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I had also not learned about this in any history or social studies class.
There is something called the "4/14 window." It is the age range when evangelical Christians believe non-Christian children are most vulnerable to conversion efforts. Evangelical Christians target non-Christian children between the ages of 4 and 14 to concentrate conversion efforts. The concentrated conversion efforts on young children is because "40% of the world's children are under the age of 20." This movement refers to non-Christian children's "strategic importance," in their efforts to convert the world to Christianity.
There is a related concept called the "10/40 window." This is the area, including India, that lies between the 10th and 40th parallels. Evangelical Christians used to call this area the "resistant belt," because the people who live there seem to like their own cultures and religions and are resistant to Christian conversion efforts. The name was changed from "resistant belt," to "10/40 window," but the concept that this geographical region is one in which Christian missionaries seek targets for conversion remains the same. Interestingly, Israel is also within the "10/40 window," and the 17 million Jews in the region, in addition to Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists, are also targets for the religious conversion goals of the missionary groups.
Since the parents who live in the "10/40 window," have been found by the missionaries to be more resistant to conversion away from their own religious traditions, the Christian missionaries have shifted their efforts to target the young children of these "resistant" parents for concentrated multi-pronged conversion efforts.
Targeting other people's children in certain parts of the world for conversion activity is an ongoing and active central part of Christian missionary activity. In fact, these churches hold global summits on how to target young children for conversion. The next summit is in April of 2015. These Christian missionaries write "children are strategic because 'the clay' is still soft."

The 4/14 Window Movement is a global missions movement. We help churches and families build strategy, community and resources for empowering the next generation of Christian leaders. Our goal is to support churches in every nation to Reach, Rescue, Root, and Release children into relationship with…
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  • Fascinating! Shreedhar's volleyball group in school was asked to come for a camp by Athletes in Action..he was in the 9th then I think..first half of the session an American guy taught them volleyball, second half he told them about Christ. Next day they were told to come to the YWCA where they were given certificates and medals and a long talk on how Christ is a saviour. They were asked whether they would like to receive Christ in their heart. Shreedhar and his friends shut their eyes and recited the Gayatri mantra as if they were warding off god knows what! They were given forms in case they changed their mind and I still have that somewhere at home. Never took it up with the authorities, didnt think much of it then though was happy the kids went through with it fine. The kids found it quite funny... But now the debate in India is back to conversions with a vengeance and unfortunately when we point this out we are looked at as right wing! Heaven knows we are not right wing or intensely religious but when I see websites like these, it really makes me go all the extreme! Why is Christianity so insecure?!! and then this data from the Ministry of Home Affairs on foreign funds..

  • * There should be no doubt that the first and foremost goal of Christian missionary activity in India is to wipe out the local religions and impose Christianity. It is a soft jihad fought with money rather than violence. Per your last link, * indeed a huge amount of American dollars flow into India for the specific purpose of targeting Indian non-Christian kids. (More than a quarter of Americans are evangelicals whose goal it is to wipe out the world's other religions and impose their own on other people.) Not surprisingly, the Western media remains pretty mum about this but all Hindu and Muslim Indians should be aware that these groups are actively targeting their children for religious conversion through whatever activities, sports, English classes, literacy classes ... the humanitarian work is only for the larger purpose of conversion. These well-funded groups are pretty plain about their goals.

  • * I haven't read this article (and I will!), but it really makes me think about the whole concept of "choosing" or "accepting" religion. I don't think that anyone can say he has chosen or even accepted one religion unless he has studied multiple religions and then committed to one. Most people have simply been indoctrinated as children. Then those people base their entire lives on this indoctrination. I just don't get it.

  • * And to the point of your post- it is appalling that western Christians think they have some sort of directive or mission to colonize the hearts and minds of children. Good gawd!

  • You're right, *, at least from what I've read. Religious belief is indoctrinated and tends to be more cemented than previously thought. That explains why anti-vaxxers, for example, are not swayed with scientific evidence and other examples of belief trumping logic. To recognize that adults are "resistant," to changing their beliefs is astute on the part of the missionaries. Even more so, to recognize that if they can indoctrinate at an early age BEFORE other beliefs take hold, they can uproot an entire region's culture and replace it with their own. Once they have indoctrinated young children with their beliefs, when the children grow up, it would be nearly impossible to change the imposed beliefs. That's also astute.

  • * It concerns me, * that the Western media remains completely silent about the very active and extremely well-funded American efforts to target other people's children in other parts of the world for religious conversion. The silence is almost complicit in the activity. The media's role in shaping public opinion to demonize certain groups in this country while simultaneously shielding this kind of activity of other groups with a veil of silence while there is a billion dollar pipeline of funds flowing from American evangelicals to target other people's children is the really appalling thing. I am not surprised, however, that American schools do not teach this to children. Apparently, around 27% of the American population believe they should target other people's children for conversion efforts. That's one in four Americans!?! While more than a quarter of Americans believe that they should wipe out all the other religions of the world, these same people don't want to teach this in the schools. Actively funding and participating in concerted efforts to eliminate other religious traditions and then hiding it from American school children is called "American Exceptionalism?"

  •  * I had a classmate in veterinary school who told me she chose her religion (maybe Methodist?) after studying "a lot of religions." She then proceeded to tell me about attending Baptist, Catholic and United Church of Christ services while growing up. I was kind of speechless, especially in light of the fact that I knew this woman to be far more intellectual than I. So now I know- the 4/14 window had been entered and exploited. This also explains how very excellent students (who have gone on to become excellent veterinary clinicians) were able to ignore comparative embryology and deny evolution favour of a watered down version of creationism (not seven literal days, but maybe a couple of million years and no species related to humans).

  •  * You know, * , this is kind of "exceptional." Not in a good way, but exceptional nonetheless. Arrgh!

  • * Haha. Yes, I came across several similar biology students in college who managed to reconcile the same. The learning is that biology should be properly taught during the 4/14 window. Haha. What you say about most religious people having been indoctrinated during their vulnerable 4/14 window is probably right. Though, I do know some people who have changed their religious beliefs as adults who are fully within their "resistant," window. Probably not because of being targeted by proselytization, though.

    I never thought to check the thesaurus to see if "hypocrisy," is a synonym for "exceptionalism." In all seriousness, I think that the mandate to convert the entire world to a single religion is pretty much limited to Christianity and Islam. I've not heard of any other religion or philosophy-called-religion which requires its followers to participate in predatory proselytizing or holds world conversion as a goal. Have you, Donna? It is interesting to find out that America contains the largest number of evangelicals, one third of the world's total. The next largest group of evangelicals is found in Brazil.

  •  * The pre-9 /11 Hare Krishas who were always congregated near the escalator in the Los Angeles airport seemed interested in recruits. Then again, they may have been just fishing for donations.  I sometimes wonder how different the world would be had Constantine rejected all Abrahimic religions in favour of Jainism.

  •  * Oh, yes, I remember the Hare Krishnas, * . Haha. I don't know very much about their motives, though they did pass out informational flyers about their beliefs, I seem to remember. Interestingly, that sect (or cult group ...) made up of primarily converted Christians who seem to be of the hippie bent, almost entirely of European heritage, which probably explains the roots of any proselytizing activities. We did visit one of their temple sites, though, and it was very interesting. Kind of weird, commune thing, sort of a combination between Hindu and Kibbutz, I would guess. They are definitely not mainstream Hindus, though they seem to have adopted some ideas.

    Interestingly, "HIndu," is a label imposed by the Europeans to describe a varied set of religious beliefs all based on Vedic philosophy that were practiced in the vicinity of the Indus River valley. The label has taken hold as European colonialism grew, but one person who calls himself a "Hindu," could see things fairly differently from another who calls himself "Hindu." One of the fundamental Vedic beliefs, though, is that there are infinite paths to moksha and each individual find the path that works for him or her. The only time a HIndu is allowed to teach "Hindu" philosophy is to a student who expressly asks for instruction. Otherwise, Hindus are to recognize other spiritual paths as equally valid (within reason, of course). For this reason, proselytizing is expressly forbidden to real Hindus. If the Hare Krishnas were proselytizing, which they very well could have been, they took that part of their behavior from other sources, not Hinduism. This is one reason peaceful religions are not appropriate for conquerors. Non-proselytizing religious traditions don't fulfill the kind of conquering vehemence within the population required to spread a single viewpoint and hence ruler, so they are fairly useless to anyone who intends to bring other cultures into his one fold by force.

    From what I've learned about world religions, there are really only two that expressly mandate the active conversion of the world's population to their beliefs. Other traditions sort of mind their own business.

  •  * The Hare Krishnas had (have?) a great festival every year in Venice Beach, CA. What I remember most is awesome vegetarian fare and lots of dancing. I never actually even paid any attention to their link to other religions. It makes sense that they were converted Christian hippies, though. Christianity and Islam really are the two "best" religions for conquerors, which is why I like to imagine a Jainist Constantine. "Ok, soldiers, listen up- do no harm to any living thing. Off we go, then." I also like to wonder how different the world would be if humans were more closely related to Bonobo chimpanzees than to the common chimpanzee.

  • *  Yeah, the food was really good at the temple we visited. I seem to think that they actually grew a lot of their own veggies on site. They invited us to the dancing, but we didn't go. They were very friendly, but definitely hippie-types. As for conquerors, I think "Conquest 101: Choosing the Most Effective Indoctrination Vehicles" is part of the core curriculum. A Jainist Constantine would have flunked that class. Anyway, if we homo sapiens did not have that regular chimp in us, this world might be dominated by the Neanderthals, right? 

  • * Just ran across this interesting article. It is not just religion that gets instilled into the 4/14 window. What about the forced "patriotism" of daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance?

  • * FWIW I have pledged my allegiance to both a piece of cloth and to a queen. They are both merely symbols to me and while I would defend both of my countries, I'm not taking a bullet for Old Glory or QE2. (Well, maybe the Queen, but only because I think she is fabulous.)

  • * Really, the 4/14 window is a bonanza opportunity to indoctrinate any viewpoint! Learning about the 4/14 window gives me more energy to aciduously talk up the virtues of brussels sprouts and Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies while "the clay is still soft."  Sadly, when it comes to Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies, Steve is definitely in the "resistant belt."

  • *  Oh, * , I just read the article about the Maine girls. The behavior of the Maine school reminded me of these photos of China's Red Army primary schools. This increasing resurgence of McCarthyism in this country is really a shameful thing. How ironic that the land of the FREE does not want to let children be free to opt out of the pledge that says, "with liberty and justice for ALL." Ha. Sounds like the school principal and some of those folks in Maine need a refresher course in the meaning of the words to begin with.

    AFP photographer Fred Dufour visited a red army primary school in Beichuan in south-west China’s...

  • *  I'm in the WD40 belt. I can be persuaded when looser.
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  • Sleepless in Seattle, Baby!!!
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  • *  What is the 75% American Population thinking or doing about this drive to conquer the world? Are majority of the rest the silent complicit co-conspirators?

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