Monday, November 15, 2010



Professor Paul Courtright’s Porno to Emory Journey

“From Academic Freedom to Intellectual Crap”


Shree Vinekar, M.D.

Academic discussion in the article, “Elevating the Sacred,” by Paul Courtright in the recent issue of is a cover-up for the truly distorted depiction of Ganesha by him in his 1985 book and its revised editions. There may be many authentic myths and academic treatments of such myths in his book on issues directly derived from the Puranas which he uses to distract his readers in this cover-up. However, Courtright cannot demonstrate a single reference to a "limp phallus," "oral sex performed by Ganesha," or a reference anywhere in the Puranic texts describing "Ganesha as a eunuch or a Hijra." These are Paul Courtright's own original mischievous creations from his own Unconscious or from the internalized crass culture in which he grew up. These and other pornographic demeaning characterizations of Ganesha are non-existent in the Indian Unconscious, Puranas, or any authentic Indian literature. His relying on “peer review” and “awards” only indicates that he is a fair-haired child of the proselytizing empire-building group of Western “Indologists” who cannot see through his “phallic” “fraud” just like the dean of Emory University who helps him hide behind his academic freedom to dole out pornographic junk.

The hackneyed “psychoanalysis 101” explanation that any provocation and protest by a reader is a proof of the accuracy of the interpreter's interpretations being right on the mark is also a fallacy. A lay reader will not be able to detect this. Sometimes that is the case only when an analyst is analyzing an analysand. Courtright glibly uses such fallacies to delude his naïve Indian and especially his Western readers in believing that he has discovered some Universal truths about the “Hindu Unconscious” (also a myth created by Courtright) that are hard to swallow for the “fanatic Hindus” without protesting. He takes a one-man up-man-ship role to treat all Hindus as if he is their psychoanalyst. Courtright will continue to present himself in his psychotic grandiosity as a “genius” to naïve Indian psychoanalysts that have not read his book or who do not have the cultural background to understand Ganesha. The readers of Courtright need to be alerted to such gimmicks he repeatedly uses when trying to defend himself.

In this recent article on he gives a condescending lesson to Indians on how academic discussions need to be conducted in the spirit of academic freedom so very valued in Universities as against in “Ashrams.” Paul Courtright conveniently fails to reveal examples of his blatant "desecration of the sacred" cited above and wants Hindu readers to become “sophisticated enough” to swallow his crap. By choosing the title "Elevating the Sacred" for his article he is still engaged in arrogant defense of his demeaning characterization of Ganesha, creating an illusion that his book was actually written with reverence. That is the blatant falsehood he wants to perpetuate while giving the impression that he is focusing on a litany of alleged “falsehoods” upheld by his critics.

With his full knowledge that only few in India can access his original book, he is again trying to pull a fast one on the Indian readers. He creates an illusion that his critics are lesser academics and that they are simply angry "Hindu fanatics." He conveniently dilutes and hides his own noxious excreta that have emerged from his own anus and not from “the anus of any Brahma described in any of the Puranas." He seems to be obsessed with such irrationalities he finds in the Puranas without understanding the context. He would like the readers believe that the Puranas are themselves pornographic and not his translations or his treatment of them. If the language used in this critique is offensive to any readers they need to understand that Paul Courtright is not a novice to anal sadistic use of language under the disguise of academic sophistication.

Paul needs to examine his own Unconscious to recognize his obsession with “Phallus.” “Paul” is actually a shortened version of “Paulus” which is pronounced in the Middle East exactly as “Phaullus” connected in his Unconscious with the word “Phallus” by association of sound. Paul Courtright needs to be awarded a new title for his pornographic psychoanalytic discoveries. It would be nothing less than “Paul Limp Phallus Courtright –Lord of Porno.”

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