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Ronald Reagan Society condemns Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf for supporting radical Muslims and Communists

For Immediate Release
Dec 10, 2012

The Ronald Reagan Society Against Communism and Terrorism objects to the press conference led by Representatives Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf conducted on Dec 5, 2012 at the behest of a coalition of Communist and radical Muslim groups. The press conference exposed the political naivete, general ignorance, and the nature of the  agenda of the two politicians when they parroted the conspiracy-theory fueled propaganda of the radical Muslim groups and attacked Narendra Modi who is an Indian politician.

In 2002, a terrorist attack by radical Muslims on a train carrying Hindu passengers resulted in the deaths of 58 passengers many of whom were women and children. These terrorists surrounded the burning train and rained rocks and Molotov cocktails on it. This incident sparked a riot in India, which according to the Indian Parliament's findings, resulted in 790 Muslims and 254 more Hindus losing their lives. Timely action by the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi (who had been in power for just four months), saved many more lives and prevented an even greater tragedy.

Now, according to a conspiracy theory propagated by the political allies of Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf, 2000 Muslims and 0 Hindus were killed in the rioting and the train burned up as a result of an accidental fire! If we accept the argument of an accidental fire, Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf owe us an explanation as to why their morals dictate them to surround the victims of an accidental fire and hurl rocks and Molotov cocktails at the dying victims. Is this is the kind of help they extends to victims trapped in an accidental fire? If so, this barbaric moral system is obnoxious and deserves no place in a civilized society. Blaming Narendra Modi for the riot is also as silly as blaming Governor Pete Wilson of California for the 1992 Los Angeles riots or blaming President George W Bush of letting blacks die in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

A look at the groups who are part of the coalition supported by Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf tells its own story. Among the supporting groups is Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been linked to terrorist groups in the Middle East. Another group Friends of South Asia (FOSA) is a California based Communist group and its website describes an event hosted by them at which a panel discussion focused on their "struggle against US-led imperialism." Thus Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf are fighting what they believe to be a "struggle against US-led imperialism." Angana Chatterji, a co-founder of the coalition for whom Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf conducted the press conference, is associated with FOSA and has been described by an Indian television channel as the person codenamed "Mary" in an FBI affidavit related to operations carried out in the US by Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI. She has since been dismissed from her job at an academic institute. She is also a signatory to the 9/11 "truther" petition which makes the fantastic anti-American allegation that America deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen despite having advance knowledge of the attacks.

Joe Pitts has a history of supporting and engaging radical Islamic terrorists. It is little wonder then that the conservative website called Joe Pitts a "useful idiot" of Syria's totalitarian ruler Bashar Hafiz al-Assad. In 2007, Joe Pitts visited Syria against the wishes of the US President George W Bush.

Joe Pitts, Frank Wolf and the 23 other House members who supported the radical Muslim and Communist groups also demonstrate their ignorance of global affairs. Recently (in April 2012), Joe Pitts demanded that Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat come back to the negotiating table! Ariel Sharon has been in a coma since 2006 and Arafat has been dead since 2004. Angry rants made out of ignorance and based in conspiracy theories cannot be substitutes for thoughtful foreign policy. If this is the level of knowledge of the leader of the 25 members who support the coalition of radical Muslims and Marxists, Ronald Reagan Society can only imagine the ignorance level of the other members of this group.

It is also concerning to note that many of the members of this clique whom the Communists and radical Muslims have targeted for co-opting are vulnerable as they have been caught up in their own controversies. The wife of John Conyers is a convicted criminal who is now in prison for bribery. Dan Burton who uses the "family values" rhetoric cheated his own wife and fathered a child with another woman. A man who cheats his own wife cannot be trusted to be honest with ordinary citizens. According to media reports, the net worth of Congressman Trent Franks grew by 447 percent to $34 million between 2004 and 2010 during his tenure in the Congress! These Congress members should come clean and reveal the real source of their wealth. It is disconcerting that their wealth grows at the same time they further the agenda of Communist groups and groups linked to Muslim terrorists.

India is the biggest victim of both radical Islamic and Communist terrorism. India's leader Narendra Modi stands for liberty and is a strong force against terrorism which is why he was cleared by India's Supreme Court and enjoys the support of Indians around the world as also Tea Party members like Congressman Joe Walsh. In contrast to the attack on the democratically elected Modi, Joe Pitts and his allies in the coalition of radical Muslims and Communists have chosen to support Syria's dictator Bashar Assad. During his tenure as the President, Ronald Reagan not only stood strong against Communism but also opposed the international terrorism of Bashar Assad's father who was also a dictator. President Reagan even threatened to use military force against Syria.

Now Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf along with 23 other Congress members have shockingly gone against the ideals of President Reagan and are pushing the agenda of the very enemies of America whom President Reagan opposed. The  Ronald Reagan Society supports Narendra Modi and other politicians around the world who have been falsely vilified by the global leftist movement and believes that freedom loving political parties around the world should come together to defeat the scourge of Communism. Ronald Reagan Society also opposes Bashar Assad and condemns Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf who have turned reality upside down and have extended support to the anti-American coalition of radical Muslims and Communists.

Ronald Reagan Society Against Communism and Terrorism
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