the Northeast unambiguously proclaim their dislike of India because of its Hindu ethos.

The evangelical churches failed to install their preferred candidate as Prime Minister earlier, but executed India’s first veritable coup d’etat by neutering India’s Prime Minister and its Cabinet government through surrogates. India’s executive authority is now in the thrall of the mendacious National Advisory Council (NAC), with its scandalous composition of practised Hindu-baiters, able to dictate to the Prime Minister on any matter it chooses. The Communal Violence Bill is the product of diabolical machinations of evangelists to de-legitimise opposition to their conversion activities by denouncing it as Hindu aggression. The rationale being insinuated that its enactment will influence Hindu-Muslim antagonism is a deliberate ploy to divert attention from the essential purpose of allowing the church acquire carte blanche.

Evangelists in India today are intensifying their age-old war against polytheists to accelerate their primordial political goal of world domination. This is the reason why even repugnant Islamic Jihadis like of the former ISI chief, General Hameed Gul and Laskhar-e-Taiba leader, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed are preferable adversaries. They unapologetically declare to the whole world their intention to kill and enslave Hindus en masse, the connotation of their ambition to restore Muslim rule across the entire sub-continent.

In parts of southern India, churches are mushrooming on a startling scale before our very eyes and the dominant political parties of Tamil Nadu are in essence instruments of Christian domination, incited to annihilate all that is sacred to Hindus. And Hindus, ignorant and self-seeking as ever, do not know that, historically, the Church regarded the establishment of bishoprics, in the shape of a physical church, as the political and military boundary of territory under the control of the ruler sponsoring them. Assiduous attempts are being made by the church to repeat the success of Christianising Nagaland and Mizoram and turning tribal communities across India against the Indian Union. New church buildings are designed to overawe local inhabitants by crude display of a political footprint and economic allurement in order to attract converts.

In Nepal, the church was able to use the contrivance of a Christian Maoist leadership to overthrow a decadent monarchy and greedy court elite easily, by exploiting widespread socio-economic unrest in the country. Of course India allowed itself to be manoeuvred into playing the role of midwife because India’s rulers are at best oblivious to all things Hindu and unwilling to recognise that a non-Hindu India will be a foreign country. This is the embittered legacy left by Jawaharlal Nehru and his patron, Mahatma Gandhi, who managed to wound Hinduism more than any invading iconoclast.

Contemporary India is ruled by a Catholic dynasty, which is facilitating the final assault against Hinduism. They are the rulers of choice of Western imperialists, led by the US, who perceive a consummate opportunity to change the religious demography of India permanently in favour of Christianity. And these American churches are nothing but neo fascist plunderers. An alarmingly large number of Christians, disproportionate in relation to their overall numbers in India, have been implanted by the dynasty, alongside fresh converts, careful to obscure their newly-established Christian identity and political loyalties, to destroy all vestiges of Hindu India.

Of course India’s secular elites, who have joined the genocidal campaign against Hinduism, are streetwalkers and possess no Hindu identity whatsoever and are merely available for deployment as shock troops of the ruling dynasty. This is the most shocking fifth column anywhere in the world, with endless permutations of assumed fidelities, from illiterate communist sympathies to supposed liberal sentiments, but all united as foes of Hinduism on behalf of Western imperialism and its chosen Catholic family.

The irony is that pre-eminent Christian nations are currently embarked on renewed imperial crusades in the Middle East and have already laid waste Iraq and Libya. During the earlier repudiation of Algeria’s national elections, Western intelligence agencies, led by the French secret service, pacified the country by instigating the killing of anything up to 500,000 civilians and cynically blamed it on militant Islam. In the case of India, the church is one of the crucial vehicles being used to destabilise it because the country is too complex to seize politically in one fell swoop, compared to a country like Egypt, or invade militarily.

What is occurring is an escalating seizure of key institutions in India although control of elite schools and institutions of higher learning was facilitated by a deracine Nehru, allergic to any manifestation of Hinduism. The English language media and its owners have already been subverted because they belong to a handful of business families, with whom foreign intelligence agencies established ties without difficulty. Individual journalists are routinely purchased and mostly emanate from Anglicised educational establishments that socialise them to espouse disdain for their national culture and the faith of their ancestors.

Yet supposedly intelligent Hindu religious leaders and activists are hell-bent on inter-faith dialogue while total war is being waged to erase Hinduism and cognate religions. Do Hindus not understand that proselytising is completely irreconcilable with inter-faith dialogue? Unabated no Hindus will be left to conduct dialogue with unless the duplicitous church is generously offering to end religious conversion when only a few Hindus remain to display as curiosities? It is equally perplexing that the Catholic Church in particular is considered a worthy partner for dialogue despite its deep animus against Hindu and violation of all decencies when any self-serving opportunity can be found. The disgraceful use of state subsidies for pilgrimages to Jerusalem is but one example.

This is the same church that today stands exposed as the biggest paedophile organisation in world history, also responsible for criminal mistreatment of children of unwed mothers, even while its criminal clergy was busy assaulting tens of thousands of children sexually. The monstrous treatment of babies forcibly removed by the church authorities from mothers and their subsequent fate shocks even the most hard-hearted. Catholic orphanages were truly a taste of the hell with which priests terrorised their congregations. They were finally deserted even by their unquestioning defenders, with the traditionally devout Irish people turning against them to support their government’s decision to break diplomatic ties with the Vatican. And some Hindus still look for crumbs from this Vatican table of gross iniquity, by seeking dialogue with them, which would be akin to Jews honouring unreconstructed Nazis.

Rahul Gandhi is the candidate of the Vatican and other sectarian church denominations to become Prime Minister of India. They look to him as their protector while the final assault against the Hindu citadel advances. In a parallel development, the Chinese, lacking any traditional source of cultural and spiritual sustenance of their own, are succumbing at remarkable pace to Christian evangelical allurements by converting, much like South Korea earlier.

Hindus are the sole remaining repository of an alternative world-view, which eschews the default urge for political and military domination that European peoples and their churches, embodying exactly such an impulse, seek to destroy. Only those who would sup with evil incarnate can wish to engage in dialogue with the Vatican or other evangelical church fraternities, all vultures readying to feast on the Hindu carcass.

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