Saturday, January 9, 2016


Is Sharia Deciding Free Speech ‘Standards’ for Social Media too?

Since early this year (after Facebook founder Mark Zurkerberg recieved death threats from Islamists), people like me who risk our lives to work towards raising consciousness are being targeted on Facebook. Facebook has deleted four posts of mine and had blocked me from posting. As we speak, they have blocked me for seven days. Believe it or not, for posting this:
(Post) “OMG! There are 16 Muslim countries which have officially banned Israelis from entering, not for security reasons but for reasons of hatred for the Jew nation. Imagine if Muslims were banned from even one country? Already they are going ballistic over Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban till laws are made stricter. We wouldn’t have heard the end of that famous victimhood rant “but all Muslims are not terrorists. Damn you, Evil Amreeka!’.
Alas the hypocrisy! But importantly what do we do about this Hindu NEED for acceptance which makes him lap up any amount of victimhood? As a famous Muslim journalist whom I have high regard for once told me – “In no other country do Muslims cry victimhood after every terror attack. Because Hindus are suckers for victimhood and love playing big brother.” (End Post)
You see, calling out anti-Semitism, or sticking your neck out to highlight Islamic extremism or terrorism is not upto Facebook’s ‘Community standards’ as it might ‘offend’ and ‘enrage’ some. The FBI director, federal immigration officials and the intelligence communities across the globe have confirmed the huge security concern with refuges piling into Germany, France, US etc, and ISIS’s capability to manufacture high quality fraudulent passports. We know that at least two of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks got in through Greece using fake papers. Plus, there is Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino, who got into the country by misrepresenting herself on her fiancé’s visa.
malikWhen Muslim terrorists are continuing massacre after massacre, Muslims can no longer sit and say ‘But all Muslims are not terrorists. America is evil and communal”. One expected them to come up with ideas on how to identify a ‘radical’ Muslim among ‘normal’ Muslimsideas on how to stop Muslim radicalisation.
The backlash we saw from majority Muslims after Trump’s call to stop all Muslims from entering the country till US figures out what is going on, was a raging firestorm in India. This when his call was not unconstitutional. Why, we even saw His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia tell Donald Trump to withdraw from the 2016 Presidential race.
What is worse—aggressively dealing with terrorism and temporarily banning those who might include terrorists amongst them till vetting procedures are reliable or continuing to allow everyone including terrorists at the risk of innocent lives?
It’s for no other reason that 45% Democrats and 72% Republicans favour the temporary ban as per a Fox News Poll (16 & 17 Dec 2015)

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