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Dr. Subramanian Swamy
Is Subramanian Swamy a genius in whatever he does?
Shubham Rai
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If we see his academic career it wont be an exaggeration to call him a genius .In politics Genius+Courageous+Sagacious+Tenacious+ Crusader against corruption =Swamy.I dont think any Indian politician can match him in wisdom or academics having peerless expertise in Math,Economics,History,Law,Sprituality etc!!
I would like to make few points-:
1.He has shaken Indian politics by dragging Gandhis in a legal battle by preparing a very strong case on the basis of legal documents without any help from the Government…That's why he is called 'One man army'.

2.He has been a nightmare for 'the most powerful political family' of India from the days of emergency and Swamy spook is still haunting the present generation of the dynasty.

3.His investigative journalism at the age of 74 is really appreciable.This 74yr young unique politician has no love for power.

4.He is the author of some excellent books like "Hindus under seige"

Some points proving him a genius-: an MA student at Indian Statistical
Institute, Kolkata, he had published a research paper in
the world’s then most prestigious journal Econometrica,
demolishing PC Mahalanobis’ claim to fame called
fractile graphical analysis, using integral calculus.
Mahalanobis was invited by the editor to rebut his
criticism, but had no answer.

2.He with his guru Samuelson, Swamy co-authored a paper on the Theory of Index Numbers (American
Economic Review, 1974) and another in the Royal
Economic Society’s Economic Journal (1984).

His life is full of many interesting stories which prove him a genius I have presented only a few.
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Shubham Rai

Naveen Sarkar
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Published on Jun 18, 2013

Sonia Gandhi can go to jail for 27yrs in 

National Herald Scam-

There was a newspaper setup by in the freedom struggle called "National Herald". It also had an Urdu edition called 'Quami Awaz' & Hindi ediion called "Navjeevan". Now when it was setup in the freedom struggle everyone decided its chairman should be Jawaharlal Nehru, so he was the chairman of the newspaper co. and people gave donations and the newspaper was published. After independence Nehru became prime minister and by suing government power he gave public properties to National Herald for buildings, and loans at a cheap rate.

In the beginning the newspaper grew in assets but later on its business started going down due to competition of other newspapers. So in 2008 National Herald accumulated a debt of 90cr rupees. At that time National Herald decided that it cannot continue like this and its governing body closed it down. After National Herald's closing Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi put together 5 lakhs if investment to created a new company called "Young Indian" & Sonia Gandhi singed as its leading director and she held 38% and Rahul Gandhi held 38% of its shares. Other two directors had remaining 24% ( 1. Oscar Fernades & 2. Moti Lal Vohra each 12%).

Then this company decided that it will approach the National Herald and offer to arrange for the loan payment & pay for the debts of the bankrupt National Herald. Thus, it would become free from loans. Then this "Young Indian" company passed a resolution & asked Moti Lal Vohra to talk with chairman of the National Herald who was also a Moti Lal Vohra. Young Indian advised the National Herald that it need not pay back that 90 cr loan money to "Young Indidan." But as a consideration National Herald must transfer all the shares to "Young Indian" company. That actually meant 5000cr worth of property of the National Herald would go to "Young Indian" company. So the Young Indian Co. who had 5 lakh rupees capital investment and assets would get ownership of 5000 cr property. So that was agreed upon then then Sonia Gandhi told Motilal to "please ask treasurer of congress party to hold a meeting and give 90 cr from the congress party bank account to National Herald." 

After such moves clearing its debts the National Herald transferred all its Shares to "Young Indians," a company owned . Then next day Sonia Gandhi called an emergency meeting & said national herald have done lot of service for our country during freedom struggle & furthermore they are not in the position of paying back this loan so let us declare this 90 cr loan as a sick loan & non performing asset & write it off. So the congress party office bearer passed a resolution saying that the 90 cr which we gave to national herald is here by written off. So without paying any Paisa (money) young Indian got a 5000 cr property, 1 big 11 storey building in delhi which rahul Gandhi visited & partly renovated & rented it out to external ministry for Passport seva Kendra, multinational companies etc. & getting 60 lakh as a rent per month.

So I went to court , I went to the lowest level of court that is magistrate, I argued this matter so magistrate court said me that to summons the Sonia Gandhi, rahul Gandhi, motilal vohra & other chairman of young Indian company I have to come in witness box & make a statement about "why you want to summons them?" I decided to summons them. So I have given date in july. As soon as court starts in july I will go back to court & will make sure that summons get issued for Sonia Gandhi & other members. I have proof that Sonia Gandhi signed documents & everywhere else signed by ManMohan singh but in this case she has signed it. I will accuse them for fraud, breach of trust, conspiracy. If I successfully convict them on this alone they all will go to jail for 27 years.

S. Kalyanaraman

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