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Rama in Indian Constitution — Court observations

Rama Setu: Pictorial essay on rashtram, Shri Rama on Constitution of India

An illustration on a photolithographed edition of the Constitution of the Republic of India, in a painting by Nanda Lal Bose, shows Shri Rama as Rashtra Purush, national hero.
A set of paintings by Nanda Lal Bose which adorn the Constitution are appended. These paintings include the great national heroes starting with Vedic times, including Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha, Nataraja, Akbar, Shivaji, Gurugobind Singh, Lakshmi Bai, Tippu Sultan, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, scenes depicting other historical episodes and scenes from the Himalaya, from the desert and from the Ocean. The scenes adorn each section of the Constitution. The Part on Fundamental Rights is adorned by Shri Rama and the Part on Directive Principles of State Policy is adorned by Shri Krishna.
One of 1000 photolithographed reproductions made in 1955 of the Constitution of the Republic of India, ratified in 1949, two years after India became independent of Britain:
The Constitution of India.
Calligraphy by Prem Behari Narain Raizda, illuminated by Nand Lal Bose.
Dehra Dun, India: Survey of India Offices, 1955.
Rare Book Collection,
Law Library (70.1)
Law Library Reading Room, Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Constitution of India, 1949
This book is one of 1000 photolithographed reproductions made in 1955 of the Constitution of the Republic of India, ratified in 1949, two years after India became independent of Britain. Concern for the rights of citizens is the basic principle established in the constitution, which sought to assimilate the various linguistic regions and religious groups of India into a cohesive nation. The opening page, shown, contains language echoing that of the Constitution of the United States. Borders, illuminated with real gold in the original, surround the text and illustrations, in Indian art styles of various times.
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What I heard is all Modi said is let lotus bloom in land of Ram, which is Ayodhya,  what about Priyanka in temple here in Rae Bareli.    Is this all getting too ridiculous?

On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 4:22 PM, <> wrote:

Ever alert Election commission is seeking report from its agents about speech of Narendra Modi is Saket, a city of Ramayan times, now known as Faizabad, near Ayodhya. Sri Rama is hailed as Saketapuri vasa, resident of city of Saket . Saket means heaven, and an estate of Rama's father Dasaratha. Such being the association of the place, whose picture should Modi have in the back ground ? Modi had Sri Rama blessing him and the audience. That became an issue.

 Perhaps if  pictures of secular Jinnah or like Comrades in Varanasi in 1962, adorned  pictures of Mao and Chou en lai on the stage, then it would be perfectly alright in India that is not Bharat. Pictures of Rama ? What a blasphemy for secular sultans and sundry ? Actually they should also discard, edit and even replace like Rama temple in Ayodhya with secular Babri masjid, the Constitution of India  which had pictures of Sri Rama, Sita, Laxmana and Hanuman in its original version which were subsequently edited,  may as well be replaced . Already amendments modeled after Shariat were introduced into Constitution in keeping with principles of peculiar secularism like of which does not exist any where else in the world.

And then the chatterboxes pontificate with as much gravitas  as they could summon inform us Rama temple issue kept in back pages of BJP manifesto is being resurrected by Modi to claim Hindutwa vote. If it is on front pages that too would invite comments of polarization , like when absurdities of history books that told Guru Teg Bahadur was punished for banditry by secular historians were removed , hoarse cries went out against 'saffronization' . 

Modi did the right thing. He was speaking in Saket, city of Sri Rama. He honored statues of Malaviya, Vivekananda at Varanasi , garlanding them. So what is so unusual honoring Sri Rama in the place of his birth ? Throughout freedom struggle name of Rama was invoked. In fact even Ram dhun was dutifully sung in every political meeting during the struggle for freedom. The fact that Tulsidas' Raghupati Rajaram was edited , like Constitution of India amended to incorporate shariat provision on alimony, is a different story.

Sri Rama and Ramayana are integral parts of India's ethos , culture and civilization. Shariat based secularism never was and never will be. We saw what happened to India when the latter took charge, they mutilated India, they created artificial divides between Kashmir and rest of India, between various communities promoting separatist mentality through vote bank politics,even terrorism was condoned and more such to the point of holding back progress and development of India to ransom for their political gain. It is time they go, the few days left for their exit are longest days.

EC time would be better spent in pursuing matters like whole scale deletion of eligible voters in millions rather than acting like Congress Bureau of Investigation.

May Sri Rama bless the people of India and Narendra Modi.

Since Congress is attacking Modi for the picture of Shri Rama in the background, here is a news item about Priyanka Gandhi visiting a temple as part of her roadshow.
Picture #2 in this slideshow on the website of Indian Express shows Priyanka Gandhi inside the temple:
From the caption of the picture:Priyanka Vadra visits a temple during an election campaign for her mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareli on Monday. 

Looks like the issue has already been balanced out.

UP: FIR against Youth Congress leader over Manmohan, Rahul posters

The posters showed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as Hindu god Krishna riding a chariot and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi as mythological character Arjun.
Picture of poster at link above and also here in case the link does not load the picture:

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