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Rajendraprasad Paladugu

To begin, liberal school of thought is Western school of thought that is vague and sometimes confusing. It also many a time contradicts itself. I have observed this in the west, more often in the so called intellectual liberals. They are for economic liberalism but when it comes to gays and abortion they are conservative. They are pro-life but pro-war. They want their rights to be protected but not other citizens' rights (Patriotic Act) and they were exposed recently in the publicity given to NSA spying on all the citizens of the world. They talk about democracy at length but have allegiance to the British monarchy and they support the Saudi king. They are the champions of freedom yet are at war 80 percent of the time in some parts of the wolrd. There is nothing called absolute liberalism. That would be a fantasy world. To bring that liberal school of thought to this great nation (India) would be nothing but a mad man's wish. Moreover, it would take 500 years for the people of this country to comprehend it let alone put it into practise. It would be a daunting task to educate even the middleclass and one cannot imagine about the straight thinking rural population of this country ever comprehending the complexities of this sham in Liberalism. Even if it is partially comprehended it would cause more confusion and at times present conflicts with their own values and culture. What suits one nation may not suit all nations nor everyone. 

Sanatana Dharma is the most liberal school of thought ever in the history of mankind. It is the most easily understood and it has given clarity in every aspect. It also opens the door for dialogue, debate and eventually refinement. Unfortunately this the school of thought that was destroyed by 1000 years of invasions in India. What we are left with is ignorance and confusion. We have lost our identity. We have forgotten who we are and what we should stand for. It is the Dharma that has to define liberalism and not other way around. Dharma is the core principle that defines the natural functioning of the human race. It took me years of deep thought and life experience to figure it out. 

Coming to Sanskrit, it is the mother of all languages including south Indian languages. A villager can connet with this language better than with English. Moreover the Sanskrit  words cannot be replaced by English or word in other languages that simultaneously retain the deeper meanings the Sanskrit words convey. After deep thought and brainstroming sessions in Dallas by few dedicated Bharatiyas,  we were able to narrow it to one name. We took everything into consideration including the acceptabilty and the deeper message it can convey to our beloved people.To come up with an Ideology was not easy since ideologies can be complex and sometimes vague. Great care was taken to come up with very concrete words that can convey a bigger messsge. For example we could not find anything that would replace Gnan. Gnan is timeless and can be understood by common man in India and at the same time elaborated at great length by an intellectual. To state that Sanskrit is old and forgotten or primitive is ignorance and arrogance. To ridicule our heritage and culture defies the same principle of liberalism one espouses. Americans are not open to any other language other than English. They are making it mandatory for foreigners to learn it before they become citizens. This happens in the most liberal European countries including France which boast of liberalism. They do not recognize Hinduism in France. I have seen more religious bias and intolerance of other religions in USA than in Bharat (India). To feel ashmed for our language, culture or religion is betrayal of self and disrespect of our forefathers. We are a product of our past no matter what we might think. We cannot invent a Nation as liberal in thought,  as diverse in its culture and that in which there is unity in its people as Bharat has. If we are not what we want to be then it is our duty to create that state. It is our roots and DNA that brought us together for this noble cause. We have to work tirelessly for that goal.

Rajendra Paladugu
Satyameva Jayate ( Sanskrit)

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