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Narain Kataria in New York

Indians Americans in New York celebrated on May 24th Shri Narendra Modi’s resounding victory in Parliamentary elections in India with great enthusiasm, fanfare,  pride and gusto.  They congratulated and hugged one another and expressed their jubilation at the defeat of anti-Hindu UPA-II government. 

The banquet hall was packed to the capacity.  Most of the local community leaders participated in this joyous occasion.  The atmosphere was charged with excitement, happiness, vigor and vitality.  The sum and substance of their speeches was as under.

May 16th, the day on which the results of the elections were announced,  will go down in the History of India as the “ Independence Day”,  and a beginning of a golden era for one billion peace loving Hindus who had been condemned, degraded, demonized and held as a hostage by Minorities led by UPA Chairperson  Sonia Gandhi, and other anti-Hindu forces believing in strange and alien ideologies, viz. Socialism, Communism, Marxism and Maoism.

During Congress misrule India was ruled by Minorities.  During  this period, to the great disappointment and chagrin of majority Hindu people,  all the sensitive  and crucial positions were given to Muslims and Christians.  Salman Khurshid was appointed Foreign Minister of India, E. Ahmad was appointed as Minister of  State for External Affairs, and Syed Akbaruddin  as  Spokesperson for the  Ministry of External Affairs.  To add an insult to the injury A.K. Anthony, a Catholic from Kerala was appointed as the Defense Minister of India.  Sayed Asif Ibrahim was made Chief of Intelligence Bureau and Goolamhussain Vahanvati was posted as Attorney General of India.  Please also note that during this period, Ahmed  Patel, a Muslim, was the political advisor to Sonia Gandhi.

Hindus are the backbone of India.  They are about 82% of the total population of India or approximately one billion people.  India is a secular nation because Hindus are in majority in India.  However, during the Congress rule, Hindus were persecuted and terrorized by anti-Hindu Congress Government.  Shankaracharya was put in jail on false charges.  Swamy Lakshmanand, a renowned Hindu monk was brutally murdered in Orissa.  Swamy Aseemanand was framed in fake bomb blast cases and imprisoned.  Sadhvi Pragya was tortured in jail and Col. Sawant  incarcerated.  Community leaders expressed satisfaction that finally Hindus have reclaimed back their own country.

After a gap of 3000 years, India has finally found one more Chandragupta Maurya (340 BC – 298 BC) in the form of Narandra Modi who will invigorate, reenergize, rejuvenate, unify and consolidate Hindu Nation and put Bharat Mata on the pinnacles of glory.

Here are the names of the speakers and community leaders:

Srichand Sidhwani,  Renee Mehrra, News Director/Producer/Host at ITV New York; Dr. Yash Pal Arya, Veena Shetty, Dr. Shashi Shah, National Chairman and Board of Trustees of AAPI and former National Chairman of AIA; Nagendra Rao, President Sanatan Dharma Foundation;  Arish Sahani, Vice President IAIF;  Rajender Singh Khalsa, President, Punjabi Society; Kamlesh Mehta, owner South Asian Times;  Pabitra Chaudhuri, Sr. Vice President of IAIF;  Dr. Narinder Kukar, former Chairman of Association of Indians in America (AIA); Bhupinder Singh Bhurji, President of  Namdhari Sikh Association;  Mahinder Singh Gulati, Surinder Verma,  Animesh Goenka, former National Chairman of AIA;  Arvind Sant, Vibhuti Jha, Dr. Urmilesh Arya, Dr. Usha Mukhtyar,  R.P. Singh, Duranta Singha, Patanjali Rambrich, Sher Bahadur Singh, Prof. Bhatacharya,  Rohit Gangwal, Shashikant Patel, Vasu Moorthy, Sunil Modi, AIA;  Toni Sardana, Vijay Nahata  

Narain Kataria welcomed the guests and Rakesh Bhargava acted as master of ceremony.

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