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Wendy Doniger’s  (The alleged Hindu expert)  hatred of the classical Hinduism and Brahmins  is not very different than the 1930’s christian’s hatred of the Jews and Judaism.
Alternate history of the Jews written by none other than the protestant founder Martin Luther in his “Jews and their Lies” which almost every christian German was influenced by and their subsequent hatred for their upper caste Jews. There was the perception that the Jews not unlike the upper castes/Brahmins had a monopoly of the Arts, the sciences and their financial institutions and everything else of importance in Germany during the 30s and that others were somehow prohibited from doing bigger and better things on their own. The allegedly  “poor ordinary Germans” were the “backward castes” who needed to be saved from the alleged evil upper caste Jews. The only way that could be done was to take the Jewish history and Jewish culture and rewrite them for the benefit of the “underdogs” of Germany. Let’s show these upper castes that we the populists can do to them  was the thought of those days in that Christian country.. It went “We the backward caste ordinary Germans have a number on these elites”. So Martin Luther, Hitler and others ( Lyra, Burgensis, and John Chrysostom, before them) went about rewriting Jewish history and culture and had their own interpretations which they embellished to their satisfaction. Thus was born the alternate Jewish history of “Jews and their Iies” and Mein Kampf.
Wendy’s quixotic hatred for the upper castes Hindus and Brahmins is not very different from the German’s hatred of the Jews. So this arrogant creature had decided to rewrite the Hindu religion, Hindu culture and reinterpret Hinduism in a way to get her pound of flesh from the upper caste Brhamins in her siding with the backward castes of India.  Wendy, Martha Nussbaum et al are part of this anti Hindu/Brahmin cabal.   The German Academia published tons of materials against Jews too. So much for Academia. Wendy Doniger probably went to learn from some Brahmins in India and being an arrogant woman, they probably threw her out and hence she has gone on this crusade against brahmins using tactics that antisemites of Europe had done. Oh lord! the irony!
Although the caste thing and social Endogamy practiced by the Brahmins is nothing to crowe about, it is no different than the elitism and social endogamy practiced by the Jews of the world or the Amish christians of western PA.
The caste system did not amount to anything like slavery , lynchings or the Holocaust by the Abrahmic faiths with their “Only true god” and “gods chosen people” nonsensical caste system.
And full disclosure. I am not an upper caste Brahmin.. I eat beef and every meat and am in the middle of the caste totem pole Dravidian (and no..there is no race called “Dravidian”..that is made up race by losers and aholes)…I also used to identify myself as a liberal. In fact thats why I am here fighting for the underdogs the hated Upper caste Brahmins. Here are the pitch fork proletariat taking revenge on the children for the sins of the parents (their real or perceived). If this gives the political leftists such a moral high ground, how should the Hindus get their lb of flesh for the 700 years of islamic Tyranny, eh leftists? I don”t need this Don Quixote Wendy to come to my rescue from the alleged evil upper caste Brahmins. I am grateful to the religious Brahmins for saving Hinduism from the evils of the predatory christian evangelicals, Islamists and communists of the world for thousands and thousands of years and from the blood letting of the Abrahmic evangelical jerks!
And no, I am not being facetious here either. The graffiti “Juden this and Juden that”, we saw on the walls of early Germany is what we see in Tamilnadu, India against the Baahmians I have seen similar graffiti “Pappan this and Pappan that” (PAppan is a derogation for Brahmins. Upper caste Brahmins have been driven away by the intolerance of the Dravidian South. In Today’s left India, its so cool and acceptable to be anti Brhamins. Academic institutions like the JNU has official position on anti brahminism the way it was once PC and acceptable to be an Anti Semitic in the west pre 40s. Read “Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines
by Rajiv Malhotra.
IF you enjoyed Wendy’s alternate history of the Hindus, I am sure you would enjoy  Hitler’s rewriting “Alternate history of the Jews – Mein Kampf”. And protestant Martin Luther’s rewriting “Alternate history of the Jews – “Jews and their Lies”. It will satiate you political  lefties blood thirst. Revenge by supporting the proletariat “underdogs” of the world.

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