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Devas and Devatas :  Not Gods and Goddesses



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The articles by Dr. Rajiva on the topic of Hindu Polytheism are to be considered revolutionary. They
are in tune with G. P. Srinivasan's recent articles that are equally revolutionary in exposing the modern
Hindu as well as non-Hindu thinkers who erroneously equated Brahman of the Vedic tradition with Abrahamic concept of God either out of unconscious or conscious submissiveness or because of deficient deeper scrutiny into the concept. In so doing they have unwittingly compromised the interest of the Aam Admi Hindus who worship multitudes of Devas and Devatas every day and whose lives revolve around such faith and belief, in addition of those who additionally or exclusively worship and/or recognize the divinity in the various vibhutis like Saibaba, Satya Sai Baba, Aanandamai Maa, Ammachi, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that one questions such berating of one billion Hindus by well-meaning other Hindus and other non-Hindus who considered themselves more evolved or broadminded by accepting "ONE-Godism" as the premium or most desirable of religious beliefs. ONCE IMMATURELY JEALOUS ABRAHAMIC "TRUE" GOD DECLARING ALL OTHER GODS AS FALSE HAS NOW STARTED SELLING HIMSELF AS THE SAME AS THE GODS OF THE PAGAN HINDUS, TAOISTS, CHINESE, INCLUDING KRISHNA, ASTUTE POLITICIAN INDEED. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THAT ABRAHAMIC GOD CAN PLAY SUCH GAMES TO HIS IMPERIALISTIC ENDS SEE FOR YOURSELF : On the part of Hindus who espoused and promoted "ONE God-ism", it was to placate the foreign invaders of such monotheistic faiths, though the philosophy of Advaita was not at all in conflict with the freedom to worship multitudes of Devas and Devatas as is implicit and explicit in the Vedic tradition and the Vedas themselves.

Dr. Rajiva and G. P. Srinivasan may be considered "out of the box" thinkers. Out of the box thinking is the necessity of time. The unconscious conspiracy with the conquerers by the vanquished is a sad phenomenon. The very noble nature of the Hindus and the instinctive tendency to assimilate and absorb foreign thoughts and faiths into the Hindu culture through a process of reconciliation and assimilation can be viewed as wonderful adaptation in comparison to the rigid aggressive religions that refuse to accept other viewpoints. However, the lack of assertiveness and being defeated to the point of making a civilization "spineless" can be attributed the "blame" for such adaptation.

On the other hand, the natural tendency of the foreign invaders to project their own cultural understanding on the culture of the newly found indigenous cultures to find similarities can
also be assumed to be a factor leading to projection of their own concept of "God" (including "Allah"),
"Gods" and "Goddesses" (known to them from their encounter with the Greek culture of antiquity - now extinct or decimated by the Christian empire) onto the Hindus whom they encountered and assumed to be "look alikes" in their forms of religious worship.

Of course, in a polite international society harmonious coexistence should be no problem if the very principle of religious freedom is primarily translated only as "live and let live." If this principle were to be adopted there would be no reason for justifying conversions on the basis of "One Godism." This type of tolerant attitude towards other religions and respect for their beliefs has not been found to be evolving in the followers of "One-Godism."  However, the human nature also has not obviously evolved sufficiently to understand this principle. It, the "live and let live" principle, is often expanded to mean freedom of practice of religion which is misinterpreted as freedom to convert populations of
other faiths to suit the aggressive and imperialistic instincts of the currently dominant proselytizing
religions mainly Christianity and Islam. This has been a problem for the entire human race in the last two millennia and has not been sufficiently addressed in the "world -view" because of the dominant
nature of the aggressive cultures on one hand, and the peace keeping nature of those who are
aggressed upon ideologically as well as demographically.

For example, even among the followers of the same "Christian" faith there is very little outrage when Pope Benedict declared all Christians other than Catholics as "deficient" Christians. The educated populations of today will only laugh at such pronouncements as there are no "soldiers of Vatican" to impose such belief of the Vatican on the deficient Christians. That is not to say that the strategies or the modus operandi of Vatican has changed at all over the last two millennia and the Jesuit priests will  not use any other soldiers they find on this globe to accomplish their goal of expanding the Catholic empire all throughout the world.

What is not quite transparent to brainwashed modern human race sharing the current world view
unquestioningly is that such pronouncements are the ones that sew the seeds of blood bath yet to take place in future as well as that which is occurring currently in developing and undeveloped countries.  In the remote past any resistance to such pronouncements would have led to wars and even now the "Protenstants" may be at risk of encountering violence in some areas of the world.  "We are all the
children of the same "One" "God" - is not a sufficient ground to co-exist peacefully in this world as demonstrated by history.  There are more favorite children among all his children that God intends to use to impose "His" views on the rest of the world!!!!

This author will therefore pronounce that Devas and Devatas are not Gods and Goddesses.

Future articles on this topic will clearly elucidate this pronouncement.


  1. One Godism is both tolerant and peaceful, and "ONE GOD Book" includes the Bhagavad Gita (see and The One God is universally known by the latin "Unus Deus" and a theatrical musical about the One God is in pre-production (

    1. Thanks for reading the article and at least trying to understand it hopefully by expressing an opinion with an open mind to learn something about other points of view. "One Godism is both tolerant and peaceful" is a wishful thinking not at all supported by the history of proselytizing Christianity and Islam globally and the accounts well documented since the inception of Christianity and Islam, including the various violent crusades and Jihads. This is not the place to detail the horrid facts. One would really wish that humanity had evolved into a maturity envisioned by you Mr. Gabriel without leaving evidence galore to contradict your statement. Moreover, "One Godism" espousing people have hardly shown tolerance and generosity in comprehending "many Godisms" and generally shown the same kind of superiority complex implied in your comment without even grasping what Bhagvad Gita says about this matter, which is amply tolerant and generous including making room for "Vibhutis". It is precisely this attitude of one-godism oriented people which is derogatory towards majority of Hindus that is being elucidated in the articles that are being published. There is no basis for "One Godism" oriented people to convert others to One-Godism peacefully or otherwise. Not at all, certainly, with any form of intolerance or violence!! The most generous Bhagvad Gita cannot and should not be used to justify the historical conduct of proselytizing One-Godists. Thanks for your comment again.

  2. "ONE GOD Book" includes the Bhagavad Gita (see and The One God is universally known by the latin "Unus Deus" and a theatrical musical about the One God is in pre-production (


    It is a mischievous propaganda that was propogated by ISKON learnt by to by gabriel and has to be unlearn t.