Monday, August 5, 2013



Prakash M Swamy


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi
is now the new rock star and is viewed
as a friend of youth and college students.
Youth power is the real power in India
and youth that swell when Modi addresses
colleges and universities are something unheard
of, said Ananth Kumar, national general
secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party.

He said here that the youth of India make
a change that India needs. Youth power can’t
be underestimated and now they have become
very strong and understand Indian politics.

People in the age group of 18-25 will decide
the fate of India and they are all admirers of
Modi and demand a change, he said.

Modi is the popular leader of BJP and
has won Gujarat with hatrick - three times in a
row a record of sorts in Indian democracy. He
was able to achieve this with his progressive good governance. 

He has become an icon in his own stature. He was able to do this only by his sheer hard work and commitment. 

"He does not believe in gimmicks,” he said,
"Youngsters are craving for a change.
When I was collecting funds for Uttarkand
relief on the streets of Karnataka, a cross section
of people from students to auto rickshaw showed
unity in activity at all levels and leaders and
cadres will be united. 

"There are no contenders and no competition to the post of prime minister as clarified by Rajnath Singh.Whenever we approach the bridge we
will cross and parliamentary board will decide
the candidate and we are not running
away from the question," he said.

Congress party is running a proxy government
and the prime minister, the most
powerful person in the country with the most
omnipresence and omnipotent office of the
country- does not have the authority and it really lies in 10 Janpath. 

How can he function effectively?

That’s the dichotomy and the Prime
Minister should be the leader of India not
only given his position but should provide direction and leadership like Vajpayee who took
the country forward in all directions, he said.

Madhya Pradesh has become another
shining example of development and so is
Goa. The years from 1998 to 2004 witnessed
sterling example of good governance, reforms
and development and a smooth coalition,
he added.

In last 63 years of independent India
Congress has openly indulged in communal
politics of every nature and every color. They
are known for their vote bank and appeasement
politics. Divisive politics it’s like devil
quoting scriptures when it talks of harmony
and riots. People of India have seen through
all this, he said.

Will BJP play a Hindu card again in this
election? He said, "Hindu is not a religious
connotation but a geo-national one. No religion
or sect should be discriminated and
raise voice where such discrimination happens.

"We do not play Hindu card in the
elections as we represent all sections of the society, drivers, laborers to businessmen who donated whatever they could afford, and who asked only one question – when will this government go and what will you do to make Narendara Modi the prime minister,” he said.

“I condemn the act of forgery in the letter
sent to President Obama and for taking
domestic issue in the 'court' of another country.
We have demanded an inquiry by speaker of
the Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha
into the matter as it involves the privileges of
MPs. This despicable act of forgery is a national
shame,” he said.

It is paradoxical that the Congressional
Research Wing of the US Government heaps
praise on Narendra Modi while another wing
of the government closes its eyes to it and denies
visa. We leave it to US administration to
address this issue and it’s their problem, he

When asked whether the Congressional
Caucus on Indians and Indian Americans had
failed to take up the Modi visa issue with the
US State Department so as not to rub the ruling
Congress in the wrong side, he said this
is an issue US administration should address
and India need not interfere. Very soon
changes will come and New Delhi will give
answers to all these questions and more after
the elections.

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