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Yakub's Angels

Read these words: “The blast victims are calling it justice. But look at Bada Qabrastan, and tell me if this looks like closure. Or, the start of something”. That comes from one among thousands who attended the funeral of Yakub Memon, convicted and hanged, on July 30, for the Bombay blasts of 1993. A very large crowd of Muslims mourned Memon. A terrorist was turned into some kind of hero by the media and some 5-star activists. Before we move on, let’s refresh. The serial bomb-blasts were made of 13 bombs placed at crowded locations. It was also the first time many Indians learned about RDX, the deadly explosive. For the record, it was also the first serial bomb-blast across the world. If you read about such an attack today or watched the events on TV, I’m sure your blood would boil enough to seek instant death for the perpetrators. But 22 years later Yakub (one of the key perpetrators) has been turned into some kind of hero for the Sickulars. How did things come to such a pass? 

The SC handed out a death sentence to Yakub. This was confirmed in a review petition and the President also rejected his mercy petition in April 2014. Everything was peaceful and forgotten till the Maharashtra govt announced around July 15 that Yakub would be hanged on July 30. All hell broke loose. Suddenly, a host of lawyers, media crooks and hacktivists sprang up from nowhere to seek commutation of death sentence, mercy for his crime and so on. Over 250 so-called “eminent” persons petitioned the President for mercy and this is a small list from The Hindu:

And among the many Rudaalis from Politics, media and other assorted hacktivists who glorify terrorists and seek sympathy for them are the following:

First, many of them claimed the evidence was flawed – FALSE. Then they claimed Yakub had surrendered (Based on some unpublished note of the late RAW officer B.Raman cleverly exploited by Sheela Bhatt of Rediff) so deserved sympathy and not death sentence – FALSE. Then when none of that could be backed by reason, they claimed they were against death penalty in principle. In short, save Yakub by hook or crook even when the SC had gone through his case with a fine tooth-comb. Let’s look at some of the hypocrites where death penalty is concerned. Some of the hacktivists are the same ones who frequently scream “Death to the rapists” after every incident of rape. 

Hypocrisy on the issue was flowing like a river during floods. There are many other such hypocrites but I will have to save space and not make this anymore lengthy. From July 28 onward petition after petition was filed by Yakub’s lawyers while another mercy petition was submitted to the President. July 29 evening the SC rejected the final appeal and the President too rejected the mercy petition. Wait! It wasn’t over! 

Late in the night the lawyers of Yakub filed another petition at the residence of CJI seeking a 14 day gap to the execution. All frivolous attempts to somehow stall the inevitable. It is commendable that the CJI again convened the court early hours on July 30 to hear the final appeal. This too was rejected. That the CJI and SC gave so much latitude is worthy of applause. This wasn’t a routine bail case – it was a case of a man’s life hanging in the balance and the CJI did the right thing and a splendid job. The ones who failed our judiciary were Yakub’s lawyers, our criminal media and activists.

The lead lawyer for Yakub, Anand Grover, after the final appeal was rejected by SC early morning on July 30 claimed he had no motives for defending Yakub and was doing it pro-bono. However, he blurted out unconsciously that he was doing this “because he was against Modi”. That’s the real long and short of it. All this nonsense was rightly described by the AG, Mukul Rohtagi, as “abuse of process”. Yakub’s lawyers were abusing the process of law which provided them such luxurious latitude. The abuse of law and the process was merely because of political persuasions and not because of any quest for justice. This is something law-makers will have to address to prevent such frivolous burning of midnight oil for an unworthy cause. It is the same with all the media crooks. They too crooned for Yakub only because of their political persuasions – Hatred for Modi and portray him as the person under whom another Muslim would be hanged. Simple! Political hatred and money, of course:

People are not fooled. Almost everyone suspects the lawyers, activists and media have a huge amount of cash-flow from some yet “unknown” sources that promote Islamic extremism and domination. Although the noise was much less then, similar voices started agitating against the hanging of Kasab and Afzal Guru (both were hanged secretly by the previous govt unlike Yakub). 

Grover, Yakub’s lawyer, even went on to quote Shekhar Gupta’s stupid argument – that the Home Minister was chasing crooks like Teesta and NGOs instead of preventing attacks like Gurdaspur being one of his motives to defend Yakub. Are you serious? This is one of your stupid motives for defending Yakub? This is truly shameful for a highly placed lawyer because there is no context or connection. All those who defended and wanted mercy for Yakub had no real motive for justice other than their political persuasions and possibly cash-flow. Many activists and media morons went to the extreme of even slamming the SC for being unfair. This, when the SC had stretched itself beyond normal to repeatedly hear petitions for Yakub way into the early hours of July 30 and stretching the legal process for a terrorist that would never be done for other ordinary persons. Here’s Indira Jaising, a defender of Teesta (and wife of Anand Grover) mercilessly slamming the SC. Shameful conduct! 

And it went on and on and on till the final hammer of SC came down on the appeals around 5am on July 30. “The defence never rests” and it never should is what I consider one my best articles. But stretching it to frivolous levels is not defence but abuse of process motivated by political persuasions and perhaps truckloads of money. Rudaali-in-Chief Barkha Dutt stayed up all night and when the inevitable happened, she rushed to Mumbai to meet victims of Yakub and the 1993 blasts and scavenge on their misery. One way or another feed on the wounds of any kind. That’s our media. And, of course, I have even heard stupid questions like whether hanging Yakub would deter anything. Here’s one sample of such stupidity:

There have been many train bombings in Mumbai since 1993. There have been many terrorist attacks since 1993, thousands have died. Each time the Rudaalis demand sparing the terrorist as it doesn’t deter further such acts. The media glorifies terrorists and some Track-2 media idiots also hobnob with ISI operatives in Pakistan in multiple visits. This is downright illogical stupidity. There are laws and punishment for rapes, thefts and murders – Do such laws or punishments deter such crimes at all? Laws and punishments are no deterrent for “evil” that resides within some men and women. There is no cure for that. Most people would have had no problems had Yakub Memon’s sentence been commuted to life instead of death. But the severe chest-beating by all these crooks only made the public angrier. As against petitions to the President for mercy, some victims also started petitions to the President for death to Yakub. I estimated many in the public wanted death for Yakub not so much because they wanted him dead but because they hold these chest-beaters and terrorist-sympathisers in greater contempt.

There are many more media houses but I have named only a few due to text limits. Life sentence is sometimes worse than death. As Mr Red so philosophically says in “Shawshank” – “They send you here for life, and that's exactly what they take away”. 

Either way, those sympathising with a criminal like Yakub are no less criminals (I don’t include his defence lawyers in this). There are other reasons for death sentence. India has paid a heavy price in the past. Most people remember the hijacking of IC814 in December 1999 when we succumbed and released three extreme terrorists who have now set up new terror outfits in Pakistan. There’s the case of Maqbool Butt who wasn’t executed and an Indian diplomat in London was kidnapped and murdered – IndiraG later approved the hanging of Butt (read here). And all those hypocrites who claim to be against death penalty in principle remained absolutely silent when India (under UPA) voted in the UN against its abolishment. I don’t suggest India should have gone with the UN proposal but these campaigners remained silent, including the happy-tongue-hypocrite Shashi Tharoor. Terrorists may kill one of a family only once but our media and activists kill the victims’ families over and over again.

Defence lawyers plead for proper process and proper administration of justice for the criminal. If at all the media or activists campaign for anything it should be for justice for the victims. It is the opposite in India and the reason is very simple – POLITICS & MONEY! And just how well do Yakub’s Angels look after him? Here’s the Indian Express (one among many) who grandly splashed his funeral on the front page:

And the headline says “THEY” hanged him? Who the hell is THEY? The Hindus? The BJP? A wretched country called India? Or The President of India and our judiciary? Yakub’s death was merited by the law and not some individual, group or entity. Such extreme filth to honour a criminal and a terrorist! Naturally, more and more terrorists will rejoice the support they find in our media and with criminal activists. The popular president, Dr. Kalam’s funeral is consigned to a column on the margin. And even there IE displays its filthy political pursuit – the PM was there so too other senior ministers, but their grand choice of a pic at the funeral is the worthless juvenile retard that does nothing for India and is mostly abroad. Now you know who the entities IE and other media house bat for! Naturally, it emboldens terrorists to issue more threats as a friend of Yakub did:

A coward sits in a hole in some foreign country. He issues threats to India because he has support from our media and criminal activists. He knows he has great support with these anti-nationals and our fake intellectuals. Parties like CPM and CPI want the death penalty abolished – guys who have murder as their political policy. There are Rudaalis like Kavita Krishnan who hold candle vigils for terrorists while her party too (CPI-ML) and associated Naxals slaughter people as a routine. Yakub Memon acknowledges guilt and seeks forgiveness while these little terror-supporters bat for him. But more than all that GOI must start acting against internal unarmed terrorists who pass as Yakub’s angels in our media and NGOs. They aren’t holed out abroad, these traitors are right here amongst us. These are sleeper cells that are angels for terrorists.


  1. Compelling read. I hope Modi has some sort of plan for these 5 star activists. I always sort of knew their motives but this whole incident was a shocking revelation. 


    1. Modi cannotndo everything. Start by thinking how we can take on these scumz
    2. Agree! It is a war being fought mainly in the information battlespace, but also on ground.The time has indeed come for us to unite to crush these snakes, before it is too late. For ourselves. For our children. For the Nation/Civilization that is India. 
    3. This was a great opportunity for our MSM & Political parties to unite aginst a good cause & show That at least for our national interest we are united. But even with the obvious coz we were a devided house. It was a shame for all of us that these so called self proclaimed eminent people are making a mockery of our courts & Judiciary. Even after having done this these people are going unchecked. The same would repeat in future if it isn't stopped. This is their extended hatred against Modi. Paid Media & Presstitutes are low intensity words for these people. They are Paid News Planters & Perception building Managers. National interest is their last priority. 
    4. These so called activists and media who side with terrorists and fan public sentiments are a real national security threat . Must be dealt with NSA Act. They are simply abusing the freedom of expression to the extreme.
  2. The MSM, NGOs and Myriad lawyers are doing Yeoman Service to the cause of Hindus. They have firmed up Minds, resolve, and resilience of so called Non Seculars. It’s like Ju Jitsu the more these Criminal groups peddle falsities the tighter gets the Noose.
    You have performed stellar Heroic duty, to expose the stinking rot of these miscellaneous Mafias and their Handmaidens.
    I am sure that with pressure building up, shortly some Vibhishan or Jagjivan Ram is to emerge from this sorry Mess to deliver coup de grace to these pathetic specimens of Humanity.
    Till then we have to cover our Noses and stand firm at our posts to defeat these nefarious groups.
  3. Time for Modi government to investigate the money trail and prosecute the big guns involved in it.


    1. Yes, the money that did everything. Money of smuggler, money of traitor and money from Pak that lured MSM, activists and others. We, the neutral people should boycot those Media. In US, the Newspapers lost their hold over public. Now only TV. Let us support only neutral Medias. With falling TRP of the biased Medias, they will change as neutral or close down. So let us start now our duty. Govt will probe the money trail, Teesta Trial. NDTV scam trial, Maran loot trial, Coal scam trial, etc. time is running out.
    2. You will find Either Ford Foundation..or Saudi money. if you dig deep enough... Basic idea is to Deame Modi and BJP... Terrorists like Yakub Menon are Just Accidental beneficiaries... by the way, has anyone noticed curious silence of the "A company " ?? who normally give their unwarranted opinion on any matter... I guess.. the problem was : if They condemned the Hanging, they prove themselves Traitors.. and If Kejriwal and co. SUppotrs hanging, they will loose 50% of their votebank...
  4. Sir
    All the MSM started showing the pic of Yakub with Skull Cap( Last one in your article) on the execution day. But that was not the case before that day. They could have avoided it. But cash flow does matter. So sick.
  5. call them sleeper cells or jaichands, the enemy within more full of hate than what the whole pakistan feels for India.the real desh drohis ..i hope ppl in the Govt read this ...this should be an eye opener if they are not aware of these "angels" yet !!
  6. You speak in my name when you say that most of us weren't rooting for his death to start with, but the spalling way in which his devious Angels glorified him, we changed our mind. At least the enemy within is becoming clear, let's hope GOI has a clear action plan to tackle it 
  7. Bravo Ravinar! Take a bow. This article slams the insidious anti-national filth that resides amongst us. The best deterrence against terrorism would have been to hang all these mercy petitioners along with yakub.
  8. Let us keep GoI out of this. We the readers and viewers have to stop viewing these dishonest media persons. It does not take much effort to boycott these papers and channels out of our life.
    I do believe that political inclination and propaganda-money is the motive for most of these media houses. However, that is not illegal. We readers have to stay vigilant, that's all.
    Social media is a great boon indeed.
  9. Now they knows process have been started to abolish criminal naxus between msm ,criminals,NGO,terrorist and money channels.outrage on yakub's death penalty is as reactions of their frustrations and now going more deep.strong revailations was their expose.
  10. Sleeper cells of terror screaming away at us ...Yakub s mercy case one hopes will be an eye opener to the masses and the administration to the traitors around us ..beginning of a long battle ..this will be ideological ..
  11. My blood boils when i see Siculars support a terrorist.
    I feel because the justice delayed for 20 yrs, they forget the terror attack.
    They entire system works round the clock to forgive a terrorist. Had the system worked to give justice to the victims, we will not be in this position
  12. the money trail to these media house should be found out, their nexus shld b broken......else they will keep on breaking our society. More than Yakub's death it is the media who has spread hatred and revenge among the religions using the incident
  13. Onus is over us. Govt wont care for us if we cant care for ourselves. Being a Hindu I find most of them utterly coward who dared not to speak the truth. Most of them are trying to build there future ignoring the present. They think that with great career and money they can live with peace but forget to see what happened to Yazdis. They too had money and wealth but when ISIS came, all their wealth became useless.
    Alarm is continuously ringing but we are pretending to be sleeping.
  14. Very apt article exposing present day media and so called intelligensia. These are the people behind feminist terrorism. Is yakub Menon really dead? This article shows he is not -
  15. The likes of Rana Ayyub or Kavita Krishnan can raise as many bars of hypocrisy, slowly and eventually their lies and biases would get exposed and would soon get toppled of their fairytale realms of lies, hatred and biases. So much of love for a terrorist, mocking up law, disregard to courts and spanning communal hatred makes me wonder not only they are "anything against Modi" but even against their own country which even might represents their agenda. They were crying harder and louder agains't Modi and we came united. I'd request these very intellectual and leaned folks to keep continuing with their propaganda, slowly and steadly, people would come united one day to raise their voice against you. 
  16. Wonderful article. Sir, your are the trend setter on Twitter. Almost all your article trend on Twitter these days. Keep writing. 
  17. Today morning I returned the newspaper to the vendor and asked him not to supply same any more. No guesses, it was IE, of which i had been a subscriber for 30+years !.


    1. That's great. I stopped reading/watching news from these papers/channels. I glanced at ndtv coverage of the post hanging drama in a office I was visiting it only boosted my resolve. I depend on likes of mediacrooks to get a picture of what's happening around. There are great sources in SM to get news and they r not Modi bhakts or supporters. They thrash government and others equally wherever they see the case.
    2. That's great. I stopped reading/watching news from these papers/channels. I glanced at ndtv coverage of the post hanging drama in a office I was visiting it only boosted my resolve. I depend on likes of mediacrooks to get a picture of what's happening around. There are great sources in SM to get news and they r not Modi bhakts or supporters. They thrash government and others equally wherever they see the case.
  18. Wonderful piece. But when is d govt going 2 wake up. There seems to be no signs. These crooks need to be made accountable. Time for stern action without worrying about d consequences. Else, it's time we all form a group. It's hitting d nadir
  19. wow article keep it up..........
  20. A MUST read, to be pondered upon....
  22. The government should have tapped the phones of these traitors and even now it can trace the money trail. I am sure they would have come up with lot of evidence against these traitors by tapping their phones. 
  23. Once a believer, always a believer.
    Many think that this fellow wasn't guilty at all. In fact they say, he didn't even know about the blast until it happened.
    Thanks to our criminals in media.
    Saying that "such things can't happen in the court. If he wasn't involved, his lawyer will argue that and get him released", doesn't work.
    It is turned into a belief, and no one can argue against belief.
  24. Ravi - I watched a debate in Timesnow on this subject and Gandhi's grandson Tushar Gandhi was behaving like a schoolboy whose candy has been confiscated by the teacher. He was so obstructionist and at one point kept on screaming that he will not allow the debate to process unless Arnab apologised to him and the debate was stalled for nearly 5 minutes. He probably has the vicious stubborn streak which Gandhi was supposed to have had. One point which I always wonder is why people never point out what you have stated viz.,

    "This is downright illogical stupidity. There are laws and punishment for rapes, the"fts and murders – Do such laws or punishments deter such crimes at all? Laws and punishments are no deterrent for “evil” that resides within some men and women".

    I would add that it is the responsibility of the government to safeguard the lives of the people and a mass murderer should be removed from the society as he is not fit to be part of it. The death penalty is the only sure way of doing it. The government will be failing in its duty if it shows leniency and mercy to people who have willfully taken away the lives of scores of other people. For the Government it is the life of a terrorist against the lives of hundreds of innocent common citizens and it can decide in only one way.

    The people who argue in favour of the death penalty should always remember to counter the idiotic argument that death penalty has not deterred any criminal from murder by using the above argument.

    The armchair terror apologists who have never made any effort to stop terrorist happenings have no business to tell the government what punishment should be given to terrorists who are apprehended. The common man will never pardon these people. The common man should unite as a single force and vote out all such terror apologists from parliament and other government bodies.

    Good day Ravi..
  25. Kudos on a well written article, expressing the angst of the common man.
  26. Passport office in those days was in Worli. I was working in an office in that Building. The devastation that has caused that at that spot cannot be described in words.
    I am lucky to be alive. My heart goes out for the ones who have passed away that day.
    Read this fine article where the sentiments are aptly put in words
  27. Dear @mediacrooks , please start posting these articles in multi languages. its not that tough. i request you to add multi language option on ur website and atleast get the same thing translated in hindi first then to other regional languages. this will really help in speading the good and genuine news and 70% of our population who are not aware of such real facts will come to know the truth and reality of few currupt politicians, film fraternity, people on higher position in few companies, ngos and presstitutes. Please consider my request and start posting all your articles in hindi too. 
  28. Great article . My sister-in-law's brother died in the 93 bomb blasts and her mother was grieving for such a long time and as if by co-incidence ,she died on the day Yakub was hanged.I can never understand the sympathy of media people and activists towards terrorists,will they behave same way if somebody from their family die in terrorist activity.
  29. I am depressed.Why should we even have to offer an article in defence of SC?.When the SC itself is the one who punishes or spares?.What kind of nonsense is this?.By the way does these comments not constitute an offence of "contempt of court"?. Why does not the Supreme Court use the lashes on such lawyers.Do these lawyers hold any sort of deadly power over the police and the SC itself so that SC feels incapacitated to even act when these people are mocking the court's decision.This indira Jai Singh is a feminist lawyer who said that husbands should pay salary to their wives.So you must understand the mentality of this woman who wants to commercialiaze even the marital institution,the very institution where I suppose the constitution asked both the government and the people to safeguard?.BTW 250 people were killed.Even though we suppose there was a lapse in delivering justice to the victims of either community, randomly killing the people is just a barbaric act which is driven by a sense of pure vengeance rather than any sense of true justice.Now it is altogether a different matter if somebody of his immediate family died in the blast and because of his financial disability was unable to hire a lawyer nor was the person unable to prove the crime was he was unable to fight legal battle and took retribution against that particular person who was the perpetrator.This does not mean I am not condoning the crime.But I am only saying it is understandable.SC must start curbing the mischief makers from the scratch so that such situations do not arise.But I have seen that some thug like people scratch some innocent as everybody is born innocent and slowly that innocent unable to resist the might of that bully slowly suffers and suddenly the anger bursts forth causing him to lose temper and thereby commit crime.Every big thing starts with a small thing.The judicial system should make sure that even those petty culprits are pubished so that the matters are nipped in the bud.Even though the System is bent to facilitate the crooks it would require a very severe stand on behalf of the judicial system to ensure justice and thereby peace.The fire should be put out in the begining itself lest it may burn the entire house.Peace.


    1. Some of the above points which I have made are but those related to the deaths that happened during Babri Masjid demolition.
  30. The flawed intelligentsia is the bane of this country. They sell themselves at the altar of money and take their freedom for granted. we should have a Law to hold them accountable. But then again the Justice is blind. what a pitiable conundrum! To my mind embedded in the Hippocratic oath is strict adherence to morality and ethics. Interpretation and implementation of the law must take this into account. SC should take suo moto notice of this transgression.
  31. "I estimated many in the public wanted death for Yakub not so much because they wanted him dead but because they hold these chest-beaters and terrorist-sympathisers in greater contempt."

    Very true. Words alone cannot convey the depth of contempt these people deserve. As I've said many times, I feel not responding forcefully to such people is simply indulging and emboldening them to take advantage of the average Hindu mildness. They need to be put in their place and perhaps only unbridled fear can do that.

    Perhaps we should start summarily executing all Islamists as a matter of policy, and then change laws (or at least more aggressively enforce existing ones) to criminalise the behaviour of their supporters.
  32. Salute to Ravinar Ji for such a wonderful article, which is an eye opener for all of us, to be beware of such fake secularists and enemies of our country. I have in fact stopped watching the TV channels since long as it only creates further disgust at the MSM. For news I follow blogs and websites which I find more rational and believable. Keep writing and exposing these fake people.

  33. The way congress cronies NDTV,, indian express have provoked muslims, i think bjp government must take stern action against these.

    Of course a section of the la-di-da intelligentsia might come out in support of them in the name of freedom of press but there numbers have reduced considerably because social media has exposed all elitist pseudo secular congress supporters from all walks of life.

    I am sure now congress cronies in media are desperately waiting communal unrest to start in some bjp state or something untoward to happen anywhere in india so that they can blame bjp and modi for it.

    Bjp government must be on high alert and all security forces should be ordered to be on high alert all through out bjp's tenure because of the amount of hatred that media houses like Ndtv, indian express and hindustan times are spreading against bjp government.

    These congress stooge media houses like NDTV gave communal colour even to
    hanging of terrorist, NDTV, indian express gave the impression that yakoob was hanged because he was muslim. I dont know if courts had ever opened before to save someone from death penalty at 2.30 in morning that too after 22 years of trial, yet our media wants to create impression that he was not given fair trail. shameless pseudo secular congress crony Ndtv and indian express.

    I am convinced that soon one day muslims will come-out and protest against these pseudo-secular congress and congress toady media houses like ndtv because most muslims are peace loving patriotic people.
  34. We have traitors, absolutely disgusting folks in the media!! Of course, we have seen this behaviour time and again.

    The huge crowd that gathered for the funeral was indeed ominous. It shows that many Muslims indeed believe Yakub Memon to be a hero and that his actions are justified. They probably believe in the BS claim that somehow the bombing was in retaliation to the Babri demolition and that it was some sort of natural justice.

    I am not surprised by this at all. Many years ago, I had seen sympathisers of Haji Mastan in villages near Pune. These folks spoke about him as though he was some godman. The fact that he was a criminal, did not make any difference to their adoration of the guy.

    Problem is, not just illiterate villagers, but many educated city dwellers have exact same sentiments towards Dawood Ibrahim and co. So many of the terrorist attacks would have been impossible without local logistical help. And that is scarier than the Pakistan involvement.

    That there were no riots, up to now, in the country is indeed a huge credit to HM, Doval and his team. But the media is getting bolder and bolder in its anti-national activities. Worrying times indeed.
  35. Well written. It was necessary and timely.
  36. The best reply to activists opposing death penalitywas given by eminent jurist Soli Sorabjee.If a condemned terrorist openly challenges the state that whatever he did was deliberate and stands by it, he is likely to attract a large fan following among the followers of ROP.Moreover terror organisation will go on a recruitment spree after promising life long insurance for the families of the volunteers.These days the elite terrorists anyway get 5 star facilities in prisons.So one can be sure of a well organised terror cottage industry with CEOs from amongst the intellectual libtards.Those libtards jokers who reffer to the elusive survey report that 'death penality does not stop terrorism' have as yet, not cleared how exactly the quantification was done if such a survey indeed was conducted.
  37. Singapore is known as FINE city. The more popular is its guide for citizen and tourists the rules to follow and noncomplliance shall results in payment of fines. similarly every civilized country has its list running into pages about fines that can be levied and it is listed akin to traffic fines.

    Rioters action resulting in innocent citizens and loss of property should be death and it can be in any form - hanging, death by poison or bullet or electrical execution.

    The government should also learn to manage the media, by keeping news limited to spokesman/spokeswoman speaking on that subject. Media roll is to inform and not to frame opinions.

    There is hardly any news in media other than chest beating on choosen topics. Infact media is silently waging war with govt by repeating anti-govt babs every day and trying to influence weak minds, which is not less than treachery against the nation. 
  38. Latest bab of foul mouthed kapil sibal interview with poisonous sagarika ghost. Modi rode anti congress wave, he is not a leader, he does not speak, economy is down and in shambles, yet he does not speak and very incompetent., he has no leadership skills...etc..

    Little that Gurudas Kamat know that his surname kamat is known for chain of breakfast hotels, and his leader is a bar maid, selling liquor and her sexuality, and his young leader is minus 12 (12 minus) or college drop out who cannot speak a word coherently without being prompted.

    Atleast Modi has some valid credentials of leading his state for 10+ years and winning for third time, where as neither bar maid or her mentally deranged son a known drug addict. 
  39. By giving almost unending coverage to yakub's funeral procession and crowd with it, our pseudo-secular english media especially Ndtv and indian express tried level best to provoke mulims and give a communal angle to this case.

    I am sure congress toadies in media like Ndtv and indian express must have felt really happy by seeing crowd with yakub's body.

    These congress stooge media houses don't care if some fanatics get provoked and do something violent against people as long as bjp gets into trouble for the acts of those fanatics. Bjp needs to tighten up the security through out the country, one small incident and entir large section of congress crony mainstream media will start blaming modi as incompetent and weak prime minister.
  40. TUSHAR GANDHI is a shameless Anti national Rag. He converted to Islam for MONEY FROM SAUDI and Runs a ISIS terrorist fund in his GORAA BAAP BRITAIN.However, shameless RAT that he is continues to use his OLD name which his baap would have given him. And two hoots for this RAT and his SURNAME.Afghanistan threw the British rodents out in 1919. However, the SOUTH AFRICAN Public Prosecutor planted by British with equally nefarious degenerate Nehru in India, delayed to for another 30 years. These TRAITORS were forced by Public Opinion otherwise they were barking for DOMINION STATUS. THANKS TO HIS GRANDFATHER THAT WE ARE FACED WITH TERRORISTS AND TERRORISM NOW.ANYWAY NDTV belongs to a TRILLIONARE "CORPORATE" COMMUNIST AND BROTHER IN LAW OF THAT BUTCHER OF NANDIGRAM..THE CHINESE PIMPS OF ITALY (MOTHER F.)= CPI(M) is worried that the next noose will have their heads? The traitors of 1962 have NO RIGHT TO LIVE AND NEITHER THE OVERUSED, OVERSIZED RANCID SMELLING PORKISTANI ITALIAN "ASSESTS" LIKE BURKHAA DATTAS AND SAGARIKA GHOSHS,Kindly request all to send used Condoms to their homes, the children of the media sluts are in danger of catching AIDS from their so called parents (Actual fathers unknown)
  41. RAND-SEEP SUAR-desai said Hindu Terrorism//Did somebody castrated him.. No doubt while both of these so called Husband-Wife?? team look like a cross of Pig and Rat, the so called Goon Progeny look suspiciously white and blue eyed, like that N Ram. FDI-DTH?? Well Personal Life of their mothers? But how did a Unsuccessful Cricket captain of 70s (when there was no TV, no sponsorship except Govt/Bank jobs) Manage to educate his useless Good for nothing 3rd class Duffer son in Oxford, on Huge donation based PAID SEAT, to study GUTTER COURSE OF JOURNALISM (offcourse the duffer was good for nothing so chose a Non Brainer)?? So Match Fixing is the ONLY answer? And the C..nt's registered Father Bhaskar Ghose is a KNown Proven CROOK
  42. Hi Ravi Sir,

    Excellent article right on target. Looking around I feel that vast majority in this country lives in false dream and fools paradise. I can say with confidence that nearly entire youth brigade is totally clueless and unaware of the hardships this nation has gone through in last few centuries. Worse is they don't even know the communal riots, loss of innocent lives, scars on society and how political brigade conveniently used the power, narrative of secularism to totally rot this country from within. Thanks to secularism this nation's multi culture fabric is totally damaged. Shame is that everyone it trying to get into the backward class list, though I come from poor background belonging to upper caste, I didn't feel it right to get favour of the reservation even in direst situation. I'm a happy tax payer to this nation's progress and I reject concessions which are not my rights. Since 2010 I'm very seldom watch news channels as they always propagate false stories and gives fair narrative. My kids named the MadDog of TimesNow as SHOUTER TV guy! Sincere question from my younger daughter is "Isn't there anyone to discipline him as all others are watching silently and this guy creating ruckus!".

    During my childhood days I know that if anyone has gone to jail, the view of society towards that person and anyone associated with him used to be so different. People used to fear to have contacts with such individuals. Now most dreaded criminals & Terrorists have become capital for many seculars, Eminent brain dead intellectually screwed up elite bastards who always work against interest of this nation.

    With Yakub hanging, lot many things emerged clearly on the surface. So in case of any emergency situation, GoI know whom to take into custody from within this nation so that they can't sabotage internally. Seriously I feel that all those who supported this Terrorist, should be put along LoC to face the fire from their loved nation Pakistan!

    One thing is very clear, even our Judiciary works for people who want to destroy this nation, it's sad but the events of this week openly proved this.

    Anyone with intention to harm my nation, ONLY DESERVE death, whether they're within our from outside this nation. No mercy, pardon, no human rights for enemies.

    Thank you,
    -Rajendra Kumar 
  43. The title of this article best summaries the state of mainstream media in India today. It is an unfortunate reality as public opinion is built by these crooks. We need to execute Serious counter measures to combat this. This can be done only by effective use of social media. All concerned should promote Facebook pages etc that stand for the Nation against these sickening prestitutes. This should be done on a daily basis with the serious intent of disseminating the truth and counter news to all Indians. 
  44. Yakubs hanging was a God send as it showed up starkly the so-called intellectual traitors of our country the paid media and the communal color of our Leading actors too who mint money from secular audiences

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