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Bhaskar Menon’s Hindu History Trash


Dr. Seshachalam Dutta

A response to Bhaskar Menon’s article on

If the article titled Hindu narrative (what is this ‘narrative?’ any way) is mere trash that deserves no extensive analysis but for the fact it appeared in Vijayvaani. Luckily, the only fact that the author is a Hindu (supposedly) Indian and not a Pakistani or an Indian Muslim insulates him against a fatwa similar to that of Salmon Rushdie, with this difference, unlike the case of Rushdie he would not find any sympathizers. His article implies that Md Ali Jinnah was a pedophile and therefore exiled himself to Britain, and according his implication, to avoid ostracism. It is mere trash.

He also states that Hindus and Muslims were in great harmony until British broke them apart. It is another blatant lie. British, like any colonial power naturally tried to exploit the differences among its subjects; that is not the same causing the split or a rift.

There are no defenders for Britain in India; Menon thought it would be music to the years of Indians to blame the British. But that is history now and has no meaningful value for the reader. History of British Raj in India shows that British did not break the communities, but in fact brought them together by treating with utmost cruelty. Many time the communities united against the British.

Now about Jinnah: Jinnah was the undisputed leader of Muslims, Quid e Azam, the father of a Nation. He was a member of Indian National Congress until 1913, was against separate electorate for Muslims and was also against Khilafat movement that was inspired by the most orthodox section of Muslims. Gandhi curiously supported the movement either opportunistically or miscalculating the support of Muslims in quid pro quo fashion in joining his freedom movement against the British. Nehru was dismayed at his support for Khilafat movement. Jinnah was treated with utmost disrespect by Nehru and was under-estimated as a leader. Jinnah was part of the Luknow pact of Congress and league in which Tilak participated. This was trashed out by Gandhi and Nehru. Jinnah never lost his self-respect or respect of his followers for marrying a young girl. After 1937 elections, all Muslim leaders begged him to come and lead them. Three years later separate Pakistan was voted for in Lahore session of Muslim League. This is in brief the history of Jinnah and his relations with Congress. He was earlier praised as an “ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity” by Sarojini Naidu of Congress. What happened then? It was the old story of corrupt Congress which continues to date with the same character. Yes, Jinnah was responsible for creation of Pakistan but the Congress leaders were equally responsible in their lack of leadership and foresight that resulted in a historic tragedy for a great country.  Menon is obviously ignorant of modern Indian History.

Jinnah was not a devout religious man, as much as Menon makes absurd issue that Hindu leader Savakar was an atheist. The separation of Pakistan is not a religious issue. It was based on the demand of protection for minority segment of India that regards itself as a “Nation.”  Savarkar, it is true, was indeed an atheist. But Menon should know that only Hinduism accommodates all religious, spiritual thoughts including agnostism and atheism.  Buddhism and Jainism are atheistic, with no belief in personal God but based on Vedic authority and are of same Dharmic tradition as Hinduism. Charvaka’s atheism is contemporaneous with Rig Veda. The author has to get educated in these before arrogating himself to pass judgment on Savarkar whom Gandhi himself called with utmost admiration “Veer(hero)”. It is unthinkable for any Indian to accept that Savarkar supported British in any manner. Then the author jumps on to the origin of RSS. He calls it an organization of thugs to counter the Muslim thugs in Nagpore. He is absolutely ignorant of the origins and rise of RSS. It is not worth to elaborate on this. It is an organization, with all the difference, whose patriotism was recognized by Indira Gandhi by inviting RSS to participate in Republic Day celebrations. It is the RSS that gave to the country one of the finest Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  Need we say anything more about this trashy journalism that calls people like Atalji “thugs”?

Menon goes on further following the theme of Hindu-Muslim Unity based on the influence of Sufis on Hindus.  I have written on this nonsense of Sufis in my article on   (discussion of Thapar). Sufis were the cruel Muslim sects that whispered in the ears of Muslim Kings and with the decline of Muslim rule took to begging. Often we find neurotic Hindu women circumambulating the so-called Sufi tombs possessed with demons. Sufis practice exorcism. This is not blending of two cultures.

There are other outrageous comments such as that of calling Shivaji “intolerant.”

Suffice it say Bhaskar Menon is not rewriting a narrative of Indian history but is lost in his own world of imbecile hostility towards Modi and is a stooge of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that feels insecure. It is trying to grab at the last straws by relying on incompetent journalists like Bhaskar Menon to market themselves and their “secular” image by spreading “1001 facts all Indians should know” but which indeed are lies every Indian needs to recognize as lies and fabrications based on the Bhaskar Menon’s ignorance of Indian History. The book he is planning to publish and is already marketing promising a free e-book needs to be trashed by all Indians, Muslims, Hindus and Chrisians regardless of their creed or caste. It is likely a timely propaganda for 2014 elections in India.

Editor's Note: Since Bhaksar Menon's main theme is Hindu and Hindutva bashing please read the article by Dr. Shrinivas Tilak to fully comprehend what Hindutva is and what it is not.

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