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"Mahabharata: History or Myth"
"Internal Beauty of Sanskrit"


Dr. N. R. Joshi

Editor's Note: intends to publish articles and
summaries of Dr. N. R. Joshi's two papers published and soon to be
published by the prestigeous Journal of the Bhandarkar Oriental
Research Institute (BORI).

The paper on Mahabharata will elucidate that the Indian Historians
recognized the spread of ancient Indians towards Far East into Viet
Nam and Indonesia, but totally ignored the migration towards Iran and
Greece,and Scandinavia, thus becoming geographically "Indo-centric" in
their views regarding Mahabharata.

The paper on the "Internal Beauty of Sanskrit" will illustrate how
the Indian and Western linguists missed an opportunity to unravel
the mystery of Sanskrit as a "designer language"
and how the clues were there embedded in Sanskrit to discover that it
was originally a specially designed language that was later enriched
while retaining its internal beauty.

Both of these contributions by Dr. N. R. Joshi are revolutionary in
in nature and will lead to controversy at first as most new ideas and
discoveries do.

However, as a Ph.D. in Metallergical Engineering and Material Science
specializing in Ultrasound Technology he was led to this research by
studying Sanskrit sounds and how they are put together. In elaborating
his original ideas he has now given the Sanskrit Scholars in India
food for thought and a new direction to understand the etymology of
Sanskrit words. He received a long overdue honor in India by
receiving a recognition worthy of a Sanskrit Pundit.

Readers are urged to stay tuned to this blog to read these innovative
contributions that will focus on the Westward migration of the ancient
Indians, the import of which was totally missed by the British, other
Western, and Indian historians.

The readers will also learn the originality of Sanskrit language and
how the Westward migration of Sanskrit explains the futility of
theories looking for a mother language for Latin and Sankrit as well
as all Indo-European Languages.

Both papers accepted by BORI will be tour de force in modern

Dear Readers of "Sookta-Sumana":

This year I took a trip to India to meet Indian scholars and exchange views on my favorite research topics, “Mahabharata History or Myth” and “Internal Beauty of Sanskrit.” Certain aspects of these topics were discussed by me in the interviews for the weekly papers like Voice of Asia and India Herald. Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI) of Pune published my research paper, “Sphota Doctrine in Sanskrit Semantics Demystified” in the 2007 Annals of the BORI.

In the past 2500 years of known history of India, Sanskrit scholars are discussing semantics (meanings of words) of Sanskrit because the origin of Sanskrit is lost in the unknown ancient history of India. The same is true in case of Mahabharata history. Not much archeological evidence has come forth from the soil of the subcontinent. So I collected evidence in support of history of Mahabharata from sources outside India.

My first power point presentation on “Mahabharata History or Myth” was arranged by Dr. Vijaya Bedekar in K. G. Joshi College, Thane. More than 30 students and faculty members were present. The program ended with many questions and discussions on the new information I presented. My niece Rekha and her husband (High court advocate Paithane) were present for the lecture.

My friend and Indology scholar Dr. Pramod Pathak, who used to live in Houston, invited us to visit Goa University. Dr. Chandralekha of Goa University arranged our presentations. Dr Dhadphale of BORI talked on General Linguistics while I made power point presentation on “Internal Beauty of Sanskrit”.

Dr. Saroja Bhate, the secretary of BORI was kind to arrange my lecture on May 11. The topic chosen was “Mahabharat History or Myth”. Around 52 scholars were present. This was my first opportunity to address top level Indian scholars in a large hall of the BORI. The presentation was followed by question and answer session. My family members Divakar and Madhuri Joshi, Vandana Inamdar and Vedanta scholar Praachi Gumaste were present for the lecture. The news of my presentation at BORI appeared next day in the local newspaper, “Lokamata”. The research paper based on my talk at BORI was invited by BORI for publicaton and it was submitted to BORI. It is in the process of being published in the Annals of BORI.

My next stop was Hyderabad. Dr. Amba Kulkarni and Dr. Subrahmanyam Korada were kind enough to make arrangement for my lecture at a short notice in their department of Sanskrit studies of the University of Hyderabad. First I briefed the scholars and doctoral research students on my Mahabharat research. Then with my power point presentation I talked on the “Internal Beauty of Sanskrit”. The origin of Sanskrit is a very controversial subject. So I took this opportunity to discuss many Sanskrit related topics with Sanskrit Vyakarana scholar, Professor Dr. S. Korada.

On the second day in Hyderabad, I was invited by Dr. K. V. Krishna Murty of Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE) to make presentation in his institute. I talked on both topics and told audience that I came there because I have new information. They appreciated my presentation. Finally Dr. Krishna Murty honored me by covering me with a special Vastram-Shaal in the Indian tradition of honoring Sanskrit scholars (Pundits). Having a Ph.D. degree in Material Science and Engineering, I never thought that I will receive such an honor reserved only for Sanskrit scholars in India. Tears came in my eyes.

Next I headed to attend the All India Oriental Conference in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthaan University at Tirupati. In the conference I made presentation on “Mahabharat”. The session chairman Dr. Somashekhar remarked that he and all in audience heard new information on Mahabharat history never read or heard by them before. After taking the darshan of Shree Vyankateshvara and Devi Padmavati we returned to USA.

I intend to share the theses of both my papers with you soon. I will first share my work on the Internal Beauty of Sanskrit and after the second paper is published by BORI, I will share with you the contents of my research on Mahabharata, both in a summary fashion because both topics will be soon published in the form of two separate books.


N. R. Joshi.


Dr. N. R. Joshi holds a Ph. D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from
The Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, Maryland. He has 60 research publications. He is the Fellow of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing.
His research specialty is Ultrasonics and Acoustic Emissions. Ultrasonics is a science of high frequency sound while language and Music are composed in low frequency sound. His interest in acoustics of articulated sounds of Sanskrit attracted him towards research of the internal beauty of Sanskrit and towards research of the ancient Indian history related to Mahabharata.


  1. where can I read his paper on the historicity of the Mahabharata? This would be valuable for the Mahabharata Encyclopaedia of the Mahabharata Samshodhana Pratisthanam, Bangalore

  2. N. R. Joshi said

    Thanks Shri Pradip Bhattacharya for your interest in my research on "Mahabharata-History or Myth?". Please let me know more about you and your location-India or US? I went to your Blog, clicked on profile but did not get anything. Also, let me know about Mahabharata Samshodhana Pratisthana, Bangalore. I will be glad to send to you information you asked for. You could write on Sookta-Sumana. Feel free to give your e-mail address. Thanks.- N.R.Joshi