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Why should the Election Commission of India function as a Pradesh Sonia Congress Committee?


I derive my inspiration to write this article from the words of Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) who said : ‘’ My way of Joking is to tell the Truth ‘’.  The functioning of the Election Commission of  India today has become a Cruel Joke!

More then 60.239 Lakhs of Genuine Voters have been deliberately left out of the Final Electoral Roll in Maharashtra by the Election Commission of India. This is a criminal offence.  On this is  ground alone F I Rs can be filed against all the Election Commissioners for their total failure to discharge their due responsibilities under the Indian Constitution.

Chief Election Commissioner Sampath was appointed as Election Commissioner on the recommendation of Rajasekhara Reddy (Former Chief Minister of Andhtra Pradesh ) made to Sonia Gandhi. He is a Dedicated Congress Partisan like Navin Chawla who was a Loyalist of the Nehru- Gandhi Family right from the first day of his Entry into the IAS in 1969. Navin Chawla was indicted by the SHAH COMMISSION in 1978.                                      

Navin Chawla can be viewed as Sampath of yesterday and Sampath of today can be viewed as Navin Chawla of yesterday. Either way Sonia Gandhi should not be allowed to succeed in her Nefarious Mission of Rigging the Process  of Lok Sabha Polls 2014. 

I have no doubt that the Election Commission of India has given a firm Commitment to  Sonia Gandhi to rig the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls in a Planned , Methodical, Mischievously  Selective and Selectively Mischievous Manner in order to ensure their runaway success of the Congress Party in at least 100 Lok Sabha   Constituencies. Leaving out 60.239 Lakhs of Genuine Voters from the Official Electoral Roll is an Integral Part of this Grand Process of Rigging the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls.

Dinesh Agrawal has rightly called the malfunctioning of the Election Commission of India as Quixotic and Biased. Here his observations are very relevant: ‘’First they ban Amit Shah for his “revenge” speech. Then they ban Azam Khan for his “Muslims saved Kargil” speech. Both are idiotic cases and didn’t deserve any action. But like the media, the EC too now indulges in “monkey balancing”. Amit Shah’s ban has been reversed but not Azam Khan’s. I’m no fan of Khan but if he wants to say Muslims saved Kargil, what is wrong in it? At best it’s a lie or not the full truth. That should be combated by other politicians not by the EC. Which political speech during an election does not have some sprinkling of lies and distortions? This whole nonsense of “hate speech” is driven a lot by religious issues. There is nothing hateful in what Khan or Shah said. Why are we so scared that Hindus and Muslims are dumb who will fall prey to such speeches? Are the ECs supposed to act as their Mother-in-law?’’

Here is yet another Quotation from Dinesh Agrawal: ‘’There is another moron (who invented the DNA testing system) called Abu Azmi who wants the DNA of those Muslims, who didn’t vote for his party, to scientifically establish if they are Muslims or RSS members. For the record, even RSS has a Muslim-wing. So far, terrorists wanted to hear some verses from Quran or the name of Mohammad’s mother to establish one was a Muslim. Now we have a new method? In case some have forgotten, this same EC covered all theelephants of Mayawati on frivolous claims of other parties that it would influence voters. The EC spent crores on it. Does the EC really believe voters are that dumb? There was even a complaint by
Congress in MP to hide lotus ponds. This has been getting sillier with time. Then there’s the question of campaigning or flashing symbols on voting day. Which age does the EC live in?’’

The EC recently filed FIRs against Narendra Modi for flashing the Lotus badge while talking to media after voting in Gandhinagar on April 30. The Congress and others complained about it and the EC held a special 3 hour emergency meeting after which they decided to file the FIRs against Modi. This is as stupid as it gets. There’s a 24X7 media beaming sound-bites from various candidates on voting day. There was Nandan Nilekani commenting on BJP and why Congress should win after he voted in Bangalore. In the pic below, others using symbols after voting are doing so deliberately and not accidentally:

My Friend Dr.S.Kalayanaraman is absolutely right when he says that the Election Commission of India should bear full responsibility for the goofed-up approval process for a public meeting by Narendra Modi in Varanasi Constituency where he is a Contestant. In a  Press Conference addressed by Arun Jaitley, he has stated that the  Election Commission of India(ECI) should not create any apprehension in the minds of Indian citizens that the  ECI is not acting firmly and fairly in allowing the democratic process which it is mandated to perform as a Constitutional Body. The ECI should take due care to see that it does not  go down in Indian history as a Peanut Commission, a BIASED BONELESS WONDER, destroying the traditions of Indian democracy ever since India attained her Independence from British colonial rule in 1947.

The Election Commission is functioning as a 24x7 Wholetime Agency of the Sonia Congress Party. They have effectively blocked all the Rallies of Narendra Modi in Varanasi. At the same time they have given Blanket Permission to Buddhu Rahul Gandhi to conduct all his Railes and Meetings in Varanasi. Perhaps Priyanka Gandhi has influenced the ECI to treat Narendra Modi as One belonging to NEECH JATI. So Much For the Open and Shameless Bias of the ECI!! And yet the ECI has in a disgraceful fashion told Arun Jaitley :’’You cannot insinuate Bias to the ECI. We are functioning in a Fair Manner."


At the Beginning was ECI



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