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Date of Release 03 31 2012

Sri Ramakrishna Mission in their books projected Sri Ramakrishna as having practiced Christianity and Islam along with Hinduism. For over 150 years this has become so popular a legend and it has permeated the mass media so widely further spreading the popular view that Ramakrishna's religious or spiritual experiences within the context of Santana Dharma have been translated into an equation "Sanatana Dharma=Universal Religion."

As a deep scholar and critic of Ramakrishna movement pointed out: "It is strange that when Sri Ramakrishna practiced Hindu techniques of meditation, he did not feel any hostility to other religions, but when he started to practice Semitic religions, he is reported to have felt hatred towards Hindu Gods!" This leads to expansion of the above equation as follows: SANATHANA DHARMA= SRI RAMAKRISHNA'S METHODS=UNIVERSAL RELIGION

In the everyday Arati conducted all over the world, in the shrines of Ramakrishna Mutths and Missions or Ashramas there is a particular chant which was composed by Swami Vivekananda, 101 years ago, which says, Sthapatyacha Dharmasya=one who established dharma Sarva Dharamaswaroopine=embodiment of all dharmas Avatara Varishtaya =the greatest incarnation of the divine. Sri Ramakrishnaaya te namaha=I worship him, Sri Ramakrishna Across the world thousands of people attend the artis every day.

Over the years this has nurtured Hindus to swallow everything and anything in the name of religion and this view has emerged as a "Pseudo-Advaita" philosophy. Thus the unseating of Hindus and Hinduism has occurred slowly and Hindus have entered into a "psychedelic state." They have strayed, out of everyday context into the strange world of 'Maya' of "Pseudo-Advaita". Transcendental Meditation reduced Hinduism to a mere 'technique of meditation' and later to be invented as 'yogic flying'. 'Allah', 'Ram', and 'Rahim' and Jesus Christ were soon given equally exalted status. Nirguna Brahman was made equal to a formless Allah. Advaita was equated with monotheism of Islam, which led India to become the playground for all Players of all religions. Prayers to Ram, Rahim and Jesus became a common feature in Gandhiji's Ashrams across the country during the freedom movement and Gandhi ji and his new "religion" became the brand ambassador for the vote bank politics for National Congress Party of India. Hinduism lost its identity in its land of origin and also lost its cutting edge. Result: Praising of Jesus and Allah along with Iswara had become the "inevitable" for all Hindus in India.

Though none of the Christians and Muslims has bought this philosophy and incorporated a worship of Ishwara or any Hindu God in their Churches and Mosques giving their time of the day. Thus Pseudo-Advaita occupied the hoary seat of Hindu Religion. "Love all and serve all" even at the very cost of your life and family members, was expressed in so many words in thousands of speeches and published in hundreds of volumes of books by a variety of so called "noble" but gullible teachers of modern day Hindus in the last 150 years. (Editor's note: This is precisely called the intra-psychic unconscious defense mechanism of "Identification with the Aggressor" also known as the "Stockholm Syndrome." Colonized Hindus and their leaders became victims of this phenomenon.)

Nirguna Brahman (gigantic Radha Soami [of Beas] Satsanghs) was the watch word in many of the movements. Atman and Brahman were used indiscriminately to obliterate any Hindu sense of identity. As if the National Congress wanted it, unconsciously, were these mahatmas serving the new ruling party's vital interests? Soon national integration became the mantra of the national party. Every top Congress member was hobnobbing with all important spiritual leaders of all religions to explore the vote banks. The religious leaders were happy to see so many power-weilding Party men and women standing in bee line for their darshan which in turn became the USP that attracted even more devotees. 

The teachings of several Gurus since Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arya Samaj fame, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Keshab Chandra Sen (of Brahmo Samaj), Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda themselves showed deep interest in understanding ancient Hinduism in all its variety and in establishing a reformed and modern Hinduism, but their teachings did not have deep knowledge of any western religions . It is pointed out that Raja Ram Mohan Rai changed the minds of the person who came to convert him by his debating skills; however, all their understanding of Christianity was still debatable in the retrospect. Sri Yukteswar, of Kriya Yoga fame, and his Principle disciple Paramahamsa Yogananda, gave thorough yogic interpretation for Christian scriptures in his autobiography of a yogi, displaying Christian scriptures side by side with the teachings of yoga sutras which the Vatican itself did not know about up to that point.

Recently I had a long chat with an ex-member of Yogoda Sat Sangh society of Ranchi, who was closely associated with the organization at Ranchi, Jharkhand. He was narrating how in the 1940s and 1950s Paramahamsa Yogananda had to be extremely careful during the WW II wartime in USA, and how every utterance of his was under surveillance, to see whether it was anti-Christian. I found Nuns of Missionaries of Charities of Mother Theresa, selling milk from their dairy in Ranchi to yogoda Satsangh society founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda. Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Keshab Chandra Sen and other Bramo Samajis opposed "image worship" so very indigenous to all Hindus.

Political gurus like Bal Gangadar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bipin Chandra Pal, Veer Savarkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinobha Bhave, Rajaji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and others were busy in opposing the Colonialists and they too showed very little understanding of Christianity in their writings though they all opposed conversions. Sri Ramana Maharishi in his most important record of his daily Talks compares Advaitic experience with some incoherent utterances of Jehovah in the Old Testament.

Gandhiji had many discussions with missionaries on theological and religious issues. But he too had very little original exposure to Christian history. Ramakrishna Mission books on Christ celebrate Christianity, Rama Tirtha (Compared Om with Amin and Amen). Likewise Sivananada had no resistance to invasions by Christianity. Satya Sai Baba went as far as to construct a mosque for Muslims in his village Puttaparthi. Which Christian saint or Muslim Mullah has built a Temple for Hindus? Satya Sai baba's logo incorporated in his "sarva dharma stupa" established in 1975, which has religious symbols of all major religions.

However, this was opposed by Malay Muslims in a court of law and Malaysian branch was forced to remove the crescent from its "Sarva Dharma Stupa." Mata Amritanananda Mayi Maa has to allow lots of space for her Christian neighbors in Kerala; Sri Sri Ravishankar almost publicly lost the debate with Islamic fanatic Zahir Naik, who also audaciously advised Ravishankar ji to convert to Islam on open TV debate.

Brahma Kumari's sect worships Shiva through Raja Yoga. Their meditation centres are spread all over the world, with the world HQ located at mount Abu. They were refusing to call themselves Hindus, till about two years ago. For them Shiva, Jesus, Allah are the same. When they found some Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists converting Hindus in their backyards, and also some of their own members, they were shocked. They started speaking against conversions, in private. Yet they have to go a long way before they get grounded in basic core Hinduism. They are not doctrinally sound and do not have solid philosophic base like so many modern movements leading to raja yoga experiences projected as "merger with Shiva."

They also bring Islam and Christianity under this umbrella of "raja yoga". [Merger with God is an anathema to both Islam and Christian religions which the founders of Brahma Kumari movement are not aware of and they were and still are trying to impose Raja Yoga Concepts on Islam and Christianity].

Jaggi Vasudev [endorsed Aryan Invasion theory on his Mahashivartahri Televised TV address 2011]. Baba Ramdev, in his book Jeevan Darshan page 77 qualifies and exalts Bible and Koran as Dharma Granthas, even though he is a disciple of late Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj. Sri Ramdev ji, two years ago contradicted the statements made by his guru who condemned several teachings in the holy books in his book "Satyartha Prakash."

It was reported widely, in the late fifties the late famous saint Kanchi Paramacharya, actually dissuaded Muslims from leaving the place in front of his ashram, [it was widely reported that he with an added emphasis ["that their azan was a wakeup call for him"], they had approached him seeking his help, to allot them a place outside the town, for a new mosque using his influence with the then government, but he forbade them and persuaded them to continue to do their prayers in same Mosque and carry out their activities as if it would give a fillip to both the religions. Daily Jagran a Hindi news paper from Punjab reported in its Delhi edition 30.3.2011, that "Sri Jayendra Saraswathi announced his plans to build a large mosque as in an area of 20 acres in Bhopal the capital of Madhya Pradesh, incorporating an advanced netra chikitsaalaya" (eye hospital) for Muslims".

At Sri Ramachandra Mission Saharanpur: the followers are asked not to go to Hindu temples, stop worshipping deities at homes, stop giving Shraddam to ancestors etc; cutting at the roots of the very Hindu identity, which has played havoc and neutered Hindus into a psychedelic state. I was shocked one day when my friend who worked for the Indian Railways approached me and wanted my advice on the two contentious issues. I requested him stop going to the mission and follow, what his traditions taught him. Hindus strayed out of context into the strange land of 'Maya' where 'Ram and Rahim' were given equal status. (Editor's note: it would be unwise for Hindus to advise Americans to not observe their rituals on Memorial Day honoring their departed, yet Hindus influenced by their own faulty knowledge of Christianity or Islam misguide their adherents to imitate Christianity and Islam.)

Prayers of all religion became a perpetual common feature in the Gandhi Ashrams. Hinduism has lost its identity and its cutting edge. Result: Singing Praise of Jesus and Allah with Iswara in the same tune and face the inevitable consequences. THUS "PSEUDO-ADVAITAM" METAMORPHOSED INTO "PSEUDO-SECULARISM" PROMULGATED BY PREDATORY POLITICIANS. Almost all Congress politicians even endorsed them, PRAISED THEM in so many places, in their very long lives, AS CAN BE SEEN FROM THE SPEECHES, WRITINGS, ANECDOTES ETC. published in the last 100 years.

The only exception was Rajneesh, who openly critiqued Christianity and the State policies of USA, for which he was punished in America by the CIA. It is not the intention here of placing them in a tight spot or to go into specifics here, as I have talked to, many of them in Private. These teachers criticize Western influence and Christianity in private but do not criticize them in public. They also do not have any deep knowledge of the Abrahamic religions, and some even have glorified them on their emblems and symbols.

Generations of Hindus have been fed such fodder as staple diet and Hindus have lost their identity with the result even their presence as HIndus is not noticed. They have become insignificant in their own land, in India, leave alone in other countries and their features as a demarcated social identity are not sharp, as a result of eating such fodder. The only exception was as stated above was Acharya Rajneesh, who openly critiqued Christianity and the State policies of the USA, for which he was punished in America by the CIA by putting him in Jail and administering slow poison that killed him ultimately.

To repeat, in the everyday Arati conducted all over the world, in the shrines of Ramakrishna Mutths and Mission there is a particular chant which was composed by Swami Vivekananda, 101 years ago, which says, Sthapatyacha Dharmasya=one who established dharma Sarva Dharamaswaroopine=embodiment of all dharmas Avatara Varishtaya =the greatest incarnation of the divine. Sri Ramakrishnaya te namaha=I worship him, Sri Ramakrishna In the popular Bhaja Govindam sung by M.S Subbalakshmi with Rajaji's introduction, there was this verse written incorporated in praise of Sri Ramakrishna among the four verses in the chant, the second verse is particularly intriguing- "Sarva Dharamaswaroopine"; what did Swami Vivekananda have in mind when he wrote this piece?

Did he include only the Hindu sects in this definition, or did he include other Semitic religions like Christianity and Islam also? Did Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda come on this earth as Avataras to establish Semitic religions also? This is wholly misleading. These are I would say like jarring notes in the music. The trend continues with Sri Ramakrishna Mission, who in some of their books project Sri Ramakrishna as having practiced Christianity and Islam along with Hinduism, that lead to the notion that Ramakrishna's religious experiences practiced under various teachers like Bhairavi Brahmani and Totapuri of Santana Dharma has been translated into a simple equation of "UNIVERSAL RELIGION."

The Elites in the Ramakrishna Mission and its followers must ponder over this basic question whether the religion of Sri Ramakrishna is Sanatana Dharma, or is it their own brand of Universal Religion? Monks of R.K Math are requested to make a choice between Satya and asatya. [They need to clarify if their Spiritual experience gives them the right to teach that Hindus may convert to Christianity and Islam and still have the freedom to practice their kind of "Advaita" openly. -Editor's comment]

It is strange that when Ramakrishna practiced Hindu techniques of meditation, he does not does feel hostile to other religions, but when he practiced Semitic religions, he was reported to have felt hatred towards Hindu Gods! The monks of RK Mission have the obligation to explain this phenomenon. Gandhi recites verses from Koran and Bible along with Gita in Hindu Temples but does not read Gita in a mosque. The Gandhians have an obligation to explain the reason for this timidity.

In the chapter "PSEUDO-SECULARISM" of his book 'Being Different' Sri Rajiv Malhotra does not trace the root cause of this malady. Its root cause lies in "PSEUDO-ADVAITA" which Sri Rajiv Malhotra has swallowed lock, stock, and barrel. That is the travesty of "Being Different" for Hindus. (To be continued)

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