Sunday, March 24, 2013


Please define "humanitarian grounds" Justice Katju
and Show Details

Justice Katju, namaskar.

Your intervention on behalf of Sanjay Dutt and against the five-year sentence awarded to him by the Apex Court has drawn two exact opposite reactions - the UPA government has indicated that it will respond positively as and when Dutt files for a review. This was expected from Sonia Gandhi's UPA.

Comments on your own blog site however reveal that the ordinary Indian is not amused at your intervention.

But me, Justice Katju, I am on another point. Reacting to Mahesh Jethmalani's criticism, you said, you have intervened on the issue and sought a review for Dutt on "humanitarian grounds".

Justice Katju, at the outset please let me point out my website is the first website in the country which started to monitor NGOs immediately after the US refused to grant visa to Narendra Modi. The book NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-National Industry which I authored with a team and which I jointly edited with Dr. Krishen Kak was the first of its kind.

Soon after, considering the phenomenal privilege and frightening power enjoyed by judges of the high courts and supreme court in the country where even huppeny-tuppeny judges in the subordinate judiciary think they are demi-gods, I decided to keep a hawk's eye on the country's higher judiciary. My website has this excellent webpage called Judiciary Watch with two sub-sections - Watching the Judges and Watching the Judgments.

Your intervention for clemency for Sanjay Dutt has merited media attention only because you are a retired judge of the Apex Court who is now Chairman, PCI. So  please educate me sir, what constitutes "humanitarian grounds".

Sonia Gandhi subverted the judicial system when she intervened on behalf of a convicted LTTE terrorist and sought (and got it done) to commute the death sentence to life imprisonment because the terrorist was a woman and a mother (how absolutely touching) of a little girl. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes and blow my nose Sir.

Sonia Gandhi's puppet regime allowed her the unpardonable luxury of reducing the bomb blast at Sriperumbudur as something which killed only her "husband." That it was an attack against the former "Prime Minister" of the country and that there were several others who were killed leaving behind aged parents, children and spouses was of no concern to Sonia Gandhi.

The lady proved my point of LTTE-Church connection when she issued a "forgive-her-father" pardon to Nalini, the Sri Lankan Tamil LTTE terrorist. India is not an Italian colony. This country is governed by a Constituion, no matter how anti-Hindu and flawed, is still the book of reference for rule-of-law. Pardon, in the Indian constitution is a right accorded only to the President of India. So by what authority did Sonia Gandhi overrule the judgment of the Apex Court?

It came to my ears sir that, following faithfully in the footsteps of Sonia gandhi you wrote to the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil asking for the pakistani murderer serving a prison sentence in this country Mohammed Khalil Chisty to be pardoned too!!! If this is not true, I hope you will deny it Sir. And, now clemency for Sanjay Dutt ??

Let me reveal the anomalies (if not something more heinous) in the postions that you Justice Katju and Sonia Gandhi have taken.

I am sure you and Sonia Gandhi have both heard of Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Aseemanand languishing in jail, without an iota of proof over their culpability for the Malegoan blasts. Incidentally I watch terrorism too like I watch NGOs and the judiciary and there were two Malegaon blasts. Now for which one are they being held is the question. The CBI and the Maharashtra ATS (two disgraceful organizations) have not provided the courts with even an iota of proof that they are terorrists and yet, multiple truth serum and narco-tests were performed on the Sadhvi (even one is terrible and there is no credible proof that these tests are reliable), she now has cancer and the courts are still dragging their feet on the issue.

Like the LTTE terrorist pardoned by Sonia Gandhi,  sadhvi Pragya is a woman too and while you have still not explained the humanitarian grounds for Sanjay Dutt, Sadhvi Pragya is suffering from cancer now. So why is there no forgive-her-father pardon from Sonia Gandhi and why have you not seen fit to plead with home ministers, chief ministers and prime ministers on behalf of Hindu sanyasis and sanyasins?

Justice Katju, on Hindu bhumi when the state and the state apparatus fail to stop terrorism and foolishly declares that there is no religon in terorrism even when that terrorism is called "jihad," and fails to protect Hindus and the Hindu bhumi, then Hindus have to find their own way to protect themselves; and that is why Sir, on Hindu bhumi there are no Hindu terrorists; there are only kshatriyas.

Now please Sir, for the benefit of all of us, describe "the humanitarian grounds" on which you seek review of Sanjay Dutt's prison sentence.

Let me assure you I bear no personal animosity towards Dutt. Like all jihadi and other terrorists I think Dutt too is misguided and actually a son, father, boy-friend, husband Amartya Sen's multiple identity guy who if I get to know him I will love him.

But it will be interesting to know the nature of your understanding of humanitarian grounds for Sanjay Dutt.

Yours truly Sir,

Radha Rajan.  


  1. March 23, 2013
    Sanjay Dutt, a CONVICTED CRIMINAL should be pardoned on humanitarian grounds, but the 'Hindu terrorist' Sadhwi Pragya Singh who is suffering from cancer should not even be given bail!

    Terminal illness is not ground for humanitarian consideration even when innocent (until proven guilty), but privilege of birth is even when convicted of heinous crime!

    This is Mr. Katju's idea of 'justice'. What do you call a man like this-- one who is silent of the mass massacre and rape of his own people in Kashmir but is willing to serve as an agent of a convicted criminal?

    N.S. Rajaram

  2. Katju's credentials as a judiciary cannot be questioned but his actions show distrust in the convictions by the Supreme Court and after the fact Monday morning quarter back activity. Criminal conviction requires not preponderance of evidence but evidence beyond doubt. That means these two convicted individuals were found guilty even at the Supreme Court level or the highest court that their appeal was heard at after their guilt was established beyond doubt in the lower courts. Katju seems to be losing his marbles in that his pleadings are not on "humanitarian grounds alone" which he cannot articulate too well anyway, but he goes beyond that and questions the legality of convictions. For example, he says Sanjay Dutt's was in essence a dumb mistake and he has already repented and is punished enough, then why was the sentence postponed or deferred for 20 years?

    In the case of Zaibunnisa on his website he gives the impression, beyond the description of her being ill and that she will not last alive to serve the full sentence once in the prison, that her crime was considered more serious than what it was compared to Sanjay's. Here the law is chasing its own tail. First, Sanjay's elite position reduced his crime from treason, anti-national crime, abetting and aiding the terrorists, and therefore broadly speaking an act of terrorism; reduced to simple possession of Concealed weapons (!!!! AK-56?? is not just a hand gun for self defence), and therefore being an innocent courier Zaibunnisa who did not know what the sacks contained (so she claims mind you at age 50, 20 years ago). He crime is even of lesser gravity than that of Sanjay so logic demands (if twisted) that she should be pardoned also or even before Sanjay is pardoned because she was convicted unjustly of a more serious crime than it really was. So, she was not a terrorist or their accomplice. She is more worthy of pardon. In so doing publicly Katju sits in his own Super Supreme Court that is of higher judicial status than the Supreme Court of India because he is the only one that can follow the motto of "Satyam Bruyat" and scond guess the Supreme Court of India. All of this shows how distorted his logic has become and this is the fist sign of cognitive decline in the elderly. The frontal and prefrontal lobes of the brain are not able to handle complex matters and therefore they fall for the logical fallacies. He will justify driving through the green light when stopped by the policeman by saying "my client had a green light" thus misppropriating priorities. Many people will not pick up on these subtle signs but they are the usual smokes and mirrors used even by cognitively intact politicians to deliberately mislead their constituents. If Katju is not on the verge of Dementia then he certainly is a disingenuous Chamcha compromising his integrity. I hope to save his honor and integrity his actions can be really blamed on emerging Dementia rather than conspiracy to sympathize with the terrorists for assisting vote bank politicians preparing for 2014 elections.

    Any comments will be welcome.