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Narendra Modi is reported to have stated in his speech yesterday at Amdavad that people who don't respect women are demons.

While I dont know if 'respect' was the word Modi used, but if he did, it is so open-ended that 'respect' can mean whatever we want it to mean. But as for specifics, Modi and Arnab Goswami cannot have double standards on sexual harrassment of women be it Bapu or Asaram Bapu.

If Modi and Arnab Goswami will sit down for the next 6 months and read the Collected Works of Gandhi, word for word volume for volume, all the 100 volumes, they will know this -

1. Gandhi stopped sleeping with his wife (Kasturba usually addressed as Ba) in South Africa with the excuse that his work demanded the discipline of brahmacharyam (celibacy)

2. And then with the laughable excuse that he was not sure his brahmacharyam was perfected he began to sleep without clothes with other women whom also Gandhi forced to sleep with him witnout clothes.

3. First question - shouldn't Gandhi have tested his brahmacharyam with his wife? Why other women some of them just barely old enough to be his "adult" grandchildren?

4. Gandhi was continuing with his naked women experiments with Manu even in the Aga Khan Palace where he was "imprisoned" in full palatial comfort unlike ordinary Hindus and Congressmen and women who died for his "silly" Quit India movement. Both Mahadev Desai (Gandhi's personal secretary) and Ba died in the Aga Khan Palace; and Margaret Slade or Mira was so disenchanted with Gandhi because she held him responsible for doing nothing to save Ba. And Gandhi reports she goes away disenchanted.

5. Gandhi continued with his naked women experiment in Bengal in 1946 and 47 where he was allegedly fighting communal riots. Sardar Patel, Thakkar Bapa, Devdas Gandhi, Kishorelal Mashruwala (his sambandi) all of them had stopped talking to him.

6. Compelling women who lived with him in his 'ashram' to sleep without clothes with him is a far far worse crime and betrayal of national trust than anything Asaram Bapu is doing now. Abuse of women, who are helpless and cannot resist or who trusted their bogus saintliness whether in Bapu or Asaram Bapu is cirme against motherhood.

Modi and Arnab Goswami cannot be selective about abuse of women or of their anger. If Asaram Bapu deserves the most effective punishment for what Arnab Goiswami is accusing him for having done, then what should this country do to Gandhi?

Can we continue to promote his Hind Swaraj which I personally find puerile and have national holidays in his name? Read Aurobindo's brilliant treatise on Passive Resistance and Hind Swaraj will show up for what it is.

But first let us have total honesty in our collective indignation, pulpit thumping and self-righeousness when we look at Bapu and Asaram Bapu. If Asaram Bapu can be diminished by Arnab Goswami to a mere 'Asaram' , in full George Bush "Saddam" style, what will Arnab do to Gandhi aka Ba-pu? Ba? But 'Ba' was that wonderful woman who maintained her public dignity and public silence over her traumatic life.

Gandhi on Ba

February 2, 1918
Mrs. Gandhi is an almost illiterate woman; she cannot even sign
her name in English. Do you want mere names to adorn your
From the manuscript of Mahadev Desai’s Diary. Courtesy: Narayan Desai
Vol. 16 page 243
1 This was Gandhiji’s comment on being informed that Kasturba Gandhi had
been enrolled as a member of the All-India Women’s Association; vide “Fragment of
Letter to Mrs. Jinarajadas”? before 10-2-1918
Before February 10, 1918]
The sentence about Mrs. Gandhi’s signature in English was
unhappily worded. The complete thought has not been given in it.
Mrs. Gandhi is not educated in any sense of the term. She can hardly
read and write Gujarati. That she cannot even sign her name in
English was intended to convey to those who prize English education
the full measure of Mrs. Gandhi’s unfitness to become a member of an association whose members are scholars, either in their own
language or in English.
From the manuscript of Mahadev Desai’s Diary. Courtesy: Narayan Desai
The letter was Gandhiji’s rejoinder to the addressee’s gentle rebuke for his
letter to her dated February 2; vide “Letter to Someone in Ranchi”, 2-2-1918.
 (CWMG Vol. 16 page 248)

August 12, 1918

Secretary, Hindu Stri Mandal. The letter was in reply to her invitation to
Kasturba Gandhi to preside over the annual function of the Mandal and the Dadabhai
Naoroji birthday celebrations.
"I could read your letter to my wife only yesterday and hence the
delay in replying. Kindly forgive me. Though we two are independent
and have equal rights, we have dicided our spheres of work for the
sake of convenience. Moreover, at the time of our marriage, my wife
was altogether illiterate. I gave her some education with great effort,
but, for several reasons, I have not been able to do so to my
satisfaction. It is not possible, therefore, for her to accept your
proposal. I don’t think my wife can read out her speech from the
chair. She will certainly not be able to prepare her own speech. She is
not at all conversant with your activities and hence cannot say
anything extempore either. Very regretfully, therefore, we have both
to request you all to excuse us.
Vandemataram from
MOHANDAS    (CWMG Vol 17 page 190)

Gandhi's opinion of Ba remained till the end. He wrote a criminal letter in one of those journals accusing Ba of stealing four rupees and later in the 1930s decade publicly shames her at some congress meeting for going into the Puri temple to seek bhagwan's darshan. Gandhi was on his removing untouchability fetish in Hindu tempoles and when Ba went to seek Bhagwan Jagannath's darshan in the temple, Gandhi humiliated her openly in a public meeting.

Gandhi shamed his wife publicly and unforgivably on 2 occasions besides inflicting the worst form of humiliation on her when he conducted those so-called experiments which were no experiments at all but lascivism cloaked as dharma.

The women he used in his expeirments he named them publicly in The Harijan until Gandhi was asked not to write in The Harijan anymore. The women he slept with - pl think all of you, how many could refuse the monster, how many dared to go public, how many lives were destroyed when he named them in his writings.

What Gandhi told Hindu sanyasis and widows - and which he didnt tell Christian padris, mullahs and widows of the Abrahamic cults:

He referred with touching effect to the fine music of the
spinning-wheel that he had the privilege to hear nowadays and invited
them to share that privilege with him and to convince themselves what
a jarring contrast was produced by the harsh noise of the spindles and
looms in a modern factory. He was pained to point out that there were
56,00,000 sadhus in India who lived entirely on begging. It was their clear
duty to tempt these sadhus out of their idleness and to persuade
them to employ themselves in spinning and weaving. There were,
besides the sadhus, many widows who spent most of their time in
temples and idle ritual. He would most earnestly advise these and
other ladies of rich families who had no other work to do to take to
spinning and weaving and give some hours of their labour to the
country. (CWMG Vol. 18 – pp 120-121)

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