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John Muthukat
The greatest and the longest lasting colonization is the colonization of the mind. In the initial stages of colonization, the conquered people are enslaved and controlled with the force of arms. The weakness of this form of colonization is that the colonized people can rise up in revolution and send the colonizer packing permanently. This colonization is transient. However, the colonizer has other weapons in their arsenal and these are used to colonize the minds of the conquered people, even after the colonized people gain independence and freedom, since colonization of the mind is more permanent.
Our colonial legacies are highly dangerous viruses that are sickening and damaging all democratic achievement by the people in India. Many readers will probably be aware that Lord Thomas Macaulay, the British Viceroy in India, was the architect of India’s education system, during early 19th century. But among the many other important ways in which he shaped British and, indeed, contemporary India, a commission he headed formed the basis for the IPC.
It is of no irony that virtually all former British colonies, from Kenya to India, and Egypt to Pakistan, have been cursed with almost identical Imperial footprints; the same set of existential problems, the same Victorian social character, and the same wholly disingenuous post-colonial narrative.
Fundamentally, it is wrong to say that Europeans colonized most of the nations in the world that began since the 17th century, and which raised then Great Britain as “an empire without sunset.” Essentially the colonizers were a classical combination of the highly systematized modern education, and its off-shoot, the industrial society, that was driven by the highly commercialized modern science and the degenerated religions that first colonized Europe.
Europeans and, consequently, the whole world permanently have thus became the so-called ’empire without sunset’ of this hi-tech market civilization. Even today the whole mankind, including the Europeans, is indeed the pathetic victims of colonization by this highly mechanized market force that continues to use humans as just another sort of use-and-throw-away commodity.
World today claims that it has driven out colonialism. What it has actually driven out is only the carriers of colonialism but not the methodologies of colonialism which it has kept intact and updated in every nation once ruled/infected by colonialism. In the “indigenous” colonial dispensation, the world today has indeed under the worst colonialism of its updated VERSION and this colonial loot has left the whole world a completely squeezed and juiced out shell and now look forward to ways of extending colonization to the space.
Mahatma Gandhi had warned: “God forbid that India should ever take to industrialism after the manner of the West. The economic imperialism of [England] is today keeping the world in chains. If a country as large as India took to similar economic exploitation, it would strip the world bare like locusts.” No different was the advice, to the world, of Dr. Arnold Toynbee, British Historian when he wrote: “It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in history, the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian way.” The “Indian way” which Toynbee referring was the India of his historic vision of India before her colonization, and not the post-independent India today.
The deepening rot and decay are affecting not alone the poor but the whole biosphere and thus the rich too. We have witnessed the rise of corporate power over many centuries, and world governments have always been susceptible to bribery, manipulation and corruption, but in the past few decades the extent of this vast financial power has eclipsed the power of our elected leaders at all levels, at an alarming rate.
From the 16th century East India Company to the present globalization of corporate power, colonization of the world only got sophisticated to new timely forms, thanks to its growth with the camouflaged modern ‘democracy’.
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