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Surrendering Sovereignty of Free India

Dr Gautam Sen

$img_titleThe Indian State is unravelling, suborned by imperial intruders, aided by traitors and ravaged by stunning levels of corruption and profligacy. It is allegedly led by a man whose principal claim to recognition has been probity, perhaps an irony only the Gods can rationalise. Like most Indians, from all political persuasions, I had felt positive about Dr Manmohan Singh’s appointment as Prime Minister of India in May 2004. Interviewed on British TV, alongside an obscure Congress apparatchik, who disgracefully denounced Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a fascist, I acknowledged disappointment at Vajpayee’s electoral defeat and failure to gain a well-deserved second term. But I was also able to truthfully avow, as an Indian, that a man of considerable personal distinction would succeed him.

All that is history now and Manmohan Singh has betrayed India utterly and will be remembered as the most disastrous choice to lead Independent India. His abject and dishonourable co-conspirator is to reside in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The UPA coalition has exceeded all imaginable limits of indecency and avarice. Its rampant plunder and injury to the nation, which, for the first time had the possibility of overcoming the dire poverty that has ground down most Indians for more than a thousand years, is unforgivable. During a recent visit to Hong Kong, Indian businessmen confided that they were regularly approached by Indian politicians for help to conceal amounts in excess of 5,000 crore rupees. An Indian banker, the Managing Director of a major British bank in the Middle East, confirmed that similar pleas from Indian politicians visiting Dubai and Doha were routine. He declared, with a chortle that illicit Indian investments and inclusive services of Bollywood starlets were an established feature of these cities, both for local and international clients, including visitors from Pakistan.

Evidently, the ghastly, historic Hindu Kush syndrome of the death-march of 100,000 Hindu slaves to Arabia and beyond has been transmuted into another venal guise. And a wider re-imposition of colonial rule over India itself is also proceeding apace, facilitated by the au pair and her treasonous cabal. Its modus vivendi differs from the audacious military assault sponsored by the Anglo-Americans against a succession of Arab countries at present. Instead they have resorted to multifarious techniques of covert intervention in India, which are also being deployed against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The on-going, contemporary Anglo-American subversion of India is essentially through diabolical Christian surrogates, in alliance with the Islamic Ummah. This stratagem was earlier proposed by Mohammed Ali Jinnah to the British in 1946, as a suitable means of continuing Britain’s Indian empire by outmanoeuvring what they both regarded as an essentially Hindu independence struggle.

Vast amounts of plundered wealth are being decanted from India, increasingly heading for the safe havens of Hong Kong and the Middle East. Contrary to the obsessions of ill-informed observers, Switzerland and various European destinations as well as Singapore are no longer the most favoured destinations. American threats against their banks have forced disclosures and there have been some spectacular leaks from insiders, who have revealed the names of account holders. Indians are also investing in property in Europe and they are one of the largest buyers of London real estate. Much of stolen proceeds fleeing India originate in the theft of state assets and corrupt government licencing, exposed by the notorious 2G scam, sold below market value. Some of it is repatriated through the diabolical vehicle of Participatory Notes, apparently designed expressly by the Indian State authorities to facilitate it. The phenomenon of looting has become so brazen under the rule of the au pair and her corrupt retinue that it is likely that recalcitrant key politicians have already been bribed abroad to approve the entry of FDI in Indian retail.

Ransacking and colossal miss-spending, instigated by an immigrant Belgian economist with access to the highest power in the land, have also devastated Indian finances. This foreign infiltrator has in fact abjured providing an economic rationale for wrecking the Indian economy and asserts that it empowers the Indian poor politically. This is the argument implicitly espoused by Vatican levies engaged in proselytisation in India and explicit in the absurd Ranganathan and Sachar recommendations. The latter was savagely repudiated by none other than the former Revenue Secretary and one time Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member, the keen admirer of Islamic rule in Bengal, Nitish Sengupta. Virtually every collapse of the State in history has been preceded by fiscal crisis, of the kind the UPA has now inflicted on India. As a result, an alarming setback of huge significance for India portends.

In the meantime, the warlike, militancy of Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam, of which former Assam Governor General SK Sinha had presciently warned, is unfolding grimly. At the time, General Sinha was berated for his pains by every treasonous Indian politician nursing a vote bank and media editors anxious for crumbs from the table of the powerful. The attempted ethnic cleansing of India’s Bodos is a preliminary foray, with astounding succour being offered by the Indian media, refusing to report actual events on the ground and lamenting instead the fate of Islamic Jihadis engaged in burning, looting and killing. In West Bengal, violent ethnic cleansing of Hindus has been taking place for a considerable period of time. It has the full support of the State’s political parties and law enforcement agencies, which explains the muted resistance to it. The police are always available to join forces with truculent Bangladeshi infiltrators to restrain Hindu protest.

Parts of West Bengal and swathes of Kolkata itself are already autonomous, de facto Islamic Republics. The Kashmir final solution of expelling all Hindus, sponsored by Pakistan, with the effective connivance of the Indian State, has spread to India’s eastern borders. There are now grounds for concluding that critical policy stances, like the reluctance to interdict Muslim infiltrators, are being dictated by Indian Muslim leaders, on whom political parties like the Congress, the SP, RJD, LJP, CPM and Trinamool, etc. depend for survival. These policy preferences apparently originate in Pakistan, with whom Indian Muslim leaders are in regular communication through Gulf and Saudi intermediaries.

In recent years, the Indian armed forces have been on a spending spree, but whether these vast acquisitions will enhance India’s defence capability in the short-to medium-term is another matter. The integration of hardware and equipment for satisfactory use and deployment will, in any case, take time. But the eagerness of Indian politicians to acquire military hardware is not motivated only by concern to defend India, but the opportunities for vast kickbacks these purchases invariably create. Such corrupt misconduct is standard practice and a supposedly honest Defence Minister is only required to feign ignorance that his political patrons are engaged in ruinous malfeasance. But corruption in defence purchases appears to have tainted the highest reaches of the armed forces.

It appears that promotions are being influenced by diabolical anxiety to ensure suitable officers, who will do the bidding of their political patrons, occupy the highest reaches of India’s armed forces. The hand of India’s ruling family is all but visible in the shameful manipulation behind the scenes to ensure its own enrichment from defence contracts. Such malign interference resulted in the foreseeable calamity of the Kargil war, since the designated commanding officer of the region was so preoccupied with his pet project, the Leh Zoo, he ignored repeated warnings that Pakistani forces were assembling for an assault against India. The Colonel who tried to alert his senior officers was eventually cashiered, providing insight into the utter venality of the arrogant and gormless IAS cadre, which has a free run of India’s Ministry of Defence.

India’s semi-literate au pair and her band of irredeemable slaves, at her family’s beck and call, have taken prodigious steps towards helping restore colonial rule over India. The Vatican’s intelligence officers, active across India and their ultimate masters in Washington DC are seeking to restore the status quo Lord Curzon had warned Britain it should defend at all cost. Without India, Lord Curzon had proclaimed in 1908, Britain would be reduced to a minor statelet off the European coast, a likelihood Winston Churchill fully understood and feared and a fate that is finally overtaking bankrupt Britain. It might be recalled that during the 1950s, the US was proposing to open air and naval bases right across Pakistan, in Karachi, Baluchistan and Dhaka and publicly proclaiming its intention to ensure a Pakistani victory against India in any war over Kashmir. The usefulness of India for Western imperial designs endures, but seizing control of it is now to be facilitated through friendly comprador Indian elites, with embedded Christian support, to rule it and obey US dictates.

In December 1953, the Principal CIA officer in Delhi told Escott Reid, the Canadian Ambassador to India between 1952 and 1957, that a major future war could only be fought easily by Western powers if Indian manpower was available. This is a reality Indians cannot seem to grasp though India provided large armies during both world wars, only smaller than Soviet Russian forces during the Second World War. The significant Christianising of India, to ensure a veto over its politics is the goal being pursued by all church denominations, assisted by secular Hindus and a vast army of subversives. All that is now required to demolish the existing Indian Union, in its current shape and prevailing national borders, is a simultaneous assault by China and Pakistan, with the latter faithfully carrying out instructions from the former. The Chinese are publicly discussing the feasibility of attacking India before 2018, when they consider India might be better prepared.

Nothing that happens in Indian politics today can be accounted for without considering the role of bribery, blackmail (often for sexual misconduct) and treason. It is highly likely that numbers of politicians in most parts of India, including UP, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Kerala as well as the Centre have been procured like call girls through bribery. These scandalous financial inducements originate in the Middle East, undoubtedly under the supervision of Pakistan and, of course, Western powers, as well as the global church in all its villainous manifestations. Sectarian divisions within the latter are unhesitatingly set aside when their national States attempt to subvert non white, third world politicians for larger aims. Some of the corrupt funding originating abroad is being routed through Indian business magnates active in the Middle East. They presume their activities will be unaffected regardless of the type of political power reigning in Delhi, including re-established colonial conquest.

There are compelling grounds for suspecting that senior members of all Indian political parties have been directly suborned and daily commit treason. Much of the sedition is on behalf of a militantly Christian US, which poses a treacherous threat to the cultural and religious integrity of India and its political autonomy. Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that some politicians belonging to India’s ostensible nationalist constituency have also been compromised since the 1960s and earlier. There is evidence that one prominent nationalist politician signed documents that enabled Quattrocchi evade justice in India. Yet, there is solace knowing that China, the country much-admired by one segment of Indian traitors, executes for corruption. More pertinently, the death penalty remains on the Indian criminal statute and perhaps the next Indian Prime Minister will abolish the Presidential veto on capital punishment. And India will likely elect a political party in 2014 that solemnly promises legislation to ensure it. And should it name Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate, the solitary nationalist politician with a modicum of credibility, the looming election campaign will be electrified. But Narendra Modi’s personal security will have to become ironclad.

(The writer is president, World Association of Hindu Academicians).

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