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Church Crimes - 2: A Declining Faith

It has all boomeranged. From the fake outrage to fake agitations over Church attacks and the nun-rape in Bengal, Christian leaders and their media pimps today stand more exposed as hypocrites and liars. Even moderate MSM writers like Tavleen Singh and Swapan Dasgupta are now writing openly that there is an Anti-Modi Christian agenda which seeks to distract from and derail all reforms and policy-making. There are criminals in our TV news channels who too know this now but are too shy to acknowledge this Christian agenda as it would prejudice or jeopardise their paymasters. To add to all their stupidity a judge called Kurian Joseph made a big hue and cry over the SC holding a meeting of judges on Good Friday. Even that backfired because the moronic outrage by him made people show him that it has been done before. It has been done not only in India but across the world. When stupidity from leaders of a community reaches such levels you know that the noise is not without a motive. They are not only in fake outrage; it is possible they are being “useful idiots” for political interests from India and abroad. 

There’s another thing I want to bring up. There are many ordinary citizens and distortionists in the media who like to peddle a myth – that America is a Christian nation. They often quote American Christian practices to compare with those in India. Firstly, America is a relatively young country with no history of religion or spirituality. India has a rich history of Hindu culture, Egypt has a civilizational history and so do some countries in Europe. But the US is hardly a country with great religious history. But it is true that Christians and Churches in the US have constantly attempted a global domination of religion and conversions. Here is what one of the founding fathers of the US and a former president had to say:

What Jefferson also said over 200 years ago is reflective of many Church denominations, their politics and practices. One surely can’t imagine Jesus wearing pointy hats and living in palaces like the Vatican. Jefferson was clear “In fact, Jefferson was so opposed to mysticism that he removed from his bible any account of the miracles that Jesus is alleged to have performed”. There is no US Christian nation “To Jefferson, liberty and democracy could only be maintained via the separation of church and state, even in public education”. He re-wrote the bible after removing all the miracles which is known as “The Jefferson Bible”. Thus the Constitution of the US allows freedom of religion as also the freedom to trash religion. It has nothing to do with any religion. Our Indian Constitution, on the other hand, seems to encourage religious fundamentalism (in a twisted way) by protecting it from being trashed. A classic case is that of Sanal Edamaruku who has been hounded out of India for questioning a miracle at a Cross in Mumbai. I don’t believe in stupid miracles – at best, inexplicable coincidences.

So what’s the problem? Why are these Christians in fake outrage since the last few months? Why are they in anti-Modi agenda? I estimate that their fake fears are partly propelled by a fear of their conversion-mafia grinding to a halt. There’s a reason for this as I keep saying – The decline of Christianity across world. That is not a generalised statement. It is borne out by facts and stats:

Every piece of social data suggests that those who favor faith and superstition over fact-based evidence will become the minority in this country by or before the end of this century. In fact, the number of Americans who do not believe in a deity doubled in the last decade of the previous century according to both the census of 2004 and the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) of 2008, with religious non-belief in the U.S. rising from 8.2 percent in 1990 to 14.2 percent in 2001. In 2013, that number is now above 16 percent… If current trends continue, the crossing point, whereby atheists, agnostics, and “nones” equals the number of Christians in this country, will be in the year 2062. If that gives you reason to celebrate, consider this: by the year 2130, the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Christian will equal a little more than 1 percent. To put that into perspective, today roughly 1 percent of the population is Muslim”. 

That’s the same reason GharWapsi scares them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with GharWapsi. If there is freedom to convert to another religion then the same freedom exists to return to or convert to another religion. Why is there an agitation over this? Are Christians the only ones entitled to convert others, especially through fraudulent means and bribes? These have been discussed many times over. The last few months have demonstrated Christian intolerance of Indian society rather than Indian intolerance (read Hindu intolerance) as criminals in media like to portray it. They are now so frustrated with poor sales of Jesus, their stooges dress up like imposters who imitate Saffron Sadhus or they dress up Jesus like some Hindu saints:

These dramas and theatrics are done quite frequently in South India to fool illiterate tribals and poor people to lure them into Christianity through Christian churches which are modelled like Hindu temples. Why would you go so far if your religion is good and attractive? Someone mentioned on Twitter that the converter-salesmen approach people at bus and rail stations, parking plots and other public places like a smuggler approaches people to sell smuggled goods hidden under his jacket. Of course, the other crimes of the church like rapes, murders and Paedophilia are far too many to explain in a few posts. But some samples of what goes on in churches and nunneries in the name of God are simply shocking. Here are some clips from Outlook:

And the bad news keeps on coming. A Kerala church settled a molestation and torture case with a nun for 12 lakhs. They helped her exit the church with that settlement. They are they’re own judiciary and judge, no law applies to them. It is the same Kerala, with a sizeable population of Christian Priests and bosses, which has still not been to solve the 23 year old case of murder of Sister Abhaya. I guess most people know why Sister Abhaya was murdered and the twists and turns in that story read worse than a cheap movie thriller. From the past there have been over 60 criminal cases against Kerala priests. The charges include Murder, attempt to murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft, break-in, cheating, immoral trafficking…almost every offence under the Indian Penal Code. None of our TV channels ever report these crimes and these are usually buried in inner pages of small newspapers. Like I said outraging over such criminals would offend their paymasters. 

Talk about bad timing. As if all the hypocrisy and lies of Christian leaders weren’t exposed enough comes a most damning book: God’s Bankers – A history of money and power at the Vatican. The author, Gerald Posner, narrates the story of Vatican’s lust for power and money and all the means they employed to accumulate it. And now the fortunes are in a decline. Starting with the murder of an Italian banker on the run, made to look a suicide with his body hanging into the Thames in London in 1982, Posner goes back into history of the Vatican’s greed for money. He explains the Vatican Bank was like an offshore bank of Italy and a safe haven for money laundering activities. Deals with many mafia characters and many unexplained deaths dot the book. This includes questionable investments in Italian insurance companies and helping many Nazi criminals escaping justice with the help of top Vatican leaders. Posner also touches upon the paedophile scandal that rocked the Vatican (it rocks many churches across the world). Here’s a telling image from the book:

The image isn’t very sharp here but it’s the image of golden wedding rings. The narration on the right reads: “The Vatican used gold as its chief hard asset. Since the Nazis looted the gold reserves of the countries they conquered, the church’s accumulation of the metal proved as morally problematic as did many of its business stakes. Here an American soldier holds wedding rings from holocaust victims. The Vatican later denied that it was the repository for the rings and gold coins from 28000 gypsies murdered in Croatia”.

God’s Bankers isn’t an easy read as it’s a long epic but it will not leave anyone in doubt about Church crimes. Posner establishes that the Vatican was less about religion and morals and more about money, greed and power. No wonder Christianity is declining in the West. Any organisation with similar operations in any country would most certainly be investigated and prosecuted for multiple crimes but the Vatican happens to be an independent state with the Pope as its boss. There is every reason many Churches in India too must be investigated after tales of torture, rape and other scandals. Christian leaders who often insult and frown upon other religions and cultures do have a lot to answer for. 

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