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Disclaimer: Many claims and counter-claims have been made about the nature of the Arab, Persian and Turkish invasions of India which began in the eighth century and continued through the eighteenth century. Many of those who have made claims have failed to substantiate them using primary sources, which has resulted in confusion. This reference is based on research ranging over a wide range of primary sources, providing excerpts of relevant passages in English translation. Many of these texts were written by authors who accompanied the invaders and recorded what they saw in Arabic, Persian or Turkish. The source of these excerpts are the translations made by Sir H. M. Elliot, and edited and published in 24 volumes by John Dowson in 1867. Each scholar studying this material must make his or her own analysis and interpretation. No attempts are made here to make value judgements, nor should the historical events described herein be projected onto contemporary peoples or situations. In any balanced interpretation of today's society, this data would be only a small subset of the much larger set of information needed to reach a balanced conclusion.
Arab Invasion of Sindh
 Date Source Events
 711-713 CE Chach Na'ma Invasion of Sindh by Muhammad bin Qâsim
 711-c. 850 CE Futuhu-l Bulda'n Arab Invasion and administration in Sindh

Ghaznivid Period
 Date Source Events
 986-1019 CE Tarikh Yamini Subuktigin and Mahmud's Attacks on India
 late 10th century Tarikhu-s Subuktigin Subuktigin's Assault on Hansi
 1008 CE Tarikh-i Firishta Mahmud's Defeat of Indian confederacy at Peshwar
 1009-1024 CE Habibu-s Siyar Mahmud's Attack on Kangra, Kanauj & Somnath
 1014 CE Khulasatu-t Tawarikh Mahmud's Attack on Thaneswar
 1018-1019 CE Tabakat-i Akbar Mahmud's Attack on Kanauj and Mathura
 1023-1024 CE Asaru-l Bilad Mahmud's Attack on Somnath
 1023-1024 CE Kamilu-t Tawarikh Mahmud's Attack on Somnath
 1023-1024 CE Tabakat-i Nasiri Mahmud's Attack on Somnath
 1023-1024 CE Tarikh-i Alfi Mahmud's Attack on Somnath
 1024 CE Mirati Mas'udi Aftermath of Attack on Somnath
 early 12th century Nuzhatu-l Mushtak Description of Indians

Delhi Sultanate

 Date Source Events
 1192-early 13th century Taju-l Ma'asir Qutb-ud-din Aibak & Îltutmish's Raids
 1193-1260 CE Tabakat-i Nasiri Muhammad Bakhtiyar's raid on Bihar; events during the reigns of the Îltutmish & Nâsir-ud dîn Mahmûd
 1194 CE Kamilu-t Tawarikh Qutb-ud-din Aibak's Attack on Benaras
 1298 CE Tazjiyatu-l Amsar Sultan 'Alau-d dîn's Invasion of Gujarat
 1303-1310 CE Tarikh-i 'Alai Sultan 'Alau-d dîn's Conquests
 1397-1398 CE Malfuzat-i Timuri Timur's invasion of India
 1397-1398 CE Zafar-nama Timur's invasion of India
 1492, 1542 CE Zubdatu-t Tawarikh Events during the Lodî dynasty
 no date Mukhtasiru-t  Tawarikh General Description of India

Moghul Period
 Date  Source Events
 1564, 1567 Tabakat-i
 Âsaf Khân's raid on Gondwâna; Akbar's assault on Chitor
 1565-late 1500s Tarikh-i Tahiri Attacks on Thatta by the Portuguese and Mirza Muhammad Baki
 late 1500s Beg Lar Nama Sacking of 'Umarkot by Mir Abu-l Kasim
 1714 CE Muntakhabu-l Lubab Persecution of Sikhs and Hindus
 1739 CE Tarikh-i Hindi Nâdir Shâh's sack of Delhi
 1739 CE  Tazkira Nâdir Shâh's sack of Delhi

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