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Hindus endorse Barack Obama for the President of US.
Washington, DC November, 03.2012

United Hindu Front endorses Barack Obama for the President of US and appeals to it's 4500+ subscribers to vote for him as well as all the Democratic candidates for the senate and Congressional elections in various States.
No one can deny great contributions and support to Hindu and Indian interests by Democrats like congressman Frank Pallone and Senator Sherrod Brown who have been championing the Human Rights cause of Hindus for past several years. Senator Sherrod Brown has been championing the cause of Kashmiri Hindus. It is he who has stated many a time that the culture of Kashmiri Hindus is on “the verge of extinction.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic candidate from Hawaii, is expected to be the first ever Hindu in the US Congress. She has personally told us that she will take oath on sacred Gita during the oath ceremony in the congress. Read at:

Compare this to Republican candidate Mitt Romney who is surrounded by a group of known Pro-Pakistan republicans supported by a strong Pro-Pakistan lobby.  As per the US Federal Elections Commission database, Mr. Gulam Nabi Fai, now exposed as a Pakistani ISI agent in the US, gave numerous contributions to Republicans over the past two decades. The bulk of his donations went to two recipients: the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Congressman Dan Burton, a Republican who favors Pakistan’s position on Kashmir and other issues.

Republican Congressman Burton has been a champion for Kashmiri Muslim causes in Congress, appealing to Presidents Bill Clinton and Obama to get more involved in attempting to mediate a settlement between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. He has also endorsed allowing the Kashmiri people to determine their own fate. He played a key role in the formation of a Kashmir caucus in Congress. The speeches he made in Pakistan, saying that “since 1948, the people of Kashmir have been offered and promised a plebiscite and that’s something that has not happened.

In another speech, highlighted in the US media, Mr. Burton noted that India had deployed hundreds of thousands of troops in Kashmir who were “keeping everything under wraps, patrolling the streets and there are still some horrible tragedies that are taking place. "I heard of gang-raping of young women, I’ve heard of murders and tortures”. Mr. Burton was also quoted as chiding the Obama administration for failing to engage in the region.
So as a Hindu and as an Indian, will you support the party represented by India hate mongers like Dan Burton or the party which has leaders championing our Hindu cause? It was not by accident when Romney said  that Pakistan is technically an ally and that he will rebuild relationship with Pakistan. Mr. Romney is clueless about this volatile region and it will, indeed, be a matter of shame for any Hindu American to vote for Mitt Romney.

It was not a coincidence that Osama could not have been captured or killed by any Republican President, as they would have sought Pak permission and informed them before entering their territory. Bush or the new clueless Republican Candidate Romney has stated such positions. Flip-Flopper Romney wants to rebuild relations with Pakistan. There could be some rich Hindus who  may be inclined to support Romney in the hope that they may get Tax Breaks, but we hope that National interests will overrule such selfish interests.

The fundamentalist American missionaries belonging to the World Evangelical Fellowship (an international alliance of national evangelical alliances) launched a world-wide evangelical movement which brought together a wide variety of individuals and organizations, under the single umbrella of achieving 'a church for every people and the gospel for every person, Its focus was missionary mobilization and church planting in India and other regions of the world where the Christian population was negligible. This movement was also a massive intelligence gathering exercise funded and supported by American missionary organizations that supported and were responsible for the election of George W Bush and now these fundamentalist Christian organizations are supporting Mitt Romney to carry on their missionary agenda in India.

The time has come for Hindus to support Barack Obama for US President and democratic candidates for respective Senate or Congressional posts.
United Hindu Front

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  1. Obama's own pro-Muslim tendencies also need to be considered. Take his infamous Cairo speech, where is said that it was his duty as president to "combat negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." Or his response to the murder of the American ambassador in Benghazi where he said that "the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam." The Republicans in the U.S. are traditionally the ones who are more hawkish towards the Islamic world, while the Democrats have traditionally seen such hostility as a jingoistic overreaction motivated by "Islamophobia."